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10 January 2022

Germany and China economic relations developed but China advocated dictatorship system in comparison to democracy. "Wandel durch Handel" (Change through trade)(4:26).

10 December 2021

17 November 2021 
China photos 
Visit the Kulun banner in northern China's Inner Mongolia. It is an ancient town with beautiful scenery, special cuisine, rich history, and nicely preserved culture and traditions.

21 October 2021 
Bhutan and China agree on a border dispute. 
गुरुवार 14 अक्टूबर को चीन और भूटान के विदेश मंत्रियों ने वीडियो कांफ्रेंसिंग के ज़रिए एक बैठक की और दोनों देशो के बीच कई वर्षों से चल रहे सीमा विवादों को सुलझाने के लिए एक थ्री-स्टेप रोडमैप के समझौते पर दस्तख़त किए. ये समझौता डोकलाम ट्राई-जंक्शन पर भारत और चीन की सेनाओं के बीच 73 दिनों तक चले गतिरोध के चार साल बाद हुआ है. डोकलाम में गतिरोध तब शुरू हुआ था जब चीन ने उस इलाक़े में एक ऐसी जगह सड़क बनाने की कोशिश की थी, जिस पर भूटान का दावा था. इस समझौते पर भारत के विदेश मंत्रालय के प्रवक्ता अरिंदम बागची ने कहा, "हमने आज भूटान और चीन के बीच समझौता ज्ञापन (एमओयू) पर हस्ताक्षर किए जाने को नोट किया है. आप जानते हैं कि भूटान और चीन 1984 से सीमा वार्ता कर रहे हैं. भारत भी इसी तरह चीन के साथ सीमा वार्ता कर रहा है."

10 October 2021
10 October 2021
China has again said it will "reunite Taiwan with the mainland," as tensions ramp up further between Beijing and the self-governing island. President Xi Jinping told a Communist Party gathering that such a move would happen peacefully, and that China could never tolerate any form of separatism. Taiwan has responded by saying it is a sovereign nation, and that its people would decide their future. Taipei has been bristling over China's recent military incursions. DW News informs about the policy of China.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Michael Shoebridge says Chinese President Xi Jinping is “a man in a hurry” when it comes to his desire to unify Taiwan with the mainland by force. This comes as almost 150 Chinese aircraft have entered Taiwan’s air defence zone since Friday. “I think we’ve got to take it seriously because Xi does want to unify Taiwan with the mainland while he’s the leader,” he told Sky News host Chris Kenny. “He’s a man in a hurry, and his only way to unify Taiwan now after what he’s done to Hong Kong is to do it by force.

Sky News Australia informs that China has an opportunity to seize Taiwan with Joe Biden as POTUS.

"Beijing knows that with Joe Biden in charge it has an "opportunity" to seize Taiwan, according to Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

"Preventing that from happening will depend on how seriously China takes the jawboning of the USA and their allies," Mr Bernardi said. "And in the event that China did take Taiwan with little recourse, well that would have profound implications for our own security and safety." It comes as Taiwan faces increased aggression from Beijing. Mr Bernardi discussed the issue with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute's Michael Shoebridge".

Leh City Aerial view

Kashmir Jehad

13 May 2020 Zee News

Some scholars of Islam are spreading hatred. Openly it is advocated to arrest persons who talk against Islam. When Zee News reporter talked of Jehad, then Pakistan reacted, and the anchor received threatening calls from Pakistan as per the news.

13 May 2020 

 Major Gaurav Arya informs about Pakistan.

रि.मेजर Gaurav ने खोली Pak की पोल, तो आतंकियों को लगी मिर्ची, पाक में मेजर के खिलाफ प्रदर्शन तेज!

Pakistan is opposing Arya on the roads of Pakistan. Arya talked about "Vacate POK Pakistan." Pakistan feels very bad if we talk about FATA, Nerve center, Balochistan, Pashtunistan, Mujahir are the pinpricks. Pakistan says that Major Gaurav Arya is a RAW agent. Guilty conscience pricks the mind. Pakistani major is assassinated in Pakhtunistan.
Pakistan will be divided into four parts, as Gaurav Arya informs that Pakistani do not study.

Zee news informed about Jihad. Pakistan opposing. 13 May 2020

Sudhir Chaudhry is being threatened.

India stands with Zee News Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary in a fight against ‘Jihad.’ Zee News editor-in-chief Sudhir Chaudhary received threats on WhatsApp from Pakistan on Jihad. The calls came from Pakistan and threatened Sudhir for reporting against Jihad. The WhatsApp timeline was flooded with anti-India messages and videos. जेहाद का सच दिखाने पर बौखलाया पाकिस्तान, ZEE NEWS को मिल रहीं धमकियां, देखें वीडियो बीते कुछ दिनों से ZEE NEWS जनता को जेहाद के अलग-अलग रूपों के बारे में बता रहा है. देश के इतिहास में ऐसा पहली बार हो रहा है जब देश का आम आदमी भी इस मुद्दे पर खुलकर अपनी बात रख रहा है. लेकिन इस बीच पाकिस्तान को ये पंसद नहीं आ रहा है जिसके बाद जेहाद का सच दिखाने की वजह से, ZEE NEWS को पाकिस्तान से धमकियां मिल रहीं.

You can not criticize Islam.

10 May 2020
Naikoo was killed in Kashmir. Video emerges of US State Department designated Global terrorist and Hizbul Mujahideen Chief Syed Salahuddin holding condolence meet for Hizbul terrorist Riyaz Naikoo, killed by Indian forces a few days ago.

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Terrorism in India

Saffron terror
Congress implicated some officials on false cases. Sonia Gandhi masterminded all this. She must own this responsibility as nothing moved without her consent.

Retired DG Police who was working as IG Police in Maharashtra confirms how politics affects terrorism. Sonia congress changed narrative of violence of 2006 and 2008 and wanted to confirm that it is saffron terrorism.

17 November 2021
What is white-collar terrorism? 

Srinagar: Stating that the Army has won the trust of the people of Kashmir, General Officer Commanding 15 Corps, Lt General D P Pandey on Tuesday said that they won’t allow “white-collar terrorism” to prevail in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

“A small group of white-collar terrorists is luring youth towards terrorism,” Lt Gen Pandey told newsmen on the sidelines of a function here. “We won't allow white-collar terrorism to prevail in Jammu and Kashmir anymore,” he said.

“Dr Mudasir operating a fake unauthorized call centre was one such white-collar terrorist,” he said. “People who act behind (earning money, status, great jobs for their own families and children) to recruit and fund terrorism in Kashmir should be questioned by our people,” he said.

Dr. Mudasir was one among four persons killed during an encounter in the Hyderpora area of Srinagar on Monday late night. Police have said that Mudasir was an Over Ground Worker (OGW) of militants.

The senior Army General said that the people of Kashmir have complete confidence in the armed forces. "We need nothing more than to win the hearts of the people here,” he said.

"The people of J&K have understood our aim and they have full confidence in us. We have won the trust of the people of Kashmir," he said.

23 October 2021

23 October 2021

Aurangzeb fans' followers executed violence in Usmana Bad, Maharashtra 19 October 2021, for someone posted on Facebook about Aurangzeb's cruelty.

21 October 2021 

The Print informs about Islamofobia in Kerala. "Bishop Kallarangatt's statement on 'Narcotics Jihad' steers fresh controversy in Kerala. Shekhar Gupta discovers the Kerala politics as Kerala congress joins NDA. What is the history of Christianity and Islam conflict in the state and data tells us, if Islam has anything to do with narcotics in the state? Episode 842 of CutTheClutter." Brought to you by @Kia India

Read about Kashmir also Humanity must find a solution to terrorism. How to prevent and counter terrorism is the main question for the coming generations. Who is financing and breeding terrorism? Is terrorism a national or international coronavirus? Is terrorism politics by other means?
It is well known that terrorism is asymmetric warfare. Terrorism is an objective reality and subjective interpretation. Terrorists defeated two great veto powers Russia, and America. It is a historical fact that Pakistan trained these terrorists who defeated these two great superpowers in Afghanistan one by one.
Now Pakistan's bred terrorism directed against India. History teaches Indians that the army cannot defeat terrorism or asymmetrical warfare. Asymmetrical warfare should be fought with asymmetrical warfare, though humanity may suffer. But, is there any other solution?
Russia, China and Pakistan agreed to give aid to Talibani Afghanistan.
Read also Islamofobia in Kerala by wire editor the Print "Bishop Kallarangatt's statement on 'Narcotics Jihad' steers fresh controversy in Kerala. Shekhar Gupta discovers the Kerala politics as Kerala congress joins NDA. What is the history of Christianity and Islam conflict in the state and data tells us, if Islam has anything to do with narcotics in the state?" Episode 842 of CutTheClutter.
Brought to you by @Kia India

14 October 2021

Terrorists hide in Kashmir after crossing the border from Pakistan and this thing doesn't bother you anymore because you have got used to it. But if a person with AK-47 is living near your house, then you will definitely panic. A similar case has come to light from Delhi.
He came from Bangladesh and was trained in Pakistan. From Bangaladesh he went to Ajmer in Rajasthan. Many terrorists from Pakistan select Ajmer, which is a Muslim majority area.
I am still searching peaceful method to end terrorism. I am not in favour of what the US did in Afghanistan. ISI doublecrossed the CIA in Afghanistan as per Pak news.
It is democracy. Imran Pratap Garhi is talking about Shaeen Bagh and CAA. He did not say about the above terrorist who came illegally from Pakistan and took Indian Passport etc. Imran Pratap Garhi is appreciating Priyanka Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi. It shows that corrupt people are spreading rumors against laws. He is talking about passport and Aadhar Card. Such people can create rhetoric and can be harmful to create riots. But I must agree that he is good poet and young. One should try that he is not radicalized. मैं नहीं मानता  (25:19). One crore notice was sent to him by the Yogi government. That is why he is singing that  मैं नहीं मानता.  He also sang "मेरे मौला मेरे भारत को सलामत रखना //"(46:00).
चाय वाले बाबू को चाय लेके डूबेगी / चाय से बचेंगे तो गाये लेके डूबेगी // He is the next leader in India of Congress party. 
कह रहां हूँ मैं ये नाप कर तोल  कर 
अपने ईमान की आवाज़ पर बोल कर 
खवाब घर वापिसी का जो बुनते हैं वो 
मेरी धड़कन सुने कान को खोल कर 
हम मोहम्मद  के इस्लाम की शान पर 
कल भी कुर्बान थे अब भी कुर्बान हैं  
हम मुसलमान हैं हम मुसलमान हैं  
मेरे भारत तेरी आन हैं शान है 
तेरी सरहदों के निगेहमाँ हैं/
आप बाई  डिफ़ॉल्ट से हिन्दोस्तानी हैं हम बाई चॉइस हिन्दोस्तानी हैं /
हम तो पारस अरब से भी आये नहीं 
तेरे अपने हैं हम तो पराये नहीं 
इस तरह से सितम हम पर ढाये गए /
मुद्दतें हो गयी मुस्कराये नहीं /
मेरे पुरखों की जागीरदारी है 
ये मत समज़ना की हम मेहरबान हैं 
हम मुसलमान हैं हम मुसलमान हैं //
तेरे अपने हैं हम पराये नहीं / हम मुसलमान हैं हम मुसलमान हैं  //
He sopke against terrorism openly and in favour of India. He understands that world is looking at Musalman as terrorists. He advocates that unnecessarily people are accusing Muslim. (3:00) onwards. He is young and feels like Indian and human but being young he is not understanding the politics of terrorism and politics of power. 

30 June 2021
Al-Noor Mosque: new threats taking toll on Muslims - leader | RNZ News  Canterbury's Muslim Association says it's working closely with police after fresh threats of violence were made against the Al Noor Mosque. Christ Church terrorism.

22 July 2020
Afghan girl kills Taliban terrorists BBC

13 July 2020
How did corruption cause violence? Vikas Dubey murdered 7 police personnel. See my Facebook writing verified by Janardan Mishra, MP of Madhya Pradesh India, verifying that corruption was caused by Sarpanch to the Prime Minister.

18 May 2020
Rohingya occupied 5.5 acres of land by force. दिल्ली में 5.2 एकड़ जमीन पर रोहिंग्या का कब्जा...देश की राजधानी में..वाह ! आधार कार्ड/वोटर कार्ड केजरी का शरिया खान बनवाने में लगा है / बिजली पानी फ़्री है ही / बना-बारूद अर्बन Naxal गैंग दे ही देगा/ केस प्रशांत भूषण लड़ ही रहा है / आख़िर ये देश किसका है भाई
Thinking face

3 May 2020

In Srimad Bhagwat Geeta, Krishna says to Arjuna, " Arjuna! get up and fight the war, for if you die, you may get heaven, and if you win, then you shall serve people." @majorgauravarya
"हतो वा प्राप्स्यसि स्वर्गं जित्वा वा भोक्ष्यसे महीम्।
तस्मादुत्तिष्ठ कौन्तेय युद्धाय कृतनिश्चयः।"
According to the report, Pakistan terrorists are infiltrating from Pakistan and are well trained with army weapons. Due to this, there is a causality of the Indian army.

Friday, 1 May 2020

Corona Virus

29 December 2021
Omicron wave in Europe affecting many.

Elsewhere in Europe:

  • Infections in Italy topped 78,000 cases, hitting a new record since the start of the pandemic. It also recorded 202 deaths, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 136,753
  • Portugal also recorded a new total of 17,172 cases on Tuesday, a rise on Monday's total
  • Greece's Health Minister, Thanos Plevris, called for calm after the country reported 21,657 cases
  • Meanwhile health authorities in England reported a record 117,093 cases. Full UK-wide Covid data has been unavailable over the Christmas period

16 April 2021 

Corona in India explained the second wave in India. Cases are more than 200,000, and deaths reported are more than 1000. 

14 April 2021 

Mad Indians criticize the Modi, Mamata, and state governments of India. Photos do not lie. Who is responsible? I am confused. I am enclosing photos of Haridwar, Bengal, Delhi Hospitals from the Youtube AAJ Tak news channel.
Sad but true हर कोई अपनी अपनी रोटी सेक रहा है / कया कोई इतना पागल हो सकता है? मेरा दिमाग काम करना बंद कर चुका है ये सब देख कर / भगवान् ही बचाएगा अब तो /
I request a complete lockdown for fifteen days in all states of India at the earliest. Once people suffer from Corona, then only they understand the importance of prevention. But sometimes, it may be too late to take precautions. Listen to the Lallantop as a reasonable presentation of the news.

30 May 2020 US 

CNN office's windows broken by demonstrators Atlanta in the United States  on 30 May 2020

Protestors in New York on the death of black by US Police. George Floyd's death in the US sparks violence.

27 May 2020
Corona has shown the exact mirror to Indian society. Corrupt practices have created all systems to crumble. Inefficient and people without merits were employed after taking bribes in the government. It resulted in the system crumbling.
"Till BMC is deep cleaned, we cannot hope. For that, every party is equally responsible. Incompetence has engulfed BMC for 30/40 yrs n only criteria to rise is how much money can u make. Every post/ position has a bid. How can u expect governance? No more than 10% corporator worthy."

22 May 2020
22.1 Water is essential to wash hands.

21 May 2020
21.2 Bus politics
Priyanka Gandhi: I will provide 1000 buses for the movement of migrant workers. Yogi Govt: Thank you. Pls, provide the Bus and Driver details. Priyanka: Wait..what..? Politics won’t work such away. You have to oppose and reject my offer.
Face with raised eyebrow
According to
1000 buses waiting at UP border, One bus length: 14 meters, 1000 buses: 14000 meters that means the line is 14 km long, Did anyone see this 14 km line of buses? White lies..third-rated senseless politics by Vadra Gandhi thug & looters

21.1 Corona & Politics

Why migrants are walking home: ‘We know of govt schemes, they won’t help.’

The migrants at Ghazipur are desperate, disillusioned, and convinced they are on their own. ‘You think walking was our first choice? This is our only option,’ they say

Basically, we have been left totally on our own. Neither the state nor the Centre has been of help. At least UP is running buses. Bihar has done nothing. I am telling you, Nitish (Kumar) will pay for this in the upcoming election. The abandoned migrant worker will never forgive him,” says Rai.
“Bhai, I am from UP. Which bus do you see coming to take me?” asks Mandal. “Modiji talks of being aatmanirbhar. What is more self-dependent than walking? But when we try to do that, they seal borders, harass us in 100 ways.”
“That aatmanirbhar package in itself will tell you we are nowhere in the government’s calculations,” says Durgesh. “They are offering loans to small businesses. I don’t need a loan, I need money to stay alive, so I can get employed by a small business. For people like me, there is only the free grains and chana. But do I have no other need than grains? Maveshi hain, ki Khali Chara chahiye? (Does the government think we are cattle who need nothing more than feed)?”
“We build your cities, clean your drains. We even vote in larger numbers than the rich. It is the rich who need us, not the other way round. Left to our own devices, we would have been home by now, taking all health precautions. But while the government has abandoned us, it still refuses to leave us alone,” says Sukruddin.
Moreover, Only asymptomatic passengers would be allowed to travel, and those found symptomatic will get a full refund, railways said.

20 May 2020

the big question, however, is at a time the cases are rising at the highest speed, why has the Delhi government decided to open up economic activities in the city? 

20.1 Corona took 64 days in India from 100 to 100,000 in comparison to the USA, UK, and Spain.

19 May 2020
19.3 See the smile of a child in corona. It is positive news. One can see the food she is taking, and other people in the background are also eating. One can see the luggage also of migrant workers.


19.1 ABP news informs date-wise Coronavirus in India. The first case on 30 Januaryb2020 and so on till 100,000 cases on 19 May 2020/

18 May 2020
18.8 BBC photo on 18 May 2020

18.7 Indian new cases in 24 hours are 5242 and deaths 157. Total cases 96169.

18.6 Pramilla Maheshwari posted on FaceBook.
stay away from presstitutes, the untrustworthy backstabbing Jared, Creech! they will shed tears and make you believe the failure of the Modi government, which has been handling the corona crisis successfully. Poverty and terror are the best tools with common anti-nationals.
this event of migrating labors, which by all mean looks as if the innocent labors were pushed into, to take this 1000, 1500 km long journey, it started first in Delhi and then staged a fake gathering in Mumbai, when Kejariwal with no real intentions announced that transportation is ready to take the workers home, maybe a group staged to walk, and a herd mentality sets in, labors all over the country from different state started on foot.
the real drama of presstitutes starts to come up with emotional, heart-wrenching pictorials with emotional write-ups. I am sure the emotional long stories that I happened to read on FB and heard from TV anchors are also for sale like these pictures from good writers, came across an audio of a poem also, how come this welling up emotions now, never have you noticed the condition of poor of our society? of course, what happened is very painful, but this extreme step taken by migrants is something unbelievable. My throat isn't choking with a lump like others. Rather this event, like a bone, got stuck in my throat. I see such pics and read about the accidents of these people, which are true and real but then, this conspired reality is troubling like a stuck bone in the throat.

Corona has changed the needs of human beings. Some want hair cuts. Some want to reach home by any means. Politicians want to be photographed with migrants to gain popularity during corona lockdown. Journalists show that they are reporting facts and posting their photos with migrants on Twitter.
Fear, hatred, and anxiety cause conflict. Civil society and NGOs must help humanity to vent out these negative emotions before these emotions cause law and order problems.

This is how the hospital staff greeted the Prime Minister of Belgium while visiting a Brussels hospital… #COVID19. It was an insult to the PM of Belgium. Corona is causing frustration and hatred.

Rajasthan and its residents refused to serve them water despite knowing they had a 3-month-old baby with them. What a shame for Rajasthan and for people like us who hail from Rajasthan.

18.2 Migrant labor conspiracy.
Why not one opposition party has used its cadres to help laborers? Why haven't they helped them in arranging transportation or trains-which are being made available by govt? Why is the opposition only instigating them to throw stones at the police?

18.1 Compare the Corona strategies of Sweden with Denmark. In Sweden, with no lockdown: Consumer spending down 25%, 3679 deaths. In Denmark, with lockdown: Consumer spending down 29%, 547 deaths. Nearly seven times as many deaths for to bump spending by 4%. What choice would you make?

17 May 2020
17.3 Migrant workers break police barricades at Uttar Pradesh-Madhya Pradesh border in Chakghat area of Rewa to enter into Uttar Pradesh.

17.2 Akhilesh Yadav tweets

आज एक दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण आँकड़ा आया है कि भारत कोरोना के पीड़ितों के मामले में चीन से भी आगे निकल गया है. जिस प्रकार सड़कों पर अफ़रातफ़री मची है उससे साबित होता है कि ‘समाज में दूरी’ पैदा करनेवाली भाजपा ‘सामाजिक दूरी’ जैसे निवारक उपायों को भी लागू करवाने में पूर्णतः असफल रही है.

DW on 17 May 2020 informs, "Italy eases travel restrictions. India surpasses China. Russia: 9200 cases in 24 hours. (0:27)" India overtakes China with Coronavirus infections(5:31).

Brazil's health minister resigns +++ India surpasses China in COVID-19 cases | Coronavirus update


China is ready to cooperate with the US. Russia has sent wheat to North Korea.


Trucks से Delhi से UP और Bihar लौटते Migrant Workers कितना पैसा देते हैं | Coronavirus | Lockdown  Photo (5:50 of The Lallantop) Lallantop)

Truck drivers are helping these migrants. The truck driver informs that these migrants were walking on the road. Police staff on the road told that take these migrants and leave them up to the area you can take them. The truck driver says that he wants to help these migrants as he is also poor and understands migrants' conditions. The truck driver says that he is not the owner. He does not take money, but if the distance is more and it is not on his route, then he takes fuel expenses. He is also afraid. But he wants to help others and takes only a little amount.

Delhi के Kishangarh में Cycle Puncture बनाने वाले ने बताया Lockdown का परिणाम | Coronavirus

This puncture person informs that how his accident was caused and how he was saved. The accident occurred in November 2019. The government helped him, and now he is again at the job.

16 May 2020

16.12 This is the crowd at Shivaji Nagar Govandi Road No. 2 today at 8 pm.
No lockdown can save us if this appeasement by the state Govt continues at the cost of 1000’s innocent lives. Will

& d entire cabal condemn this. ?

16.11 Conspiracy theories are spreading due to insecurity in the people. It is caused by far-right parties in Germany.

16.10 Coronavirus is more than a lung infection. DW news informs it affects liver, muscles, blood clotting system takes place. Corona causes inflammation causes in blood vessels. The brain is supported by many vessels. Clotting of blood in the brain causes strokes. It causes inflammation of blood vessels. Aerosols carry viruses. Viruses inside these aerosols for approximately 10 to 15 minutes in the air. On cardboard, it remains for up to 24 hours.

16.9 We do not want food from Kejariwal but want to reach home.
आश्चर्य की बात है कि लोग उस दिल्ली से पलायन कर रहे हैं जहाँ केजरीवाल सरकार ने राशन,पानी,बिजली,ट्रान्सपोर्ट सब बिल्कुल मुफ्त कर रखा है और इसी वादे पर इन्ही लोगों ने #AAP को चुना भी था!लेकिन फिर ये भूखे पेट पैदल चलते हुए दिल्ली से निकल क्यों गए हैं

16.8 BBC news: Corona affecting Pakistan the most. The cover story informs. 3722 new cases/day now reported in India. One nation and one ration card shall be implemented in India. Free food grain supply to migrants without ration cards may be supplied.
Pakistan is the most affected. There were no beds available in the hospital. No one helped. There are no restrictions or lockdown. Around 20000 beds are arranged. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to accept many patients (3:00 to 7:00)

16.7 BBC news: Sex workers are most affected. No one is taking care of sex workers. Sex workers are illegal. Street sex workers are standing on the roads, and even if there is no client but they are coming out. Sex workers are not getting any money from the government. On one side, there is fear of corona. On the other side, there is hunger. No government, Britain, Italy, and India, is helping.

16.6 Lockdown in India with new colors. Lockdown 4, as coined by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the nation on Tuesday, "will be of a completely new color."

16.7 Mobiles can be carriers of Coronavirus as per India today.

16.5 First corona case in Bangladesh Rohingya migration camps. The world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh, which houses nearly a million Rohingya people, reports its first case of COVID-19. DW news informs Cox Bazar Bangla Desh.

16.4 Asaduddin Owaisi reports various pictures during the coronavirus of migrant workers.

16.3 A worker says,"we have come from Tandur & we are walking towards our homes in UP&Bihar. It's been 2 months since we haven't received any help from govt."

16.2 Over 12,000 care home residents in England and Wales have died with coronavirus
131 social care staff have died from coronavirus to date 16.1 The ONS estimate that care staff are twice as likely to die as healthcare workers

15 May 2020

Herd immunity is the only solution as many states are loosening the social distancing as in Sweden.

15.1 Hatred by religion due to Coronavirus
"Religious freedom is not a license to spread the coronavirus, and this is not the first time it has been exploited to pursue a conservative agenda," Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons writes for

15.2           15 May 2020 
What to do with the people who behave like this

15.3             15 May 2020
Coronavirus trucks demand more

15.4 15 May 2020 
Reuters informs that the lowest-earning people are the most affected around the world.

15.5 Dharavi - Mumbai - See, coronavirus distancing is not kept, and now these people want to change their places.

15.5 Wisconsin in the US behaves same

15.6 Migrant workers are most affected. I shall go to West Bengal (2:20 onwards) from Maharashtra. Mamta helped Bengalis from Ajmer Sheriff ( Muslim) but did not help others. No one tried to help us.(3:53). There is danger, but still, it is better to walk on foot to rach Bangal from Maharashtra. (4:00). No government is helping. We do not want food or a job here, but we want to reach home in Bengal. We shall sleep on the road but shall go home.

15.7  New Zealand opens on 15 May Report. Police had powers to search homes if lockdown conditions are not followed as per the report (1:00). If people are breaking the rules, police can enter these homes if social distancing is not kept. Just like in India, no one attacked the police.

Coronavirus: New Zealand lockdown eased as businesses reopen - BBC News

BBC News informs about conditions of migrants. Police request that Bus for migrants is arranged. The government has arranged areas for their stay. The temperature is high. The bus shall take them to the UP border. Migrants are reluctant to go to the containment areas. The government is providing free traveling. Many are reluctant to be in the constraint area and medical check-ups. Police are helping in many places, but some migrants do not obey the order, and then the police had to use force. These people can not give fines, and as the number is more government can not put them in Jail. 

14 May 2020 
Turkey eases out (3:38) and records death toll in Brazil as per DW news dated 14 May 2020

14.1  14May 2020 
Migrant workers leaving their workplaces and going to their homes in villages in India.

Canada reports about long-term care facilities and seniors.

David Akin has all the details as the federal government announces details to provide some financial relief to seniors. Meanwhile, Mike Armstrong reports on the vulnerabilities discovered at long-term care homes, which have been decimated by outbreaks during the COVID-19 pandemic.
South of the border, as most U.S. states get set to loosen COVID-19 restrictions, Dr. Anthony Fauci cautioned Tuesday against reopening too soon and the potential dangers ahead, Jackson Proskow reports.
Investigators are still trying to piece together how the Nova Scotia shooter was able to plan the deadly rampage without getting caught. As Ross Lord reports, new photos of the killer’s home may provide some clues.

As the provinces and territories take the first steps toward reopening the economy, one of the things they’re looking at is the reproduction rate of COVID-19, which predicts how quickly infections can spread. Eric Sorensen reports.
A Chinese-Canadian woman who is a vocal opponent of the Chinese Communist Party says she and her family are paying the price. Robin Gill has her story.

"Largest spike in Groceries in nearly 50 years" reported by NBC News Broadcasting on 13 May 2020 (11:10)

13 May 2020

How contagious? Conspiracies, lies & the coronavirus ‘infodemic’ | DW debate special
Due to Coronavirus, many conspiracies theories are spreading. Fake news is spreading.

13 May 2020
Trains via Lockdown.

कोरोना संकट के बीच कितनी सहूलियत वाली है Special Train? यात्रियों की क्या है शिकायत? Ground Report. ABP reporter took the train to inform facts. From Mumbai Central to Delhi.

See the report at (1:38). It is an air-conditioned train. and proper distancing is kept.

13 May 2020
Morning Headlines Live: देश में कोरोना मरीज़ों का आँकड़ा 74 हज़ार के पार, अबतक 2415 की मौत
Money may be provided to automobiles, and a package is announced. FICCI wanted 10 lacs crore, the government dedicated 20 lacs crore. The press conference shall be at 4pm. 8 special trains are running. People do not know how to reach the station and after reaching their destination, how can we reach our home during the lockdown. It shows that policies are not taking care of ground realities. 81 % approved lockdown as per report (8:06).

Nirmala Sitharaman informs details about money to be sanctioned. 13 May 2020

13 May 2020 
कोरोना से लड़ने में देश की पूरी GDP का 10 फीसदी हिस्सा I आपदा में अवसर I Special Report
20 lacs crore amount is dedicated to this virus rectification. It is 10% of GDP. It is for laborers and entrepreneurs. Thela laganewale, Patri per saman bechne wale, home maids, daily wagers many have suffered due to corona. Details are still not clear. We have to accept the fact, and he hinted that lockdown may further continue. Laborers are walking on roads shown (18:02). PM talked 5th time during Corona. Some chief ministers want to extend lockdown, and some do not want to extend. Gujarat, A.P. does not want to extend lockdown. CM of Delhi asked people to inform what they want.   Aaj Tak informs dated 13 May 2020.

13 May 2020 
Condition of health care staff during Corona pandemic - some examples are informed by The Lallantop. Examples of health care staff - nurses informed. Some are not given proper facilities in Delhi and Mumbai. Politicians are not taking care of these healthcare staff as per the report. After reporting to the media, the administration could arrange facilities for the nurses. 
After this information, Saurabh Dwivedi informs about Modi's speech. Modi told that we have to take care or balance between growth, deaths, and economic growth. Modi emphasizes the importance of a 2-meter distance and other precautions. 

देश के Corona Warriors Nursing Staff की हालतः बुखार में ड्यूटी, बेसमेंट में Quarantine, सुनवाई नहीं

12 May 2020

Trains started from Delhi. Trains and stations are sanitized. Food and blanket each traveler must bring. Railway shall not give them any food.

11 May 2020
Lockdown की वजह से देश के अलग -अलग हिस्सों में फंसे मजदूरों के लिए सरकार की तरफ से है कोई व्यवस्था? देखिये | Mudda Garam Hai देश -दुनिया की ताज़ातरीन ख़बरें देखिये सिर्फ News18 India पर . People took auto from Bhopal for their villages. (0:49)

2 May 2020
Coronavirus is mutating.
This is the first time people are trusting executives, health care executives, and police departments. The way coronavirus episode is handled by the Modi government is an example of Indian conditions. This confirms that all are important functionaries in society. Farmers, Army, Navy, Airforce, IAS, IPS, IRS, Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Lawyers, Business community, and staff and clerks including industrial workers. Micro and Macroeconomists, academicians, research scholars, innovators all play an important part.
We all are thankful to each and every member of society. Destiny bestows leaders like M.K. Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, and now Narender Bhai Modi. India is incredible. India believes in Vasudhaive Katumbkam.

2 May 2020

My photos on web site of Jaipal Singh Datta about Himachal Pradesh and Colombia on FaceBook.

1 May 2020
Why are there fewer deaths due to Coronavirus in India? Is it due to hot weather? Is it due to the young population of India? Is it due to poor recording by government hospitals? Is it due to faulty recording of death reasons? Is it due to the wrong diagnosis of the disease? Why are there are fewer deaths in India? BBC informs.

1 May 2020
No Place to keep dead bodies, as reported by New York. “There’s no way we can bury or cremate them fast enough.” Bodies are being stored in trailers and trucks as virus deaths overwhelm the New York times. City.

Several states have opposed the Centre’s plan to send lakhs of stranded migrant workers back to their rural homes by bus, saying it was not practical and demanded that special trains should be run for the purpose.

1 May 2020
Hatred around the world due to Coronavirus

Is hatred brewing in India? Is it due to Hindus or Muslims, or Christians? Is it due to Congress and BJP, or both political parties? Is it due to western powers? What is the religion of western countries and Arab countries, or Asian countries? Many news channels in India are creating hatred. Many TV channels are not allowed to spread hatred in western countries. India must learn from others and join others to criticize others as others are doing. It may lead to cultural war around the world.