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Citizen Amendment Act

19 February 2022

CAA and tool kit influenced New Zealand protesters. See News of New Zealand.

Citizens Amendment Act - Discussions by others

30 December 2019 - Twitter informs.
1.Sadhguru Speaks about CAA on 23 December 2019 and published on Twitter on December 30, 2019. #IndiaSupportsCAA - 3 Million People were killed in the 1970s by the Pakistan government. People were living without any identities like animals. So the reaction of people on CAA is surprising. CAA is for those people who were living here for since long.
Police can not enter the University, but police can be beaten. Politicians are playing different games. Politicians used CAA and conveyed that local Muslims are losing their citizenship.
It looks that the government has failed in communication with the citizens. In any nation, it is a fact that people must know how many people are living in a territory.

2. Congress party supporting violence and creating confusion in the masses.

3. The Lallantop, 27 December 2019, explains that Violence is created by Muslim terrorists in India. "Don't underestimate the power of Hijab." "We are told to be away from "Allah Hu Akbar and Inshah Allah." We are dedicated to omnipresent Allah. Please do not teach us the lessons of secularism."

4. Lucknow Police arrested persons who created violence. Uttar Pradesh arrested three persons who were masterminds of violence. CAA's violence is now connected to Muslims (Popular Front of India - PFI). Waseem, Nadeem, and Ashfaq of PFI are arrested against charges to create riots by Police as per India TV news 23 December 2019.

5. I wrote on my Facebook: Police arrest people who created violence created in Uttar Pradesh. Police found the nexus between terrorists and violence creators. These criminals had many guns, petrol, and other material stored in advance to create violence. I am not against minorities. But why from one community want to create unrest in India. It is foreknown who are supporting these people.
Sonia Congress and Rahul Gandhi are creating violence and instigating students. He is calling Bharat Maata and talking that RSS is creating hatred between people. Narender Modi says that the NRC (National Register of Citizens) was created by Congress. Congress was defeated in elections but now creating violence, for Sonia, Rahul, and Vadra all are on bail due to their corrupt practices. In civilized countries, corrupt politicians will accept their mistakes and will leave politics. But in uncivilized countries, these leaders will not accept their faults and will create unrest. Lalu Yadav of Bihar is a well-known case in India. Sonia, Rahul, Vadra, and other senior congress politicians use all tactics to save themselves as Lalu Yadav did. But the law will take its own course. People will take action against corrupt politicians.
Corrupt and uncivilized Indians want to settle this dispute by violence. Corruption can not be removed from the social fabric of India so easily. Corrupt politicians, criminals, smugglers, human and illegal animal traders are joining hands to create unrest. Yes, I agree that Indians are now divided between good and bad. Young people can not understand, but politicians do understand. They are accustomed to playing with the fire. Masterminds and politicians will enjoy the deaths of civilians, for they seek power by dividing and killing the people. Attack on police is the first step towards mass killings.
CAA (Citizen Amendment Act) is good for the illegal migrants who migrated from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan twenty-thirty years before. The Indian parliament has passed the bill, and it is now an act. These migrants were living in inhuman conditions. NRC is also necessary if 1300 Million (1.3 Billion) people of this planet want to live in peace and prosperity. All civilized and well-ordered states know the details of population/citizens and migrants.
Uncivilized people and criminals do not want to be counted and known. They are opposing openly. Some politicians talk "Grass suffers when two elephants fight." Shame to these politicians. Humanity must be taught basic lessons of nonviolence and democracy. These politicians must learn to live in a democracy.

6. I agree with Trump on this issue. "If you are not happy in the United States, you can leave the United States and go to the country where you are happy."

7. This girl - Bandage on Hijab. This is all creating news.

8. I appreciate Priyanka Gandhi, Congress leader's tweet, "There is no place of violence in Hindu religion." But The way she spoke, it was well-rehearsed and calculated talk from a script.

9. I am writing all this as this may be part of my Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies dissertation at the University of Auckland in the year 2020. I may compare the democracy of two developing countries India and Colombia.

10.  What is the importance of demography / NRC?

I wanted to know why uncivilized countries are objecting to implement CAA / NRC? NRC (Nation's Register of Population) helps to know the exact details of the population. In social science language, it is known as demography. I searched google and found that demography is the basic necessity of a state and a nation. So why are Indian opposition leaders objecting to NRC / demography?  What can be the reasons? Will any sane person object to it? I could not find any reason to object to it. Knowledge of demography is the basic necessity of well-ordered people. In other words, any person or a group or political entity who opposes demography / NRC (National Register of Citizens) has ulterior motives. These motives are against the people of society.

Global Register of Citizenship / Global Biometric Identity Integration is approved by many multinational companies to control diseases and understand human DNA and RNA. If you are not added to these biometrics, then you may be without any identity. The name will not be in the NRC of any country.
What will happen to Congress supporters? Many politicians opposed NRC in India. This means people may be without any identity or invisible, unknown souls. In other words, one may die, and police may not record your death as a dead person never existed.
"We must think beyond as the technology is changing faster than our imaginations. We all are known by our footprints / DNA / RNA / C-H-N-O combinations. Kali-yuga will make everything transparent and remove boundaries of nations and religions.
Hindus call that time the end of the Kaliyuga period. After Kaliyuga, Satyuga will come. Then, we all will be known not only by our actions but our thoughts can also be understood by bioinformatics. Each human being may be in a position to fly with the energy developed by brain electrons."

Bangladeshi reaching India. Numbers increased from  7lacs in 1991 (7:33 of BBC news) to 2016 (2.5 Crore). BBC on 19 December 2019. NRC is compelling illegal Bangladeshi cheap labor migrated to Kashmir to Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Now many Bangladeshis going back. How can we distinguish all this if there is no NRC? Why was congress silent?

Vakils inform about CAA. 

Muslims are against CAA. It is camouflaged by depicting Laxmi Bai and others. 
Why are Muslims against CAA and NRC? How can democracy solve the issue? Congress "Khati thi and Khilati Thi. Lekin Modi na Khata hai na Khilata hai".   (9:45)

Summary of CAA and its effect dated 8 February 2020. News India 18. Politics and power struggle. Ansar Raza talked clearly, "I am against Sharjeel Imam. He should be arrested."

The media is reporting that someone is staying illegally at someplace. Government must ask how it was allowed? Who allowed it? Who will be the voter? Are they citizens of India or migrants? If Kejariwal knew about this Juggi, then why is it not regularized? 8 February 2020. Who is responsible for these poor people? The Lallantop media interviewer is asking questions. Her approach is not logical. Whenever these interviewers ask questions, then the answer is the same. "We are here for thirty years. We are working as maids in the nearby houses and flats. We take water from far distant. No one is taking care of it. We are poor. The interviewer is not asking the question about their resident place. We have voter cards. The girls are being raped here. Our children were smuggled by goons here." These people are afraid of talking. She has shown that an electrical connection is provided. 

It shows that there is a failure of the Delhi government and central government. The population is increasing in India. People are migrating from villages, according to the Lallantop interviewer. The population is not controlled by Delhi and the Central government. It is the failure of the administration. Politicians exploit these people. Politicians can pay any amount to these people during elections time and can create conflict. Poor people suffer due to this exploitation. But how many migrants can India accept? 

CAA by The Lallantop is explained in detail in different parts of India, including Assam and the North East.

Shaheen Bagh is now fizzling out. No one came to help and listen to him. The actual position of Shaheen Bagh came into the limelight. "No one can say openly to wind up, but in actual practice, it has failed." Yes! It was successful in spreading riots in India between some Muslims and other citizens of India. These terrorists failed by democratic means. Corona Virus and riots, which killed 54 persons till today, helped Modi. 

Can Muslims expect later help from Police when police officials are attacked by Muslim Burka-wearing women? (Twitter) 

Foreign media informs one-sided to create a rift between Hindu and Muslims in India. Will it serve humanity? Will it serve the interests of a few elites? 

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Colombia Visit November 2019

Jaipal Datta writes on FaceBook about my visit to Colombia in November 2019.

      Date                                        FaceBook Link
1. 2 November 2019

2. 3 November 2019

3. 5 November 2019

4. 7 November 2019

5. 7 November 2019

6. 7 November 2019

7. 8 November 2019 / in Cartagena de Indias - Colombia  /  in Cartagena de Indias - Colombia

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Why Muslims Rebel by M.M. Hafez

17 October 2021 

Listen to Hashmi Ferozabadi - advocating education for Muslim children and avoid Love Jihaad.
Listen also Imran Pratapgarhi also who is informing the pulse of people and joining appreciating corrupt Congress party who divided the nation between Hindus and Muslims.
New way of informing by Imran Pratapgarhi 
मेरे भारत तेरी आन हैं शान है
तेरी सरहदों के निगेहमाँ हैं/
आप बाई डिफ़ॉल्ट से हिन्दोस्तानी हैं हम बाई चॉइस हिन्दोस्तानी हैं /
हम तो पारस अरब से भी आये नहीं
तेरे अपने हैं हम तो पराये नहीं
इस तरह से सितम हम पर ढाये गए /
मुद्दतें हो गयी मुस्कराये नहीं /
मेरे पुरखों की जागीरदारी है
ये मत समज़ना की हम मेहरबान हैं
हम मुसलमान हैं हम मुसलमान हैं //
तेरे अपने हैं हम पराये नहीं / हम मुसलमान हैं हम मुसलमान हैं //
Hashmi speaks in a different way देओबंदी शिया सुन्नी बरेलवी में बट गए
अपने अपने मक़सदों से इसीलिए हट गए /
अपनी अपनी मस्जिदें हैं अपने अपने पीर हैं
तरकशों मैं जंग खाये सारे टूटे तीर हैं /
सैंकड़ो खुदा हैं जिनके वो एक जगह खड़े हैं
एक खुदा वाले सारे बिखरे हुए पड़े हैं /
कौम को मैं आइना दिखाने आज आया हूँ
सोये हुए शेरों को जगाने मैं आया हूँ/ (14: 00nwards and 15:00 onwards)
 जो मेरे देश के हैं गद्दार नहीं है जिसको इससे प्यार 
वो हिन्दोस्तान छोड़ दें (31:00)

Youtube Hashimi

Indians and Colombians must learn from each other. Both are democratic countries and are fighting corruption.


Muslim poet rebels by reciting poetry. Some quotes are not logical, as explained below. No government can agree. One can understand the mixture of good and bad in Muslim culture. Young people need guidance. Politicians should not exploit young people.

Muslim demonstrator argues, " I do not accept that my name should be written in a register, and I am known because my name is in a register." He further says, "I do not accept if I am known by one identity card, or my body is known by an Identity Card. I refuse government orders. I can not take any decision by parliament which I disagree with. This is because I am the son of Allah and Howvah. I believe in peace and Buddha, Guru Nanak. Therefore, I am not afraid of the police."

Opposition and other corrupt media rebel and are against BJP. Opposition is burning buses and attacking police after being defeated in CAA's 2019 May elections and parliament. This is possible only in uncivilized countries, for many politicians are corrupt and are afraid of legal actions against their properties.

Some are demonstrating just to have fun, as explained by this video. It informs that "we are against CAA. Prostitutes are without any identity card, and they shall lose their Indian citizenship."

Another protester says, "We are against CAA because we wanted to come here together and have fun." We do not want the transformation of India.

Why secular, liberal, woke elite Indians are so scared of submitting documents? Why always anti-Aadhar Card (Identity Card), PAN card (IRD number)? Are they elites or Mafia dons?
Why do they assume that Muslims won't have any Identity cards? Many questions need clarifications.

Muslims are beating and burning cars of their protectors (known as Police 14:00)) in Ahmedabad. Human rights are violated openly. Who will maintain law and order? When two elephants fight, the grass shall suffer. Human rights NGOs and United Nations must take cognizance of these facts.

This information is very good for the dissertation of MCTS to compare the politics of Colombia and India.

BBC informs details.

Arguments are given by one student of Jamia of the Lallantop 20 December 2019 ( Shashi Bhushan Samad ne Anti CAA protest Main...) explain that repression by the government is foolish and brutal. BJP divided people based on religion. Many students are not in favor of this BJP. Students are saying that Muslims who will not be able to prove their birth will be stateless. Muslims are arguing that Muslims will be stateless. Police entered the Jamia University without any permission. We do not want CAA and NRC. Students are against CAA. The media is also twisting parliament decisions. The government did not ask our permission about CAA and NRC. Muslims are against CAA and NRC.

Muslims and Hindus are polarized in India. The above media and interview of the Lallantop confirm that India is now divided and polarized. Many persons who were interviewed were Muslims.

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Violence in India

Violence in India 

9 February 2021
Godhra Kand in Gujrat is explained by Shams Ali Khan in Crime Tak. How Godhra train was burnt by Muslims. Lalu was Railway Minister. Lalu was corrupt. Lalu saw to it that the report did not confirm the actual happening. How and why later on Ahmedabad burnt? Godhara case was planned by ISI - Pakistan and supported by Congress (hidden motive to spoil the image of Modi). Nanavati Report confirms that it was planned. Lalu contradicts this report. SIT report confirms that it was planned. SIT confirmed 31 persons guilty. 62 persons were relieved. 20 persons were to be hanged. The high court later changed to lifelong jail. The main culprit was released. 

Locals say that truth did not come out before the nation (21:46).  After Godhra, the reaction of Hindus affected the Gujrat riots. Around 1200 persons died during this period. Who was behind these riots? Till now, it is not explained. 

Now in 16 years, people are living together. Hindus adopted Muslim children and educated them. This was unique to Gujrat. We must learn lessons from Godhra violence.

5 July 2020
Corruption causes violence. Smugglers kill police and destroy law and order situations. Read Kanpur's encounter story and Vikas Dubey's story. Seven police persons were killed by the mafia gang of Vikas Dubey. He was a history-sheeter and known as "Debungai." He may surrender due to fear of encounter. Paid police SHO helped him to prepare for an attack on the police. 
District administration demolishes Vikas Dubey's house. Vikas Dubey is the main accused in the Kanpur encounter case. On July 3, eight cops were killed during a raid in Kanpur. The cops had gone to arrest him in Bikru village.

23 June 2020
Muslims burnt schools started by Hindus to gain control over school property. Riot is a political tool to gain power on assets. Muslim leader found guilty after riots of Delhi in which Police was beaten by a mob.

Earlier news 
India wants to know the details of citizens living in India. It is normal in all civilized countries like United States, Canada, England, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand. Some countries are not democratic but still count the details of citizens. It helps in planning to live in the welfare state. 

I shall write my opinion. Please note I believe in democracy and accept political systems applied in democratic countries. Violence is not acceptable by police or mob. Riots are normal in India. Donald L. Horowitz (Ethnic Groups in Conflict and The Deadly Ethnic Riot) and Ethnic Conflict and Civil Society: India and Beyond are written by Ashutosh Varshney. I shall record events after the Citizens Amendment Bill is now Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA).

Aaj Tak informs on 19 December 2019. News Channel is avoiding names of Muslim communities. However, it is to be noted that in many cases Muslim dominated areas are demonstrating violently. In England also Muslims are demonstrating at Indian High Commission (Embassy), according to BBC. 

    Aajtak (10:00 and 11:00)

Muslims terrorized the Hindu minority in Kashmir in 1989. No Muslims demonstrated and acted against the Kashmir government. After the abrogation of article 370, again, Muslims demonstrated, and violence was created. Muslims are beating their protectors (Police) in Ahmedabad (13:54)

Muslims are migrating to India and then later remain in India. India is a democratic country and is prosperous in comparison to Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, and Sikhs are persecuted in these Muslim theological countries. India was accepting all illegal overstayed people in India. The population of India increased, and the resources of India are limited. No country, including rich, civilized countries, accepts migrants from poor, uneducated countries.

Young people are right. They do not understand politics and do not understand how politicians use these demonstrations. Young people are emotional. Young people want peace and prosperity. Most young people are technologists, humanists, technologists, or intelligent professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers, and humanists. 

Young people have not studied like "The Law of Peoples by John Rawls," The Production of Hindu - Muslim Violence in Contemporary India by Paul R. Brass," " New and Cold Wars Organised Violence in a Global Era by Mary Kaldor," and many academics have written about violence and political motives of political elites. 

Politically every citizen must remember that during the abrogation of article 370, Muslim leaders like Mehbooba Mufti, Imran Khan, and Omar Abdullah called for all Muslims to unite against the Indian government. Many Muslims accepted their requests and demonstrated against the abrogation of the article. It can be substantiated if we see demonstrations in Aligarh, Kargil, and Kashmir but not in Laddakh or Jammu. Now also one can see demonstrations and violence in Muslim majority cities or areas. 

Young people want peace and believe in humanity, according to Lallantop (3:00), dated 19 December 2019. Violence is due to political elites. When two elephants fight, the grass suffers. On 19th December, Police are restraining, and their posts are burnt, and many police officials are facing stone pelters. In Lucknow and Mau - mostly these people are Muslims, for they feel vindicated. Politicians are exploiting these innocent Muslims. To be more precise, politicians defeated in Parliament are now creating violence in a democratic country. As a result, many young people may suffer. 

Will Gujarat repeat? Police may not take action, and chief ministers may be blamed by United Nations like the Myanmar government. United Nations must understand that India is a democracy, and Indian Muslims are still learning to live in a democracy like in Pakistan, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. Read "Why Muslims rebel? by M.M. Hafez. Some Muslims do not want violence. Some outsiders come and create violence. Muslims are not doing. Muslims are saying that BJP is starting the violence. In two years, there are elections, and politicians want to use this violence to polarize the situation.

Once police are neutral and chief ministers will remain silent like Myanmar, then India shall burn again. Hindus and Muslims may suffer.

Lucknow riots. Lucknow is Muslim dominant city. In Meerut, some areas are Muslim. 

Apply CAA,  NRC, and Uniform Code for all Muslims want that there should not be any favoritism.

I support that every citizen should be counted as all civilized countries count all citizens. CAA and NRC should be applied. There should be a uniform code of conduct for all religions. Muslims want that law should be the same for all religions. I advocate that Narender Bhai Modi and Amit Shah should pass a uniform civil code to meet the demand of people.

AAJ TAK informs that we have failed in teaching many people about the details of CAA. This TV is showing people doing violence. It informs that why people are doing violence.

Twitter account explains to Muslims that Hindus are protecting 20% of Muslims. Therefore, no one should attack the police, as police can only maintain law and order and protect people.

Owaisi on Twitter tries to create peace in Hyderabad.

Twitter is also posting matters like Allah will only rule the world and songs sung in IIT Kanpur.

The Lallantop on 20 December 2019 is informing that what happened in one week after CAA passed. Saurabh Dwivedi and Rajdeep Sardesai analyze political happening for 5 days. Will violence stop as the government clarified CAA? Muslims are brainwashed by other people that BJP is against Muslims. Muslims are afraid and are in fear psychosis. Why do we need NRC? Modi is known as anti-Muslim. Both agree that the politics of division is being followed by Hindus and Muslims. Unnao Sakshi Maharaj and another fundamentalist of Muslims create an environment for violence and mass killings.

This is known as Anti Minority violence. Violent targeting of minority groups often by militant organizations (Shia & Sufi in Pakistan), Muslims and non-Hindus in India, non - Muslims in Indonesia, Muslims in Myanmar. This may lead to repression, mass killings, and genocide.

Jaipal writes on FaceBook, dated 21 December 2019. "New India is different and wants peace, as explained by these young people of India. However, after being defeated in parliament, opposition political parties are instigating violence to grab power by riots and violent conflicts. This practice of violence is common in uncivilized countries and countries which got independence after a long struggle and violence.
The majority of Indians are supporting the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA). However, I agree that corrupt people, including some illegal mafia of Congress and some Muslim parties, are not supporting CAA. To gain political popularity in some Muslim-dominated areas like Meerut, Aligarh, Delhi, Seelampur, Ghaziabad, Muzaffar Nagar, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, etc., Sonia Congress and opposition are instigating violence.
My assumption is well explained by Political Pundits like Varshney, Horowitz, and Brass in their books and academic literature. Violence is strategic. People kill to gain resources (Collier's greed theory), eliminate economic competitors, and win political power. Corrupt parties are instigating violence to avoid imprisonment. I am avoiding names as Indians know who are corrupt and who are not corrupt and create violence.
Jerry Muller writes: When state and ethnic boundaries do not coincide, "Politics is apt to remain ugly." Leaders manipulate ethnonationalism to retain or gain power. Small scale violence as riots is "Politics by other means" (Brass, Tambiah, and Wilkinson). CAA is the best example now India is showing to the political scientists. Theories founded by academicians are being proved by Indian politicians. Resources are central to many conflicts. Sonia Congress and Lalu of Bihar is an example."

"Young Indian citizens demonstrate in favor of Citizen Amendment Act (CAA). However, CAA can not be equated or discussed with NRC (National Register of Citizens). How can a country run without a register of citizens?
Can we compare these demonstrations of Colombia? Colombians demonstrated in favor of the agreement and against the agreement. The polarization of urban and rural populations is visible in Colombia. The same is now visible in India. There is polarization between Hindus and Muslims in India. This polarization is due to polarization created by corrupt politicians to save them from the rule of law." FaceBook of Jaipal dated 22 December 2019.

This is due to corruption and the personal interests of politicians.

Will Police protect later? 

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Political Violence in India by Muslims after CAB

Shaheen Bagh

1.0 Violence against act passed by Indian Parliament by 311 to 80. 

Congress creates violence and destroys Indian properties. Other opposition parties help congress to burn buses and cars. Muslims emotions are used by these political parties.

The Lallantop informs that only Muslims are destroying national properties. The areas like Jamia, Seelampur, Aligarh, or Muslim students in the BHU all are Muslim dominated areas. Listen also details of Musharaf life story. Listen also the Lallantop about Ayushmann, Parineeti etc. NDTV informs about violence.
In Uttar Pradesh - Mau city experienced violence. Muslims are disobeying law and order. Muslims attacked media as well as police post. Human rights NGOs are sleeping and do not raise any questions.

2.0 NDTV Anchor Ravish Kumar talks non sense.

NDTV anchor Ravish Kumar has become mad and talking non sense arguments. It should be understood that house of one room (10 feet X 10 feet) can accommodate one person to maximum ten persons and taking height of the room in consideration it can accommodate to maximum 25 - 35 persons. He is talking that it is insult if some one asks whether you are Indian or American. He says "how can some one ask your identity?" This statement is absurd from a NDTV anchor. Such corrupt anchors are compelling many citizens to criticize him.
Who will listen to him? Only those who came to India illegally and staying illegally to create violence and disturb peace of peace loving citizens. People should react to his statement and against NDTV organisation which finances him to speak such a non sense. No democracy can accept it. Let me say differently. People may assume that he has become mad and overlook his words. Will politicians accept his words? I am not sure. Some may accept and some may reject.
I am of the opinion we should know how many males, females, boys, girls or families including children and others are in a territory. This territory may be known as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar or China or Japan or Canada. All civilized countries allow migration of best educated people from developing countries and give them conditional visas for some time and only after some time they are granted citizenship. No illegal person can dare to stay in those countries and in case they stay then those illegal intruders will be thrown to their countries without mercy or human rights. No human rights or NGOs can dare to question these countries.
But yes, India is not a civilized country. India was slave since thousand years. Muslims looted and raped. Later Britishers came and ruled. Is India best suitable to be slave only? Indians were democratic and accepted foreign visitors. Question arises now who is dividing the country? BJP or Opposition supporting such anchors of TV news?
Young people must think beyond religion. Muslims must think twice. Terrorists are spoiling their names around the world. Indian Muslims must not cooperate with other illegal Muslims.
Another alternative is also available for Indian Muslims. They should march to Pakistan borders and compel Pakistan to open borders and accept Indian secular constitution. This cross border movement should continue till Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh join India and accept Indian constitution. Muslims of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh unite together and compel those governments to join and accept Indian constitution. But remember that number of citizens are to be counted in any case and people should be with an identity cards.
Democracy pulls people from non democratic states. Democracy can survive with certain rules well tried and experimented by United States, England, Germany and Japan, and other democratic countries.
Writer is a student of political science at the university of Auckland and learning methods to minimize conflict but favors democratic practices.

Kesariwal - AAP chairman is talking politics and criticizing CAB. Even if parliament passes CAA, still violence by students is not anti national. In other words destroying or burning buses is not wrong.

3.0 Whatsapp news in circulation

An excellent retort to a question so called pseudo liberals and pseudo seculars commonly ask:
Q: Who gave BJP/RSS the right to represent Hindus in India.......?

One of my friend informs

"But who gave you ( the right to steal and claim all of India's freedom struggle as gift / charity to Indian masses by the sole family / nepotistic dynasty - The Gandhis? Are not you erasing, white washing, mocking the sacrifices of millions of freedom fighters, mass heroes like Bhagat Singh, Chander Shekar Azad, Subhash Chander Bose, etc that laid down their lives for the country?

Who gave you right to name all airports, ports after nepotistic family? Is India your personal property?

Who gave you right to donate India's land coco Islands etc to other nations without seeking Indian masses permission? Is India's land your personal property?

Who gave you right to declare Muslims as minority when Parsis, Jains, Jews, Buddhists, are actual minority and Muslims the second largest majority?

Who gave you right to tax Hindu temples and shrines and use the money for government and expenditure for all religion masses, but exempt tax on Muslim and Christian shrines in name of appeasement? Are you punishing Hindu faith believers for being Hindus?

Who gave you right to allow Muslims to practice polygamy etc but ban other faiths to do it, is not this sheer hypocrisy / open bias towards one religion followers under the pretense of being secular party?

Who gave you right to spend Indian tax payers money (mostly paid by Hindus and others) on madrassa religious education when you do not pay same amount of funds to other religion followers education?

Who gave you right to fund haj subsidies, provide minority quota etc to them when you do not provide same subsidies to other faiths to visit their shrine or provide minority quota to Kashmiri Pandits in JK or other eight states where Hindus are in a minority?

When Dynasty family can answer all these questions, they can bother questioning others.

4.0 Muslims of the World Unite together to create one Democratic World

It is need of the time to unite and create one democratic world to minimize conflict. Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) or CAA is a proof that democracy pulls people of all religions. Muslims and people of all religions want to live in democracy. It is due to this reason many Muslims are demonstrating in India and do not want to go back to Bangladesh or Pakistan or Afghanistan. These Muslims want to live in India, a democratic secular country.

Due to terrorists many citizens of civilized countries are against Radical Islam. Many Muslims suffer due to these terrorists. Right wing parties are elected in many democratic countries. Political change to right wing ideology in many democratic countries confirms my statement. In India it is more evident as India is more democratic than many other countries. Violence, burning of buses are considered normal by politicians, for they are not answerable to damages by Indian law.

India is the most populous democratic country. Muslim population is the second majority population in India and largest in the world. Muslims are learning democratic way of life to live in a democratic India against their culture. Muslims are learning democratic way of politics from other democratic religions like Christian, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews in India. Under these conditions conflict is natural.

I am sure we all shall create one Universal Welfare World where religion will be diluted like Hindu religion. There are many Gods and Goddesses in Hindu religion. Religious identities are diluted to avoid any conflict. Other religions must follow the path and dilute all religions to avoid conflict.

Author is still learning methods to avoid conflict but believe in democracy and welfare state.

5.0 Narender Bhai Modi challenging Sonia Congress

Congress should not create politics and should not use youngsters or students for violence. Indian government is firm to follow Indian Constitution. We are serving mother India and we all shall stand to be with India. I am requesting that children and university students should argue and discuss the main issues. Students must understand and beaware that politicians may use student. Sonia congress, JMM, Communists, and Naxalites are exploiting students.

One should listen to the argument of P. Chidambram - Ex Home Minister and Finance Minister of Congress Government. He talks of illegal migrants. He talks of Congress. He says there is no example in the world to stop illegal migration including migration to the USA. Trump could not stop it. Mr Chidambram is talking sense. He may be part of Sonia Congress but arguing well.

Manmohan Singh advocated CAB long time back in parliament, but did not courage to change.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) High lights

CAB passed in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Amit Shah answers all questions in his final speech in Rajya Sabha. Details can be read in the following paragraphs.

Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) speech in Parliament by Amit Shah on December 9, 2019, informed by BBC. He informed that it is useful to minorities. Every country has a Citizenship act. No civilized country allows people to migrate inside their territories without any rule. United States, Canada, Europe and Russia, China do not allow illegal migration. India is now ratifying citizenship rules and copying civilized democratic countries. Northeast states are affected the most due to migration from Bangladesh. Muslims from Pakistan and other countries migrated to many states of India to change the demography of India.

Rajya Sabha TV informs the history of CAB. Migrants, who came as illegal into India, including overstayed without legal papers, shall be regularized with due diligence. Minorities coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar shall be considered. Northeast states have been exempted. It was necessary to protect minority or tribal areas of the Northeast. It is not based on religion as advocated by Muslim leader Owaisi.

India has always accepted Jews, Tibetan, and African migrants. It was a necessity depending on the new international rules and regulations. Classification has been discussed by a parliamentary committee. Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan may not be considered. Already nine amendments have been passed by parliament.

The Lallantop informs about the CAB bill. CAB is about six religions like Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Parsi, Jain, and Budh living as a minority in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan. Will this CAB reduce the Muslim population? This is doubt created by Indian opposition parties. According to BJP, this was written in their election memorandum, and they got people's mandate. Persecuted minorities in these Muslim majority nations or theocratic nations will get preference. India should be the natural home of Hindus. In these countries, minorities are persecuted. Northeast is opposing based on the son of the soil policy, as many people migrated from Bangladesh. NRC and CAB are co-related.

CAB in parliament (1:11:51 Minutes). Act about Anglo Indians also.

Asaduddin Owaisi explained his views against the CAB bill. He informed that it is anti-Islam and ant Muslim. Why does the BJP government hate Muslims? He tore the bill in parliament. Why do the government afraid of China? If the Taliban from Pakistan and Afghanistan comes, then Government needs us. This act is made to divide India and asking for partition again. Due to you, there would be a division of India. This act shall be a failure by all means.

Opposition is informing against the bill. CAB is against constitution article 14.

Times Now News.Com writes, "CAB undermines basic tenet of democracy: US; Commission mulls sanctions against Shah." The Centre claims that Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, and Christian communities from these countries who have come to India till 31 December 2014 will be granted citizenship rights through the bill. Why did the US not allow migrants from some Muslim countries? Why should any country ban Muslims from migrating?

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom came down harshly on the bill's passage in the lower house of Parliament. It said that it is "a dangerous turn in the wrong direction."

This bill is not against Gandhi's family. Amit Shah explains in parliament. Five times this act is ratified. This bill is regarding security. It is not against the CAB bill or the Gandhi family.

In an interview with Rajdeep Sardesai, Lallan top informs that there is no opposition to Narender Bhai Modi and Amit Shah. Rahul Gandhi could not connect to the people of India. Modi and Shah have changed the political atmosphere of India. Now politics is competitive, and politicians have to compete with Modi. In states, BJP is losing. Haryana, Maharashtra could not win due to Modi. People distinguish elections of states and center. 

Some (Hindus coming from Pakistan)  are celebrating in favor of this bill.  It is being celebrated in New Delhi, Bhopal, Mumbai - Ulahas Nagar, and Jaipur about citizenship. People are explaining what difficulties illegal migrants are facing who were staying for more than twenty years. BBC informs about Hindu migrants coming from Pakistan. In Pakistan, as per the news, Hindus could not study, take water. Hindu women were not safe.

According to Hinduism, this amendment bill is unequal and unsecular. Hindu, dated 10 December 2019, writes, "A key argument against the CAB is that it will not extend to those persecuted in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, from where Rohingya Muslims and Tamils are staying in the country as refugees. Further, it fails to allow Shia and Ahmadiyya Muslims, who also face persecution, to apply for citizenship. The exemption from the application of the CAB’s provisions in tribal areas in Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, and Tripura, and the Inner Line Permit areas in Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, and Mizoram, with Manipur to be added soon, is clearly based on political expediency, even if it is in line with the constitutional guarantees given to indigenous populations and statutory protection given to ILP areas."

Many states are protesting. In Assam, many tires are burnt. Many Muslims migrated from Bangladesh. Illegal migrants Muslims may not get citizenship, while Hindus migrants may get citizenship. This may change the demography of Assam. Illegal Muslims are worried about their future. Many Muslims were migrating from Bangladesh and Pakistan. These Muslims supported Kashmir Muslims and took a stand with other Muslims of Pakistan and Kashmir. Secularism was used to favor Muslims by Congress, particularly during the Sonia Congress period.  

Aajtak informs Dangal about CAB. Refugees are welcome but not illegal migrants. Muslims are discussing that Hindus and Christians, including Sikh, Jain, and Buddism, will get citizenship but not Muslims. It is regarding persecuted religious minority communities of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan. One should differentiate Muslims from theological countries. Nepal, Srilanka, Myanmar should also be included. India is divided based on religion. Pakistani Muslims should not be allowed as those Muslims are infiltrators and can cause regional problems.

Rajnaath Defence Minister informs that we are welcoming only persecuted religious minorities, not all persecuted. News India 18 informs that CAB is for Hindus, Jain, Buddhists, Christian, and Sikhs if persecuted in other theological countries. Why should Pakistan oppose this bill? Hindus were persecuted in Pakistan, and many minorities were killed or harassed in Pakistan.

CAB is not against Muslim citizens in India. 

Subhi Khan clarifies about CAB. India had always welcomed people from other nations. So why did Home Minister not allow Muslims to be taken as Citizens of India (legal or illegal Muslim migrants)."If Hindus and other minorities of Muslim countries can not be welcomed in India, then which country may give them citizenship?" The anchor asked the question. The question is, why did US religious groups object to it? But USCIRF (The US Commission for International Religious Freedom) is known for useless remarks as per the news.

Does CAB violate Article 14? The Indian Constitution does not allow favoritism to one religion. According to Amit Shah, it is not favoring one community. It is flavoring many communities like Sikh, Hindu, Christian, Jain, and Buddhism. As India was divided based on religion, this is the reason to allow Indian-origin minorities of theological notions. India always accepted secular vision (favoring equality and equity), but Pakistan never accepted it. As a result, Hindu minorities were reduced in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

The government is fulfilling BJP promises written in the BJP elections' manifesto before elections. BJP completes his manifesto one by one (37:34): Talak, Article 370, CAB, etc. According to UNHCR (37:35) graph is shown of migrants in India. 

Highlights of CAB explained by HINDU newspaper in video enclosed.

RSTV Vishesh informs in detail about Citizenship rules and regulations, including amendments. It is based on family (Vansh), not based on territory. Why was Committee formed, and why were there amendments in the Citizenship act.

NDTV analyses CAB. It clarifies about Muslims. Muslim citizens will not be affected. Supreme court advocate Mr. Nigam explained in detail.

Times now explains in the Twitter account the legal nature of CAB. Constitution expert explains. Wire explains something else for Rohingya and something else for persecuted minorities of three neighboring countries. Orange Wire explains CAB differently. Twitter explains again that CAB was passed by Rajya Sabha also. So it differentiates discrimination by Congress and BJP.

The author informs after events after CAB passed in Parliament with the majority.

The Wire, NDTV, and the Quint newspapers and TV channels are opposing. To be more specific, these channels are showing that Muslims are opposing this CAB. These are the same Lutyan channels that were declared corrupt and anti-national. 

Let us understand more in detail. 

After the abrogation of Article 370 - Imran Khan called all Muslims to unite and stand with the Kashmiris. Mufti Mehbooba (PDP) also called all Muslims of India to support Kashmiris against abrogation of article 370. Muslims in India demonstrated against this bill. The demonstration is a civil right in the Indian democracy. Nothing wrong with this. But once the mob is violent, there should be law and order; otherwise, the government fails to protect citizens' lives and property. If there is violence by the mob, then there is violence by the government. Violence can be resolved by democratic means and by following the laws of the land. Democracy is the only solution to accept laws passed by majority and majority not by one vote but by two-thirds. 

The majority approved CAB and abrogation of article 370. Does it mean that the Indian government should always accept minority struggle if there is violence used by minorities? Make it more clear. Does it mean that the Indian government should appease Muslim leaders to avoid conflict or violence? I disagree. I believe that violence by any party may beget violence. Democracy provides means to solve the conflict by-elections, and it is important to win in the elections and then pass rules as per the people's verdict. What can happen in India if Muslims unite due to India's call and the World Unite against the democratically elected governments and take the law into their hands? I assume that China, Russia, Turkey, and Muslim nations may support their movement to support the wishes of their citizens. 

Knowing what happened in Gujarat once Muslims burned the Karsewak train at Godhara, India will burn for some days like the partition of 1947. Muslims, Christians, and Hindus must understand. This bill is not against Muslims. But yes, this bill is against Muslims coming from PAKISTAN, BANGLADESH, AND AFGHANISTAN and staying in India illegally. This is the right given to all nations to protect their people and select whom to allow or not allow. Muslims must understand. I am knowingly not using the words minority to clearly understand what is good and what is bad and what can happen later, in my opinion. I was congress till Indira Gandhi, and my affiliation extended till Rajive Gandhi. I lost respect for all politicians, including BJP, till Modi was elected to power. Now I am supporting BJP and BJP led by Modi only, including Yogi of UP. 

Hindustan Times ( Mohua  Mitra and Manish Tiwari ) are calling violence. India Today Group invited army Generals on this issue. India today is involving army people in discussions and creating a conflict between the army and politicians. Is India Group creating future generals to take over the political system of India? India Today Group should avoid this in the future. General Singh informs that it is the pull factor of India the people from Bangladesh coming to India. Around 28 million people are coming or will come to India. He says look at the larger side of the concept. NRC is required. Till now (72 years after independence - congress party), no action has been taken. Rahul editor wants to nib the problem at its bud. The terrain is difficult to watch. The population is similar on both sides. We can not divide the people living on both sides of the people in the northeast. Villages can not be partitioned as the partition of a village can not be divided. Tribes can not be divided. What is the solution? Identity card to be issued. But many tribes do not accept it. Tribes do not want border posts. They want to live together. These Generals explained about this, informing administrative matters. General says that we should complement the government, and Modi has taken the right decision. 

Retired Major General G.D.Bakshi informs that we should know why and how did we get freedom? If we do not understand the reality, we should know why we should fight? We got freedom due to Subhash Chander Bose. English reduced Indian forces from 25 Lacs to 3 lacs and then divided half to India and Pakistan. Congress's working committee elected Sardar Patel, but English conveyed to Mahatama Gandhi that Nehru is the right candidate.

Due to violence in Delhi by Jamia University Students or demonstrators or criminals in demonstration created violence and burnt many buses near Okhla. In a democracy, it will hurt elections. Demonstrations were not peaceful as planned. It is informed that many places in the Sukhdev Vihar metro station and Jamia area are also affected. Many DTC buses are burnt, and glasses have broken near Mathura road, Badarpur road area. CAB is not against Muslims Citizens but only against Muslims who overstayed in India. No democratic nation can allow illegal migrants and particularly uncounted citizens of a nation. In civilized democratic countries, migration is planned to thousand numbers or hundred numbers. Aaj Tak also confirms the same that demonstrators have burnt the buses. NDTV also informs that near the Jamia area, buses were burnt by demonstrators in the Jamia Milia University area, students were not involved. Many outsiders came as per NDTV and burnt the buses. Jamia area, Sukhdev Vihar, Friends Colony area were affected.
Al Jazeera also informs about violence. DW also informs about CAB as a clear message from the Hindu-dominated BJP. This bill shall not harm any Muslim. However, critics say that it is against Muslims.

Subramaniyam Swamy explains Hinduism and Hindu politics. He also explained about Imran Khan and about business with Pakistan. Many actions Modi can not do as he has to consider many more options. Pakistan should be divided into four parts. If Modi comes back again, then Modi can take action. (This report is dated 26 March 2019 before the 2019 general parliament election). Swamy explains about policies and about four passports of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia's previous history. 

Will Uniform Civil Code apply? What is wrong with applying the Uniform Civil Code? Muslims objected earlier. It can not be imposed. Is it a fundamental right? How is it against the constitution but written in the constitution? Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the constitution. Muslim law as practiced by Muslims in India is problematic (explained by Arif Khan). 

Sikhs and Hindus appreciate it as it was pending for many years BBC quotes.

Violence in Jamia due to CAB explained by Lallantop. Priyanka Gandhi decided to sit on dharna. 
India can not take many million illegal migrants.