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Kashmir Problem and Solution

13 October 2021

The wire reports on 12 October 2021 "Two mosques in Srinagar on Friday, October 8, in pre-namaz sermons requested the public to desist from any action that is likely to cause or aggravate fear among Kashmiri Pandit residents living locally.

The call has been applauded by Kashmiri Pandit Sangharsh Samiti (KPSS). There are around 800 Pandit families living in the Valley".

10 October 2021

10 October 2021
Chairman of Peoples conference said "Peoples Conference Chairman Sajjad Gani Lone on Saturday said the spate of attacks on Kashmir was a deliberate attempt of othering the majority community in the union territory and identifying it with the savagery that a lunatic fringe is indulging in.
Lone, who has condemned the attack on minorities, said the Jammu and Kashmir administration does not have the luxury of resorting to a randomized response."

9 October 2021
BBC informs
  • 1. on January 17, 1948, resolution 38 appealed to both sides to do everything possible under their powers to prevent the situation from worsening. it was also asked that the chairman of the security council call the representatives of India and Pakistan and conduct direct talks between the two sides under his guidance.
  • 2. on January 20, 1948, in proposal no. 39, the security council decided to set up a three-member commission, which decided to be nominated by both one member each and one member from India and Pakistan on behalf of elected members. the commission was immediately ordered to reach the spot and examine the facts.
  • 3. on April 21, 1948, a referendum was agreed in resolution no. 47. the resolution said that the issue of control over both India and Pakistan Jammu and Kashmir should be decided in a free and fair democratic manner of the referendum. a condition was fixed for Pakistani nationals or tribals who had come to fight in Kashmir to go back.

but in the 1950s, India distanced itself from it, saying that the Pakistani army did not completely leave the state and that the status of an Indian state of the territory was settled with the elections held there. 

9 October 2021
I thought that we had found a solution to the Kashmir problem. But terrorists acted again in Kashmir and did target killing of Hindus and Sikh teachers. I wrote on Facebook.
Read New York Times report "The killings on Thursday were the latest in a series of attacks largely targeting Hindu and Sikh civilians in Kashmir, where tensions are high after India revoked the region’s autonomy two years ago" by Sameer Yasir.
Jammu and Kashmir Police reported on 7 October 2021 that two teachers were killed in a terrorist attack on a government school in the Idgah area of ​​Srinagar. The attack comes three days after terrorists killed three people in separate incidents in Srinagar. Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha said who killed two teachers will be given a "befitting reply."
जम्मू-कश्मीर पुलिस ने गुरुवार सुबह सूचना दी कि श्रीनगर के ईदगाह इलाके में एक सरकारी स्कूल पर हुए आतंकी हमले में दो शिक्षकों की मौत हो गई. जम्मू-कश्मीर के उपराज्यपाल मनोज सिन्हा ने कहा कि दो शिक्षकों की हत्या करने वाले को मुंहतोड़ जवाब दिया जाएगा।
Daughter and relations of killed Hindu families are calling these killings target killings. After the Afghanistan takeover by the Taliban, many believe that the next target shall be Kashmir and Kashmiri Hindus.
जम्मू-कश्मीर पुलिस ने गुरुवार सुबह सूचना दी कि श्रीनगर के ईदगाह इलाके में एक सरकारी स्कूल पर हुए आतंकवादी हमले में दो शिक्षकों की मौत हो गई। यह हमला श्रीनगर में अलग-अलग घटनाओं में तीन लोगों के मारे जाने के तीन दिन बाद हुआ है"।

5 October 2019

In this video we ll learn everything about the history of Jammu and Kashmir in depth, it’s religious distribution, what was the role of British, the political uprising in the state, and how it acquired its modern shape, and despite all effort it did not develop into a fully coherent identity. We ll also learn how #article370 and #article35a came into existence. Many of you must be aware that article 370 gave special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir giving the Indian Parliament authority only over external affairs, defense, communication, and the currency. So there is a lot of thing we ll learn and cover in this video. So sit tight, and let’s begin. "Jammu and Kashmir - Every thing | History Religion Politics Article 370 | Current Affairs UPSC, GK" 5 October 2019 Amit Sen Gupta.

26 September 2021

Imran Khan speaks on the Kashmir issue and Islamophobia. But Modi talked about international problems of terrorism and Sea route of China.

15 September 2021
BBC NEWS on 1965 war between India and Pakistan

Listen to the last two minutes where General Yayakhan said that for Kashmiris Pakistan will not stake many Pakistanis. Attack was planned by Pakistan with the presumption that Pakistan is equipped with modern weapons donated by the US and success is sure. Pakistan gained 5000 KM2 area while India gained 10000 KM2 area. Indian forces entered the Lahore area, where Col. V.R.Mohan visited with Sampuran Singh seen photo by me. I was in 1965 in PEC and we used to patrol night shifts assuming that Pak paratroopers may land. Lal Bahadur Shastri innovated the slogan "Jai Jawan and Jai Kissan". US-controlled food aid to India. On the request of Shastri Indians did not take food on Monday nights. All restaurants used to close.
Indians had not very sophisticated equipment, while Pakistan had. Indian forces were demoralized after the 1962 war defeat from China.
"1965 में भारत और पाकिस्तान के बीच हुए दूसरे युद्ध की शुरुआत किन परिस्थितियों में हुई थी और किस तरह इस युद्ध का कोई निर्णायक परिणाम नहीं निकल पाया था. सुनिए रेहान फ़ज़ल की यह प्रस्तुति. वीडियो एडिटिंग का ज़िम्मा संभाला रुबाइयत बिस्वास ने." BBC report dated 10 September 2021

1 August 2021

If India intrudes into POK, then there are chances war starts between India, Pakistan, and China. Militarily India cannot occupy POK. India can create a government of POK and persons can be selected in Parliament. Pakistan has donated land to China.

13 June 2021
Pushpendra Kulshrestha interviews Ankur Sharma - neo leader of Jammu.
"What happened in Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35 A in India to solve the Kashmir problem - 5 August 2019
I narrated a long time back that Jammu Kashmir (J&K) should be divided into three states. Jammu, Kashmir, and Laddakh. But BJP did not pursue it and converted into two Union Territories - Jammu and Kashmir as one and Laddakh as the second one. Some political leaders are asking for Jammu as a separate state from Jammu and Kashmir (J&K).
In addition, this political party is asking to declare Hindus' killings in Kashmir from 1987 to 1989 as genocide. Jammu is situated near the Tawi river. Tawi river is known as the daughter of Sun God. Rivers in India are treated as mother goddesses. During Congress's political party, the National Conference political party (NC) and Membooba's political party (PDF) facilitated this genocide and provided the Jammu hill area to Rohingya Muslim migrants from Myanmar. Now people of Jammu want Jammu as a separate state. Jammu does not want to be part of Jammu and Kashmir.
I think that JK should be divided into three states. I agree with him. Sharma advocates Jammu as a state now, and Kashmir should be divided into two union territories. One for Hindus who migrated from Kashmir in 1989 and the second for Kashmir for Hindus and Muslims. Hindus were in the minority in Kashmir since 1947. In 1989 Hindus had to migrate because of the genocide of Hindus 1989."

12 January 2021

The New York Times "In Kashmir's Stillness, Hopes Wither and Houseboats Sinks" by Emily Schmall, January11, 2021. The New York Times.

5 January 2021
Received Email from and Dr. B.K. Bhat Shiban sent me the link.

Subhash Kak 

Junagarh politics by BBC. How could Junagarh become part of India?

I shall inform my followers and readers of a few vital points on terrorism, counter-terrorism, and counter-terrorism approaches.
Whatever the aim of terrorists may be, individuals must decide how will they like to be governed by the democracy of India, the USA, or the democracy of Singapore, Germany, or Sweden. One must decide what they want in life and what system is best for them. Bihar thinks differently than West Bengal, and Gujarat thinks differently than Kerala or Tamilnadu. Each culture thinks differently. The same is the case in the world. China thinks differently than Japan or Russia.
Why am I saying so? Because one man's terrorist is the other man's freedom fighter. Pakistan thinks differently, and India thinks differently about Kashmir. Surprisingly all want peace in this world as all workers in the industry want development and growth and an increase in their salary, but many cannot resist corrupt practices. It is an administration problem or management problem.
When we talk of a problem, then we all talk of politics. We all want peace, and we do not want violence. But many workers and executives are selfish. In the same way, many people in politics are interested in amassing wealth. These intelligent people use criminals for their gains and welfare. These criminals become terrorists. These criminals can kill, rape, and burn buses, houses, and trains for their personal gains. The media uses this as a news item. We all are well aware of Lutyan gangs.
How can we deal with these terrorists who have political objectives? Who creates violence? Who targets innocent people to gain an audience beyond victims?
There are many methods adopted by civilized countries. Unluckily developing countries like India are still experimenting. Political leadership is not experienced to counter arguments of NGOs whose duty is to protect human rights. Many NGOs are blackmailers in India. I have experienced it personally five times. I do not want to name those events here. It is sufficient to say that I am 74 years old and have worked as chief executive from 1979 to 2016 and remained very close to the top person of the management. I can not trust what I listen to or see. Motives are always money or capturing resources or lucrative positions.
It is clear to me Kashmir is not a problem of terrorism, but it is a problem of resources...Once this is clear, then the counter-terrorism approach can also be clear. This means one should frame rules and govern by rules as it is done by many European countries and European Union (EU). The second method is countering violent extremism. This means to prevent, pursue, protect and prepare. In other words, reduce the intent, capability, vulnerability, and impact of terrorism. If this is also not successful, then police action of Yogi of Uttar Pradesh or military action of Modi technology / Bush technology can be applied, for the answer of the bullet can be given by bullet only.
I must add that terrorists are only pawns in the hand of big powerful people. In the case of Kashmir, we all know, and now it is openly advocated by Pakistan that Jihad is the only solution to solve the Kashmir problem. I do not blame Imran Khan. He is facing this problem and is not an experienced politician. He wants peace, but he can not go against terrorists, who were created by Pakistan only. In other words, it is the same case as Bhinderwale of Punjab. Indira Gandhi created/ developed Bhinderwale, and she was killed because of her mistake favoring Bhinderwale.
Mistakes created by earlier Pakistan leaders, particularly the Pakistan army, can now not be resolved without the help of the Pakistan army, which the Pakistan army is not interested in accepting.
It is to be mentioned that these are writer's personal opinions, who is interested in bringing peace in the Indian subcontinent.
Kashmiri leaders must understand this vital issue and save Kashmir from destruction. Modi technology is the right solution because he is the leader who is not thinking of his personal interests. By changing the ground realities, he took a new initiative that was required a long time back. This may save many future lives if Kashmiri leaders think about it without any personal interests and accept the Modi formula by democratic means. Is it possible? Time only may tell, but yes Modi has tried at least. Visit of EU members to Kashmir on 29 October 2019. Some political parties criticizing terrorists.
EU members informed that they do not want Kashmir to become Afghanistan. DD News informing in detail about EU member visit.

Kashmir's interview on 31 October 2019 by Aaj Tak.
Satyapal Malik talking about Jamaat as an organization supporting Mufti Mehbooba and terrorists. He informed me that Jamaat is the main culprit. (10:00).

Quint informs how now the change is occurring in J&K and Ladakh. ABP announces how R.K. Mathur has taken the oath of Lt. Governor of Ladakh.

BBC informs about Ladakh's first day. Kargil is demographically Muslim and is opposing the Ladakh UT merger. BBC informs about Kashmir on 1 November 2019 as J&K is now UT. Indian criminal act will be applied.

Kashmir discussed in Lallantop (37:00). Till there is Gunpower, no Kashmiri Pandits can go back. Kashmir's problem after 370 and around 5-6 months is still not resolved. The problem is discussed, and the problem of Hindus and Muslims is discussed. Be very careful whom to follow.

Details of Kashmiri Pandits moving out of Kashmir. 19 January 1990.
With all the best wishes
Jaipal Datta

Times now informs about the history of Kashmir since 500 years