Sunday, 10 April 2022

Pakistan Politics

 10 April 2022

Army has been launched on the streets of Islamabad, 6 tanks of the Pakistan Army have been launched on the streets of Islamabad

9 April 2022

Imran Khan speaks about the mistakes of Pakistan to support the US and failure to take acre of FATA. 

Calling on the people of the country to protect the country's sovereignty, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan pointed to India and said that no superpower can dictate terms to India. "None of them has the guts to speak to India like that," he said, making sensational claims that foreign powers are trying to topple his government as they want a pliable man at the top. He also accused the opposition of being hand in glove with them in order to get out of legal cases. NDTV reports 9 April 2022. 35 lacs people suffered. Pak took dollars and entered into war with Afghanistan. If you take the money and then do war, then there is no respect. 50 lacs refugees were inside Pakistan. Earlier we were fighting against invasion by Russia and later we were fighting to destabilize Afghanistan.

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