Friday, 11 December 2020

Christchurch attack 2019

11 December 2020 

1. NZ Herald report after Royal Commission report published by Alia Danzeisen 8 December 2020 / 04:00 PM.

2. Chris Wilson informs 

"Hi, all,
Hi from Canberra. I thought it would be good to assess the RC report from a perspective based on our study of extremism, terrorism, and white nationalism.
Some of the things we could consider:
Are the gaps identified by the RC important?
Are there other important causes or dynamics that we know from the study of extremism and white nationalism (and we know about Tarrant already) which seem to have been missed by the RC?
Are the recommendations likely to reduce the likelihood of future attacks?
What does the experience of other countries tell us about what is being recommended (or isn't recommended)?
It would be good to download the various sections of the report and post them here. And also links to the best media articles etc., on Tarrant and the attacks or on responses of authorities overseas to terrorist attacks.

Indian High Commission in New Zealand informs