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Kashmir after 5 August 2019.

29 June 2021
11:01 onwards, Ambedkar wrote, "it seems that Congress has failed to realize. That is, there is a difference between appeasement and settlement. And that difference is an essential one. 12:01  Appeasement means buying off the aggressor by conniving at his acts of murder,  rape, arson, and loot against innocent persons who happen for the moment to be the victims of his displeasure". If you replace Congress with congress and BJP and oppressors, in this case, are the same Gupkar persons. "settlement means (13:48) laying down the bounds which neither party to it can transgress. Appeasement sets no limit to the demand of the aspirations of the aggressor. While the settlement does. The second thing congress has failed to realize is that the policy of concession has increased Muslim aggressiveness. Muslims interpret these concessions as a sign of defeatism on the path of Hindus and the absence of the will to resist. This policy of appeasement will involve the Hindus in the same fearful situation in which allies found themself as a result of the policy of appeasement which they adopted to Hitler." Was Modi's initiative appeasement or settlement? Sanjay Dixit has written this book after studying a lot.  Sanjay Dixit talks about Javed Iqbal as the earlier husband of Mehbooba. In Jammu earlier, Dogra raj was there. It all happened due to Nehru. How and why did BJP take U-turn now? (30;56). A.S. Dullak was head of intelligence agency in J&K. He was later head of RAW. Whenever Intelligence takes over, then naturally corrupt practices take place, and violence erupts. Kashmiri Hindus are stakeholders, and no one was called in the meeting. EK Jutt Party was not called. BJP 3, Bheem Singh, Congress 3, Mehbooba +Abdullah were others. Statehood shall be after elections. Dullat confirms that Omar Abdullah shall be the next chief minister of Kashmir. 

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25 June 2021 

Many political leaders were called by Modi to attend meetings about the future of Kashmir.
Details are recorded in this news by ABP and BBC. 

Read also views of Hindus of Jammu. Why Jammu is not favored for long.

Rohingyas were settled at Tawi in Jammu by J&K Govt under the Roshini act. that was challenged in the Supreme Court of India.  Listen to Pushpreshta Kulshrestha.

23 June 2021 
Major Gaurav Arya explains Kashmir and Kashmiri politicians. But facts are explained by Harimohan on 11 June 2021. Read also Chanakya Forum
Statehood shall be affected soon, govt has told a long time back. HM committed in parliament. The political process shall start soon though the Panchayat elections are over. Kashmiri is as lovable as other Indians. All people around the world are equal. Many politicians made Kashmiris a scapegoat and told them that they Kashmiris are great. They don't like Dogra. It was Jamwal cult. They could fight with Tibetan. Roads are very bad in Kashmir due to corruption. Hurriyat, NC, and Mehbooba Mufti all were calling off the bluff. Mehbooba mufti's sister was Rubiya Sayeed, who was kidnapped by Gang belonging to their family. Maulana Masood of Jaishe Mohmad was released. Many Indians were there in that airplane. It was the tactics of these politicians. When terrorism came to India, it was her father. Shaikh Abdulla is still better than others. Mehbooba Mufti should be imprisoned. Omar Abdulla is more seasoned than many other politicians. UP has more Muslims than Kashmir. Due to the actions of these leaders, many people were killed. These politicians must be tried for genocide.

11 June 2021
Harimohan explains about Kashmir problem. He certifies my claim that Jammu should be taken out from Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Ladakh is already a separate state UT. Delimitation of Jammu and Kashmir may be done (23:50). Jammu shall be separated. J&K consisted of 114 seats. POK 24 seats, Kashmir 46 seats, Ladakh 4 seats, Jammu 37 seats. Development is being done except two-three districts of Kashmir. Statehood will be done after delimitation.  Jammu shall be assumed to be separate in the coming years. The problem of Kashmir is limited to a limited area of Kashmir. Kashmiri Pandit issue may be resolved later, once the administration is improved.

30 August 2019: Pakistan violates ceasefire.  BBC News informing violence in Saura Village of Kashmir 25 August 2019. People of Saura closed the area entries. They dug the road so that no one can come inside.
The Heat: Kashmir Tension by CGTN America press. 9 August 2019. " India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed his nation as tensions rise between India and Pakistan after New Delhi revoked special status for Kashmir. To discuss, tonight’s panel includes Abhinav Prakash Singh, assistant professor at the University of Delhi; Zainab Sikander, writer and political analyst; Anwar Iqbal, Washington Correspondent at Dawn Newspaper and Ather Zia, asst. professor of Anthropology, University of Colorado Boulder."

25 August 2019  Foreign media
Wall Street Journal tweets Local said rising discontent at New Delhi's policy shift could ignite a new phase of protests, fierce crackdowns, and militant  radicalization

Kashmir situation by Communist leader - do not inform how to maintain peace.

Syed Ali Geelani accuses the central government and wants a peaceful demonstration. But his demonstration was always hijacked by terrorists, and he never condemned. Instead, he agrees that Muslims have changed this demography for 70 years.

But now, he is afraid of demography change. In many parts of India, since 1947, Muslims are changing demography. What is the solution for that, Mr. Geelani?  Mr. Geelani does not understand that the world is changing very fast. Life of Muslims in other countries is being endangered because of his movement.

Modi in G7 on 26 August 2019 informing.

Reaction to Modi speech that India and Pakistan was one country before 1947 and we can still come together and solve our problem, and we do not need third party mediation. Pakistan Prime Minister reacted to this after few hours.

Barkha Dutt justifying the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, arguing that Pandits were on slush jobs in the government and Muslims were poor and in the majority. Therefore, there is no place for the minority in the majority.

BBC News informs about Imran Khan. Imran Khan speaks that we are ready to talk for peace. So that we all want progress. In Kashmir, according to him, why do young men want to kill themselves? Pulwama attack. But after the election, it is noted that Pakistan to be blacklisted. They want to ruin Pakistan and make it bankrupt. Modi broke Nehru's promises. Modi does not believe in secularism. Modi is talking of RSS and wants a Hindu state. Imran Khan is talking about that. Why does Modi not talking to us? He wants Hindu Raj. Hindus hate Muslims. He is trying to create differences between Hindus and Muslims. Imran Khan is dividing Hindus and Muslims. He is talking of Mehbooba Mufti. Imran Khan telling the Kashmiri people to revolt. This is the last thing now even Imran Khan is telling. Pak newspaper is informing that many Muslim countries are not with Pakistan. But we shall tell the world that 80 lacs Muslims in Kashmir are suffering.

Imran Khan thinks that it is not terrorism, but it is the Kashmir issue. It is the first time in UN Kashmir issue could be discussed. International media is also now informing. When East Timor was in a problem, the UN favored the majority. Sawa Arab Muslims are looking towards the UN. He clarified that whatever it may be, Pakistan shall support Kashmir and will be ready to use nuclear bombs, and many will suffer in this continent. BBC News informs that because of the internet, Modi's Ayushman scheme can not be implemented as dialysis shall not be free. BBC informs that Modi and Trump are working together.

Kashmir by BBC in United Nations

Aaj Tak on Sardar Patel 31 October 2019 - talk about Modi and Kashmir Interview.

The Crisis in Kashmir - Debate on BJP and Sitaram Yetchuri at the Oxford Union Society - 28 December 2019. This is a very good debate for the dissertation of Kashmir.

Political solution after the abrogation of article 370

Shaikh Abdullah released after 7 months to get political solution

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Political instruments to end terrorism in Kashmir


Terrorism is not riot, conflict, violent conflict, civil war, war, and revolution. Terrorism can only be called asymmetric war or planned assassination by politically motivated groups. Is terrorism a violent political conflict? Terrorism is more than violent political conflict because it inculcates fear of the unknown.

Terrorism is not directly related to poverty, inequality and poor economic development, education level but poverty, inequality, material deprivation, unequal distribution of resources breed terrorists' activities, and ideologies of terrorism develop.

There is no difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter. The media has a duty to report on terrorism and terrorists. Poverty is the primary cause of terrorism. Poverty breeds terrorists. Elites exploit it to gain their political power. Elites are educated, rich, and having resources. Scholarship correlates elites as terrorists. Elites sow the seeds of conflict, and poor, uneducated people harvest it.

Jagmohan warned terror shadow is increasing in Kashmir. It is time to act. Rajive Gandhi, under the influence of Soniya Gandhi, was overlooking. Political parties in developing countries first create problems then try to solve the problem. Congress created the terrorist problem in Kashmir. Many innocent Kashmiris died due to this problem.

Terrorism is spreading around the world.

Good governance, transparency, impartial judiciary and administration, adopting democratic legislatures are key instruments to fight terrorism. Will Pakistan cooperate?

Ladakh feels free now after the abrogation of article 370. Kashmir was influencing Ladakh. Kashmir used to take money from India but was used by Kashmiri. These are identity, cultural and economic factors. BBC reporter wanted to put the words into the mouth of the interviewee. People are watching till 31st October 2019. Unexplored opportunities need to be exploited. Minerals, land, water, solar energy. Water is taken by Kashmir. 750MW of Hydro Project used only 100MW. BBC reporter is with different agenda. It looks like. BBC person is talking that Kargil is opposing. Community is different as Muslim population and Buddhist. They are not thinking like Srinagar people. People are happy that we are better under UT. All people in Ladakh are happy. There are two borders with China and Pakistan. We want legislature. The area is huge. If the people of India come here, then it shall be a problem for India. BBC never surveyed like this in India.

BBC talking about Kashmir and informing about UNSC news. China thinks that Ladakh is china's territory, according to BBC. China says that India is violating human rights. BBC on 20 August informing about Kashmir.
Do Took informing about actual position about Kashmir. Untruth being informed by Pak media. Due to no internet, there are some problems, but this problem is not vital. For two weeks, there is no life lost.

POK is part of India.

Detail of Jammu and Kashmir in detail. It is 3 hours video from 1947 to 57 to 1963 and so on. It is regarding the unity of India. Do not think 2019 as it is. Think from 1947 about independence. Complete detail is stated. This is worth listening to while writing a dissertation on Jammu and Kashmir. What Bismarck did in Germany, Patel did for India.

I wrote on Facebook on 24 August 2019
I do not know what can be the solution to Kashmir's law and order problem. There is no problem in Jammu and Ladakh. Kargil being a Muslim area, had demonstrations against India. The abrogation of article 370 is now history. So now I am thinking about the law and order problem of Kashmir and of two and three villages of Kashmir.
I believe in democracy. I know Far-Right Radicals can not be terrorists. The definition of terrorists is still ambiguous, and each state understands terrorism differently. But terrorism begets terrorism. Terror does not respect international human rights.
If humanity wants to live in peace, all state's human problems need a solution. The solution may not be liked by everyone. There is no guarantee that the solution may be correct and good for society. Brexit, Yugoslavia, the break up of the U.S.S.R, Hong Kong, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rohingya, Maluku, Kalimantan, are many examples.
People do not want insurgency. Insurgents trust the leadership. Greed and grievance are the reasons for this conflict. Poor people die due to the greed of these leaders. I still think that what should be the solution to Kashmir's law and order under these conditions.
Kashmir's law and order problems are not limited to India. Many want to cook their food on this fire. Pakistan is directly connected with this problem. Kashmir leaders have already given a call to all Muslims to unite to make Kashmir like Iraq, Libya, Syria. I am reading nowadays "Why Muslims rebel?" by Muhammad Hafez. Christchurch Mosque in New Zealand, Quebec Mosque in Canada, Church in Sri Lanka, Denmark, Sweden, Paris, London, Pittsburgh there are many examples.

Developed countries have better resources to curtail and take action. Media of developed countries understand and helps state government during the crisis. No other country is rich enough to create problems for rich countries. However, rich countries can create problems to gain control of resources.
I am not experienced, but the Kashmir problem may not be solved without a war on terror or a war with the Pakistan army, which supports terrorists. I feel sorrow when I think of war. So many innocents, particularly Kashmiri, will die. The US can wage war without United Nations, but no other country can wage war without the US, Russia, and China.
Should democracy use invisible hands to solve law and order problems? If not handled properly, it may change the destiny of India. No one should take this law and order problem so lightly. Since the 1980s, Congress's misrule has created this problem. Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus) have faced it.
One point is clear. It is a law and order problem. The problem is due to terrorists, who are supported by the Pakistan army. The problem is not of Kashmir but of Pak Army. The solution lies in destroying Pak Army. When and how India must decide.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Will Kashmir break India or Pakistan? (Yugoslavia was broken into six nations by Muslims)

How many times will India and Pakistan fight war? Will it be the last war?

History informs that Muslim invaders were defeated 17 times. Hindu Raja forgave 17 times Muslims invaders. 18th time when Hindu King was defeated, then he was killed by a Muslim invader. Will history repeat?

Many may like that there should be war and may get profit from this war. But many, including many Kashmiris, will be killed. So I wish Muslim leaders will understand and behave cautiously. The media may talk good or bad and may confuse the people. Academics and NGOs may confuse legal and human rights language. But one must learn lessons from China, Russia, the US, England, Germany, and France.

ISI of Pakistan is financed by the Pakistan army. Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) of Pakistan and their Jirgas were killed by Pak Army or supporters of Pak army. Indian media was and are silent on this issue. Does Imran Khan know that? Will he react?  Can he control the army? Time will tell.

I am using the Muslim words as many Mehbooba Kashmiri asked other Muslims to unite and help Kashmiris. Dr. Farooq Abdullah is still criticizing and agrees that he and his party shall follow peaceful measures and go to court.  He said with deep emotions, "We are not stone pelters. We are not bombing throwers."

 It is a known fact in the literature that there are rogue states, and these states belong to some Muslim states. Pakistan is spoiling the name of Muslims as it is known as a terrorist training area. Some Muslim states are good, but the Pak army is not interested in peace.

 Many Muslims in Pakistan want war. Pak may think that Pak can change the tide and use Kashmiri people in favor of war.

 India is a democratic country. Pakistan is not democratic. What may happen? Will Pakistan divide like Yugoslavia?
                                                       Map of Jammu and Kashmir
  The problem is only in two districts of Kashmir. Many areas of Jammu and Kashmir support the abrogation of articles 370 and 35A. Ladakh and Jammu area supports BJP. Bill is passed by two-thirds majority in Indian parliament lower and upper house.

Some known Lutiyans supporting Pakistan ideology. With this move of Modi, it may be more transparent where these Lutiyans stand? Will they behave like Jaichand or Vibhishan?
Pakistan is not accepting abrogation of article 370 and says that it is unconstitutional. Pak is getting ready to start a war. Al Jazeera. According to the report 4 times, India and Pak fought a war to solve the issue of Kashmir. Pakistan and Mehbooba Mufti calling Jihad by Muslims against India. How will Indian  Muslims react?

Will India start a war of religion as propagated by Huntington's clash of civilizations? Will China and Russia support India?

The international community can interfere if Pakistan starts a war. No state can interfere in the internal matters of other states. This is what Imran Khan knows, and he knows that war is not good for Kashmir, Pakistan, and India. Pakistan also can not agree that complete Kashmir should be an independent state. Kashmiri people want "Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, China Occupied Kashmir and India occupied Kashmir should be an independent state." India, China, and Pakistan do not want to. That is how United Nations agreed to maintain the line of control.

Burkha and Al Jazeera are talking of Kashmiri Muslims. The media is silent on the people of Jammu and Ladakh. Does the International community think only about Muslims? Do they think that non-Muslims are not human beings? Al Jazeera must discuss the religious issue carefully.

The problem is not of land. The problem is that many sweepers (Safai Karam Chari) were not respected by Kashmiri Muslims. As a result, Kashmir violated the human rights of the non-Muslim working class and their families.

Problems that aggravated this situation:

  •  No one could do any business in Kashmir, including Kashmiris, due to terrorists.
  • Terrorism:  50000 people killed. Killing/ eviction/ rape of nearly one million Kashmiri pandits. Announcements were made in the name of Allah from Masjids.
  • Kashmiri Pandit and many Muslims migrated to other parts of India to seek jobs and study due to terrorists' activities in Kashmir since the 1980s. 
  •  Indians were paying taxes, and money was used by two-three Kashmiri families for their power and personal use.
  • This money was used by terrorists to disturb the peace, and military operation was not cost-effective.
  •  Many Muslims, including leaders, started feeling insecure because there was no rule of law in Kashmir. 
  • The human rights of Kashmiri women were affected. For example, she could not marry as per her wishes.
  •  Discrimination against Kashmiri women of JK, Dalits, OBCs, SC/STs.
  • JK Bank was looted by these bureaucrats and politicians.
  • Discrimination against the very people of Kashmir denying them the benefits of laws passed by the Indian Parliament.
  • Buddhists were mistreated, and Ladakh was considered not Kashmir and part of J & K. as per MP of Ladakh.
  • Pakistan gave Kashmiri land to China without permission from Kashmiri Muslims.
  • The media says that peace will not come to Kashmir, but it may only kill Kashmiris. Foreign media is not talking of Ladakh and Jammu. They are talking of only Muslims. 
  • Is Al Jazeera advocating unrest in India? 
  • Human rights were violated by the JK government.
  • Politicians were wealthy and corrupt. Leaders and their supporters acted like the mafia and looted poor Kashmiris.

As anticipated, NDTV and Lutiyans advocate that the government's decision is wrong, and no discussion has occurred. They agree that terrorist activities are justified. According to them, seventy years, all leaders were useless, and no discussions with Kashmiris or Pakistan took place.

 Many arguments can be given by many people. But the governor of nations knows what is good and what is bad. So Modi is elected by not only Hindus as it is propagated by many but also by many Muslims also.
CNBC Awaz. also informs the same.
Lallantop informs details. Kashmir is India's internal matter.
ABP news informs what is going on in the Pak assembly about Kashmir.
Owasi - It is the third mistake India is committing.

With this move of Modi Pak and supporters of Pak can not advocate indirectly undercover. So now it will be clear who supports India, democracy, and secularism and supports Muslim Shria and Pak-sponsored terror? Who wants to destabilize India?

These are totally my personal views. If there is any mistake in my understanding and it is not correct, please inform me at Please note I am still a student of master of conflict and terrorism studies. However, I am improving my expression power.

Ashok Malik informs benefits which I wrote on Facebook on 8 August 2019. These are as explained by Malik is mentioned below but more clearly explained by MP of Ladakh in his speech in Parliament.
Ashok Malik explains the gains of abrogation of article 370. An essay is well written with 3500 words explaining the history and why this action was required. I am reproducing only the benefits of the removal of this article.
"The removal of Article 370 makes laws of the Union of India automatically applicable in Jammu-Kashmir. As a result, facilities provided in the rest of the country to disadvantaged communities and groups – from women to religious minorities to historically underprivileged castes – will become relevant to Jammu-Kashmir. The removal of Article 35A, for instance, will make it possible for a permanent resident to marry an outsider and yet pass on inherited property to their children. So far, this was a right denied to women permanent residents who married non-natives.
There are other examples. Partition-era Punjabi (largely Sikh) refugees from areas now in Pakistan settled in Jammu in 1947. Today this community is over 100,000-strong. Thus far, they have not been granted permanent resident status and have no domicile rights. They voted in parliamentary elections, but not assembly elections. They could not buy property or access higher education quotas. In contrast, Muslim refugees from Xinjiang and Tibet, who arrived in Srinagar in the 1950s, were completely integrated into Kashmiri society after annexing their homelands by communist China." Ashok Malik, one of my friends.
Kashmir under siege informed Forbes.
Imran Khan says that BJP is acting like Nazi Party. BJP wants to change the demography.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Kashmir after 5 August 2019.

Nothing can be achieved without any sacrifice. It will depend on the leadership of the Kashmiri people not to instigate violence. It will not help. Be calm and assist Modi. One Video, 3 hours, is good to listen and write about dissertation.
Trifurcate Jammu and Kashmir.
Abolish articles 35A and 370.

Rosy on Twitter showing actors of Kashmir's corrupt brigade.  UN resolution.

Al Jazeera informs on 5 August 2019. The resolution placed in parliament to abolish article 370.

Twitter information
ANI NZT 8:31 Curfew in Jammu.

Karuna Nundy on Twitter Shashi Tharoor to Omar that you are not alone.

Realism versus Idealism by Twitter Amal Magazine.

All party meeting at Abdullah residence.

This meeting is not for Insaniyat and Kashmiryat but for Islamiyat. Nidhi Sharma

Farooq Abdullah calling for the unity of all corrupt leaders of Kashmir, including terrorists like Geelani.
Farooq should unite all to maintain peace. I still trust Farooq Abdullah's political acumen ship.

Dr. Skinwala informs that Laddakh and Jammu people are not with Abdullah. So this is a good sign.

Shashi Tharoor considers himself an Indian democrat. He could not say that he murdered his wife Sunanda and is a purchasable commodity.

Phone services are blocked or are under the blocking process.

5 August 2019
Article 370 abolishing resolution presented in the parliament.
Emotions on both sides will be played. Politicians shall try to play.
Anand G. Sharma critiquing opposition.
Asif is saying that some politicians can go to Pakistan.
Laddakh is out of J&K.
News 18  J&K shall be part of the union territory.
Copy of notice.
Kashmir is part of India now.
Pakistan reacts to the Kashmir issue.
The total change of Kashmir policy is changed. Kashmir is now an integral part of India.
Now people will see clearly who supports whom
One Parliamentarian of PDP tries to tear the constitution. Security guards take him away.
Mehmooba Mufti is trying to talk something by saying it is the blackest day of democracy. Kashmir's alignment with India has backfired, according to her.
India invested a lot of money in Kashmir. But no help was done.
PDP now advocating Muslim cards. We Muslims joined India. It was our mistake.
Anjana Om Kashyap informs.
KC Tyagi informs that he is against govt decision. But how many members he has? Mayawati supports.
Arvind Kesariwal Supports. But he is already lost political power. No MP.
Kavita Krishnan does not support it. She is a blackmailer and running an NGO with no MP support. She is only a nuisance creator by giving wrong ideas.
Map of Kashmir and showing that POK does not have article 370.
India Today informing that Jammu is celebrating. Only Kashmiri Muslims are affected.
Times Now informs.
Indian constitution shall apply now on Kashmir. President of India confirms.
Aajtak application. Army Airforce is on high alert in Kashmir.
Abdullah Omar says India has committed a mistake as per India Today article.
BBC informs about Kashmir.
ABP news informs, and it is more informative. Amit Shah's speech is worth it.
Jaipal on Twitter.
Some details were added.
Kashmir news informs.
Subramaniyam Swamy thinks ahead. He informs strong India will help Sindhis, Paktoons, and Punjabis of Pakistan.
The US closely following J&K events as per Hindustan Times sponsored by anti-Indians and pro-Muslims as Mehbooba talks about Muslim and Muslim.
Hindustan Times - Decoding Centre's move on Kashmir.
L.K. Advani informs and congratulates Modi and Shah.
6 August 2019
This all happens. Corrupt Kashmir.
Russia, the US, Japan, China faced their problems. China-US  Beijing  US Massacre Hate Killings in the US of migrants. Before the US elections, the US now has to promote brotherhood between all communities. This is the strength of democracy. Read US Vice President informing on the tweet.
New J&K Union Territory details.
Amnesty International is afraid that more human rights may be violated.
Some are now creating Identity with religion and Kashmir. It is not Kashmir. It is the Muslim card of Kashmir. This is the removal of one hurdle.
The Wire always propagated against India. It may be on the payment list of other parties. Wire says how it is unconstitutional. Institution of accession signed earlier reproduced by wire. It is a good document for academics but not for politics.
India will have to give freedom to Kashmir as an abrogation of article 370 removed freedom of Kashmir.
History of Kashmir - Why does Hari Singh create marriage law?
Aljazeera Kashmir on 6 August 2019 informing Pakistan view on Kashmir and Pak army preparing support to Kashmiri people.
Jamyang Tsering Namgyal speaking about Ladakh and article 370.
Farookh Abdullah informing that he could not go to Parliament because his doors are locked, and his son is in Jail.
Congress and BJP ideology difference.
NC stopped the bus from going to SRN for flagging Tiranga on Lal Chowk.
Laddakh celebrating the abrogation of article 370. Youtube of Ladakh MP.
Kashmiri people of limited two districts like Shopian are opposing and talking of violence supported by Pak army.
Asaduddin Owaisi on Kashmir during parliament voting.
Report about London Indian Embassy.
7 August 2019
Jammu MP - Jugal Kishore Sharma informing that POK shall be taken by us. Nehru created this problem. 370 did not give anything to Jammu and Kashmir. Due to this, no one is ready to invest in JK. No one can start industry on rental land. JK people are not helped as no hospital can be opened, their children can not study in JK, Corruption top by NCP and PDP. JK was not allowing any bill like 10% reservation for poor people. The reason was due to 370 as no rule could be employed. Terrorism is also due to 370. POTA could also not be implemented. Whenever they wanted, and they wanted extra power for their family. Women marrying outside lose all property rights. If that woman's husband dies, she can not go back, but she is without any rights. It is against Human rights. The same is the case with Safai Karamcharis and their families. But these families allowed only Muslim Rohingya. Many Hindus who came from Pakistan could not get property rights, voting rights, and civil rights. Human rights were not given by these family people. Only a few Muslims and these families got benefits. 370 created a problem in the minds of the people and around the world that Kashmir is not part of India. 370 obstacles do not help for unity. Many politicians want the abrogation of 370 due to their political votes.
It is due to political dare that Modi could help us to remove.
Amit Shah explains about UT. At the right time, UT can be replaced by Vidhan Sabha of JK.
About UN history 1 January 1948,35 Reference  20 Jan 1948 UN CIP was set up. 13 August 1948 resolution accepted by both India and Pakistan. The resolution was with 3 parts. No army will cross each other's area. So this resolution has no value. Due to this, parliament has full power. Shimla accord also repeated the same. So parliament is empowered to change all this. Munish explained the history. India sent an army, and the Pak army, or Kabila's, were thrown out. If Army could throw the Kabliyas, why Nehru stopped. So POK was created. Without taking Home Minister (HM) and others confidence, Nehru declared on radio and stopped. Do not talk of International situations. Talk of the national requirement. History will decide about this episode.
370 and 371 what we shall do? 370 is a hurdle, and no good resolution could reach JK. 371 is regarding Gujrat and Maharashtra for development 371 A and 371 B are for the good of all states - that is special, not temporary like 370.  Manish creating confusion regarding 371 to 373. HM clarifies that from 370 and 371 to 373, there is no comparison.
Munish said that the way we adopted it is not correct. This you are raising as many previous Congress governments have already done. Some criticize that why the internet or phone is stopped? For security, it is essential. We shall not remove.
Some are saying that no discussion is being done but not with terrorists. Therefore, some decisions are required, and time and methods are to be changed, and we shall take care of all methods to serve JK. We shall give extra for them.
Right to education
Andhra and Telangana division what Congress has done without asking anything
Sampat Praksh v JK state. Babu Ji, this judgment is in our favor. Para 5 and 6 SC decided that 373 is not deleted and is part of our constitution. AIR 71 -  There is no limit to modification. The legislature can make any drastic change.
I wrote on Facebook on 8 August 2019, although MP of Ladakh explained very well in his speech on 5 August 2019.
Ashok Malik explains the gains of abrogation of article 370. An essay is well written with 3500 words explaining the history and why this action was required. I am reproducing only the benefits of the removal of this article.
"The removal of Article 370 makes laws of the Union of India automatically applicable in Jammu-Kashmir. As a result, facilities provided in the rest of the country to disadvantaged communities and groups – from women to religious minorities to historically underprivileged castes – will become relevant to Jammu-Kashmir. The removal of Article 35A, for instance, will make it possible for a permanent resident to marry an outsider and yet pass on inherited property to their children. So far, this was a right denied to women permanent residents who married non-natives.
There are other examples. Partition-era Punjabi (largely Sikh) refugees from areas now in Pakistan settled in Jammu in 1947. Today this community is over 100,000-strong. Thus far, they have not been granted permanent resident status and have no domicile rights. They voted in parliamentary elections, but not assembly elections. They could not buy property or access higher education quotas. In contrast, Muslim refugees from Xinjiang and Tibet, who arrived in Srinagar in the 1950s, were completely integrated into Kashmiri society after annexing their homelands by communist China." Ashok Malik, one of my friends.