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28 January 2022
How do media incite people for genocide?  (3) Chris Wilson (@Chris___Wilson) / Twitter
There seems to be mounting evidence of active incitement by the UK and other governments of genocide against the left in Indonesia (rather than just support for military-led killings as previously known): January 24, 2022.

Why do states destabilize unfriendly states? If there is a war between Russia and NATO + US due to democracy or any other reason in Ukraine and Europe, then the question arises why should Europeans (Russian, Germans, French, Polish, Ukrainians, Armenians etc only suffer? Are violent conflicts more in unipolar world? How can children achieve and maintain peace to live in happines? Humanity must resist war by all means. But what should be done, if war is imposed? Should humanity accept it as destiny? Then the question arises, what is the use of education? People react when people suffer. Many people do not react with the others suffering. This is the sad image of the society.
"Shocking new details have emerged of Britain’s role in one of the most brutal massacres of the postwar 20th century.
Last year the Observer revealed how British officials secretly deployed black propaganda in the 1960s to incite prominent Indonesians to “cut out” the “communist cancer”.
It is estimated that at least 500,000 people linked to the Indonesia communist party (PKI) were eliminated between 1965 and 1966.
Documents newly released in the National Archives show how propaganda specialists from the Foreign Office sent hundreds of inflammatory pamphlets to leading anti-communists in Indonesia, inciting them to kill the foreign minister Dr Subandrio and claiming that ethnic Chinese Indonesians deserved the violence meted out to them".
1 September 2021
How are some media behave illogically? The media should not take sides. It should be independent. 
Read the words used by Wire in India.

                           Before and after the Muslim invasion, Where? 

18 August 2021

1 July 2021.

Historical Memory - New York Article 

Historical memory causes conflicts. Should historical memory be erased to achieve permanent peace? In other words, should victims forgive people and groups for the atrocities committed? "The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; wise forgive but do not forget," Szasz said. I add: "to be wiser, alter historical memories." Media, political leaders, elites, and scholars must guide the next generations in breaking the chain of conflict. Media of west, east, north, and south should safeguard humanity.
Should scholars write the war on history is a war on democracy? Political protests are good to win the elections and bring unity of religion, caste, and color, but they are bad when they destabilize unfriendly nations. This causes destruction, migration, and poverty.

13 June 2021

If you want to destabilize an unfriendly country, use the internet. Shaheen Bagh and Farmers protests are in line with destabilization tactics used in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Libya, and Syria. The result is known to all intelligent people and young in particular. Those protests lead to massacres, destruction, and migration, including rapes of women and children. Humanity must learn lessons from history. All destruction was done in the name of human rights.

20 May 2021

I wrote on FaceBook about media

16 February 2021

How can tool kit spread rumors and disrupt the peace by fake news and misinformation? Read the details dated 16 February 2021 Dated 15 February 2021 dated 15 February 2021

4 February 2021

BBC informs about social media. Internet is closed. Educated supporters talk about the importance of the internet. Internet and social media are important. Twitter handle of #kisaanandolan, #caravan magazine, etc., spreads international (1:25 onwards). 

Media - Rihanna The Lallantop - multiplying effect of celebrations maybe social media influence.

4 February 2021 

Chris Wilson writes about US "Oath Keepers and other anti-government groups "have veered into far-right extremism in a deluge of disinformation, much of it online, and appeals to xenophobia about Muslims and immigrants that Trump tapped into regularly." via @nbcnews

The founder of a far-right militia once warned of federal tyranny by Josh Lederman on February 3, 2021, in NBC News and explains Trump's mind. 

"I sometimes get angry emails from frustrated people asking, 'When is the military going to march on D.C. and clean out that den of vipers?'" Rhodes said. He said he responded by asking them whom the Constitution designates to suppress insurrections and repel invasions, and he added: "It is not the standing army. It is the militia. And who is the militia? We, the people."

4 February 2021

Extremist actors use media to spread hatred and violence. According to Chris Wilson, it is quite useful.

1. These are 1.1 harassment of users  1.2 development of specialized vocabulary and memes to spread hate and build camaraderie  1.3 Developing and sharing techniques for ban evasion 1.4 Developing and sharing technologies for creative branding 1.5 Early adoptions of niche programs 1.6 Development of techniques for hiding and hoarding artifacts 

3 December 2021 - How can fake news create conflict?

Lutiyan media and Sardesai gang wanted to spread unrest and violence (2:43 to 2:58) Report by Capital TV.

Babbar Khalsa दूसरों को धमकी देते हैं not to demonstrate for India.

Fake News about Russia and Putin

Navalny reveals an investigation about Putin. It spread as fake news, and people came on the road against Russia. Navalny was poisoned by the secret police of Russia in Berlin. Navalny has been used as a tool by western powers. It is a hot topic in social media (3:43).

Russia protests 2021 explained by Prashant Dhawan of India. 3:21 Economy of  Russia.

NDTV Report on US riots of Capitol

Ravish compared Indian riots with US riots. All are politically motivated. He, being anti-Modi, twisting the facts in other ways.

30 September 2020

Earlier I had doubts, and now I am sure that media is an essential tool to sway the people's mood used by a politician. "Pakistan ho ya India donon deshon me ek jaisa mahaul kyon" 27 Sept. 2020 youtube BBC (3:45)

Free Speech by 

By Jihoon Sung

On May 3, 2020, the world marked World Press Freedom Day, paying tribute to journalists of the world who contribute their time and effort to inform the public. The European Unionthe United Nations, and the United States put out official statements in celebrating the day. Still, this particular year, these statements had a unique common theme: accuracy in the time of coronavirus pandemic. This article will explore the climate of freedom of speech in the midst of a deadly pandemic, alongside the ‘fake news’ phenomenon known to promote misinformation into people’s media diets. It will discuss the nature of fake news, sustaining freedom of speech that coexists with fake news, and potential misinformation management proposed by scholars.

The ‘fake news’ phenomenon had been ongoing even before Trump popularized the term during the 2016 United States Presidential Election whenever he was faced with unfavorable media coverage. According to Alcock, the current fake news phenomenon resembles early forms of propaganda, perhaps in one way, similar to tactics used by the Nazi regime during the Second World War, which involved “making false news seem genuine and making genuine news seem false.”[1] With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing, fake news became more vibrant, and social media companies have come under pressure to restrict such information from their platforms.

There is a division between scholars on how false information ended up on people’s media diet. Zaller argued that freedom of speech involves creating a climate where people do not fear speaking. But certain figures abuse this climate to gain fame and profit by spreading false information.[2] Borchers claims that false news emerges with a lack of news literacy education, keeps people, and Trump, in their information bubble, which often has false information floating around.[3] Both claims have plausibility and flaws and highlight how vulnerable people currently are to fake news.

During a pandemic, misinformation and fake news can be a matter of life and death for some people. With news such as coronavirus was caused by the 5G networktaking hydroxychloroquine as a miracle cure, or believing coronavirus is a political hoax that will magically go away by the end of the year, questions arise around the amount of liberty that one should have in a speech that has a potentially negative effect on vulnerable people. Mudde sees the dilemma of managing freedom of speech in a pandemic. He explains the urgent need to restrict false information in media to protect frontline workers from becoming silenced while preventing a fall into the trap of giving political leaders “dictatorial powers” of taking away too much freedom of speech, such as in Hungary.[4] Mudde did not explain how to achieve such balance, but he emphasized that people must fight against leaders using authoritarian measures in response to the pandemic.

The current state of the fake news phenomenon highlights the ongoing debate of how to balance freedom of speech and censorship more than before. Governments and media outlets are experimenting with how to responsibly minimize the dire influence of false information. Alcock proposes tackling fake news similarly to the way allies tackled Nazi propaganda during the Second World War: forewarning, counterpropaganda, ‘focus on truth,’ and critical thinking. Forewarning is about detecting the misinformation before it spreads; counterpropaganda is about attacking false claims directly; ‘focus on truth’ consistently provides accurate information to gain trust amongst the population, and critical thinking is “encouraging the critical analysis of information.”[5] Borchers proposes more news literacy in the education system, following PEN America’s recommendation, with a competent warning system that would prevent fraudulent news purveyors from profiting.[6]

Despite all the debates and discussions, the pandemic ravages humanity, and the fake news phenomenon continues to deceive some people. The challenge of sustaining freedom of speech and containing fake news continues, and time will tell whether we have succeeded in finding this balance. Scholars have shown different approaches to tackling the fake news phenomenon. Now, in the midst of a pandemic where people’s lives are at stake, the solution for this freedom of speech and fake news containment dilemma has become more urgent.


[1] Alcock, James, “Free Speech and Propaganda,” Humanist Perspectives, Issue 207 Winter 2018-19 p.35

[2] Zaller, Robert, “Free speech propaganda and the right to be heard,” University Wire, pp.2-3

[3] Borchers, Callum, “How to squash fake news without trampling free speech,” Washington Post, 12th October 2017

[4] Mudde, Cas, “Don’t let free speech be a casualty of coronavirus. We need it more than ever.”, The Guardian, Published 6th April 2020, Retrieved on 21st May 2020, from

[5] Alcock, p.36-7

[6] Borchers.

09 June 2020

The media must understand and should not create hatred. Close to 140 instances of violence against journalists covering US protests have been recorded over the past few days. Many believe that press freedom may be under threat.

'Where the Western Science Ends, Vedantic & Indian Philosophy BEGINS.'

16 May 2020

Does media spread hatred? How can media generate love instead of hatred?
Whether the son of a headmaster, a math teacher or an ordinary graduate, terrorist ideology infects the ‘educated’ more equally than the rest. Especially in J&K

14 May 2020

The media can report but can not help people.
14 May 2020

14 May 2020

Muslim anchors of media perform a tough job.
"They have to act according to the definition of the situation, which is shaped by the policy of the news channel and also by the dominant narrative. They may be acting because India’s audience, which has been attuned and habituated to communal content, wants them to act this way."
For these anchors, the TV studio is a stage and as spoken by Jaques in As you Like ItAll the world’s a stage/ And all the men and women merely players/ They have their exits and their entrances; /And one man in his time plays many parts. Muslim anchors in Hindi news channels live this Shakespearean dichotomy every day.
3 March 2017 
Politicians spoke about terrorism and future of India.
29 March 2012

Media and Psychology are connected together.

6 March 2020
Media, Psychology & Culture - emotions, groups, identity & culture shown in this video.
Riots in India - Experiment to put women in front of riots mater minds.   Special Report: दिल्ली दंगे में बुर्के वाली गैंग की दंगाई, वीडियो की सच्चाई  

11 February 2020
The results of media could not affect political results. The Lallantop summarises AAP victory 11 February 2020. BBC informs about Delhi elections.

5 February 2020
Agenda Setting in politics.
Goli Maar in Shaheen Bagh.
Gunja Kapoor by the Lallantop - followed by Modi also.
Elections - Indian Style - influence of media - last day for convening in India.
Priyanka Gandhi spoke about the success of Congress during the Congress period. Both BJP and AAP have spent money on newspaper advertisements. She criticized Note Bandi and GST. Due to both actions, Indians suffered.
Emotions about majority is discussed.?
Court lawyers are discussing Arvind Kejariwal.
Sex workers (SW) of GB road want a solution to their problem. At 45 years, SW should be given retirement. Old SW must be taken care of. Police should not arrest  SW.

31 January 2020

How can media affect emotion? The Lallantop explains dated 31 January 2020.  It is very informative. It explains about reduction of crimes of politicians (23:41).

Yogi on CAA and NRC on News Nation of Deepak Chaurasia explains CAA and is not against the constitution. Mahatma Gandhi announced in 1947 that minorities are always welcome to India as and when. Chaurasia asks that Muslims in India feel insecure and think that they may be told to leave India. Yogi says that nowhere is it mentioned. Shaheen Bagh is polluted to break India. It is not a justified movement. Sharjil is knowingly freed by the government. According to Yogi, it is not the movement Shaheen Bagh is creating a law and order problem. Modi has given all facilities to everyone.

NDTV informs that CAA and NRC are creating problems. CAA to be withdrawn, and there is no need for NRC or NPR. Christians think that it will affect all over India. Many people are living on the streets. They do not have any papers. So it will not be useful to any person. It is a Hindu Agenda of the BJP. We are opposing it. In NRC, religion shall also be mentioned. No one should divide based on religion. What about Sri Lanka refugees? CAA does not consider Sri Lanka, with whom we have a close relationship. The European parliament has condemned CAA and NRC.

30 January 2020
India TV news dated 30 January 2020 Law Minister (LM) explains details about NRC and CAA. Can anyone go to the USA, Germany, and other democratic countries without any visa? No. Then why should one object to NPR and NRC? NPR (National Population Register) informs about any person residing in India. NRC (National Register of Citizens) is a register of citizens. Citizens mean all citizens of India. LM explains the different articles of the constitution. LM asks why do all in the world are criticizing India's CAA and NRC?

18 December 2019
BBC report on NRC and CAA. Many Bangla Deshi is returning back to Bangla Desh Dated 19 December 2019. It is informing that many Bangladeshi are returning back to Bangla Desh. Bengali people are in trouble. So we are returning. 1/3 rd people are Muslims.

19 January 2017

Obama talks about the importance of the press from 1:40 to 4:30 only. 
A free press is important to democracy. Press informs what is going on in the house of power. It should be on the facts. It talks about democracy. Endless money goes into politics (48:00). He talked about racial issues, the importance of institutions.    

31 July 2018   
How did the media manipulates opinion including India Today (30:17).
Current state of anchors (31:10) regarding interviews with Prime Minister. Second is regarding how the anchors on TV behave? He forgot mistake committed by him including Barkha Dutt. third Editorializing the information. Fourth Hashtags like# proudtobeindian and 

Media lessons told by Karan Thapar (28:56 onwards) 

19 March 2013
Narendra Modi's interview before he won elections of 2014 as a Chief Minster. He also specifies how can the corrupt practices be rooted out. Inflation महंगाई , corruption, good governance are three main key issues in politics (7:17). State must be policy driven in the public. Transfer is the other problem. No one came to me for transfer. Stability of tenure of employee is more important. It brings accountability. Technology can minimize corruption. Start from the top to curtail corruption. Party needs money. दान माँगना बुरा नहीं है हमारी स्नस्कृति में (10:31). But asking that you increase rate and 10% for the party is wrong. He talked about गरीबी रेखा (11:57). Speech worth listening. Press Conference by Narendra Modi at India Conclave 2013 informs his achievement as Chief Minister. I liked his philosophy of hard, dedicated, sincere devotion to the people. Do not think or dream for a status, work hard to perform well (30:34). General V.P. Singh informs about purchasing of weapons 70% and 30% from Indian manufacturers. Modi replied that he dreams of making India independent from imports. India is a federal structure. It is very important to maintain federal structure.
(5) Facebook consultation with the states is very important. Retail Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) may harm indigenous SMEs. He confirmed that protection should be for every one not to one group or the other group (37:40) regarding secularism. कुछ करने के लिए coalition प्रॉब्लम नहीं है (42:00). On government owned industries (PSUs) are meant for closing only (43:00). Modi developed a new formula by improving governance. Government has no business to do business. Need is for the unity (50:00).

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Is Kashmir Bosnia of India or Pakistan?

“Is Kashmir Bosnia of India or Pakistan?” 
Change is the law of nature. New history is being written every day. Ultra-rights are raising their heads around the World. Subcontinents and religions are no exception. Yugoslavia disintegrated. India and
Pakistan is reaching a trigger point of a mass movement to disintegration. After Iraq, Syria, Libya,
Afghanistan, East European countries, Indonesia, the Indian subcontinent are ready for a demographic,
geographic, and political change. Can democracy save India’s disintegration due to cultural conflict?
Kashmir may be the Bosnia of Pakistan but not of India, the largest democracy in the World. Time
May prove my thesis.
India is a democratic country. Pakistan is stumbling towards becoming a democratic country. Pakistan is supporting terrorists’ activities to destabilize Afghanistan, Iran, India, and Kashmir. Imran Khan,
The Prime Minister of Pakistan called all Muslims to unite and support the Kashmir liberation struggle,
like the Bosnian Muslims asked for NATO’s help to safeguard Muslims during the internal conflict in
Yugoslavia. So the question arises Is Kashmir the Bosnia of India or Pakistan? Will Kashmir choose
Democracy or terrorism?
Many parallels can be drawn between Yugoslavia and India, Pakistan, and Kashmir.  Kashmir is a
Muslim majority like Bosnia and occupied by India and Pakistan. India is a secular democracy.
Pakistan’s democracy is controlled by the military. 
Yugoslavia was not democratic and remained a dictatorship of the proletariat. After Tito’s death in
1980, the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, many nation-states of Yugoslavia wanted to join the European
Union. Yugoslavia collapsed due to many causes such as economic issues, ancient ethnic hatred,
nationalism, cultural issues, international politics, the role of personality, the fall of empires. Perceptions and actors play an important part in history. Was it due to Serbian national myths around aggression?
And genocide? Was it due to the Islamic culture of Bosnia? Of course, but, again, it is an academic discussion.
India and Pakistan fought wars to occupy Kashmir in 1947-48, 1965, 1971, and 1999. The
demarcation of the line of January 1949 changed to the Line of Control in 1972 with minor variations on
The earlier boundary after the Simla agreement. Pakistan disagrees with signed documents. India is
A federal state with 29 nation-states and 7 Union Territories controlled by the center.
Till 5 August 2019, Jammu and Kashmir (Indian Administered Kashmir) was an independent federal
The state of India has its own constitution, the rule of law, and government. India controlled défense,
communication, and foreign relations. Hizbul Muzahideen, (HUM), Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), and
Harkatul Mujahideen (HM) took part in a terror attack on the Indian Parliament (2001) and Bombay.
Taj Mahal Hotel (2008). Hindus were compelled to migrate from Kashmir. Many Hindus were killed,
property occupied, women, raped by terrorists, who supported some Mosques and were far-right
Radicals of Islam. Pakistan always denied its support of these terrorists. 
On 5 August 2019, India abrogated Article 370 and annexed Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh as
Union Territory of India. Pakistan is now openly calling all Muslims to help Kashmiris liberate
and support Jihadis against India (Video enclosed). Hindus and Buddhists are supporting
the abrogation of article 370, but Kashmiri Muslims are not supporting this. Constitution experts of India are divided on this legality. The Soura area of the Kashmir valley is revolting against a curfew imposed by India. Imran Khan requested all Muslims to come out and stand at nominated places around the
World on each Friday between 12 and 12:30 hrs. Imran Khan told all Muslims that Bosnian Muslims.
They were helped by NATO. Some foreign forces shall help to divide India into small national states. Is
Pakistan preparing for nuclear war?
India is already divided on nation states' ideology which divides a population-based on language and ethnicity. Far-Right Radicals are sowing seeds for this division around the world. Many Muslims are living in states where religion is not Islam, like Canada, United States, China, Britain, India,
Myanmar. Will this be a Huntington war around the world? Will Kashmir and Imran Khan ignite the
Issue? The trigger may be the Kashmir conflict by Imran. History is writing new chapters. Universal Declaration of Human Rights and interference by Veto Powers may change the direction of war between India and Pakistan on Kashmir. But Modi hai to Mumkin Hai. 
Religious groups:  (BBC news) Muslims account for 95% in the Kashmir valley and are against a
Hindu majority parliament of India. Does change in the demography (particularly Muslim) reshape
The geography and culture of the state? Are we moving towards Huntington’s war around the world?
Against Muslims? 
Many questions still remain unanswered. Social unregulated media (Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp) is
Also, spreading fake news in India and Pakistan to divide society and create unrest in Bosnia. 

History may prove that democracy can survive conflicts better than dictatorships. This means Kashmir
shall be the Bosnia of Pakistan and not of India; though Muslims of the world supporting Pakistan may
Try their best to dismemberment India.
Face book on 22 February 2020 - I wrote again
Kashmir on the political solution after the abrogation of article 370. and
Raw Chief Daulat says about Kashmir
The Lallantop informs about this visit in detail.