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26 February 2022

Map explains Ukraine's position each day. Today is the third day.

I do not believe in war, but war is politics by other means. Politics is the game of dominance.
Indian Zee news criticized western powers - the United States and NATO in this news report. But I do not agree with this report of Zee News.
US and NATO were and are very clear since the beginning that US and NATO shall take swift, severe, and immediate action and sanctions on Russia shall be imposed, and shall help Ukraine with money, weapons and train them to handle war machinery. It was necessary to avoid a world war. AAJ Tak confirms that NATO shall not take part in war between Ukraine and Russia.
Australian News Live on 26 February 2022.
Commentators may say that west has left Ukraine alone after promising them all help. West is doing what it has promised to Ukraine. Russia is doing what Putin said openly that if Ukraine does not deny joining NATO then Ukraine causes danger to the Russian security. Russia had to react before Ukraine accept NATO membership or NATO accept membership of Ukraine.
I advocated that Ukraine and NATO must accept Ukraine being part of Russia to avoid war. But perhaps people learn after experiencing harshness and casualties of war.
My thanks to NATO and Biden for their wisdom, for their decision not to add fuel to the fire that saved humanity. Although war is not over, indications are that the Ukrainian President shall surrender soon to save other Ukrainians from miseries.

25 February 2022
Ukraine claims Russia captures its Kyiv airfield.
Listen to remarks of Helen Clark - Ex-Prime Minister of New Zealand.
There are two options for this war. 1. Limited war and 2. Full-blown war. In other words World War III.
Russia may try only limited war. Putin demanded that Ukraine should not join NATO, for U.S.S.R disintegration humiliated Russians' ego in 1989/1990. In addition, the Unipolar world saw some blunders are committed by overconfident Unipolar.
For 30 years Putin prepared for this war and his last speeches before the invasion of Ukraine were quite clear that Putin is ready to go to any extreme for Russia's cause. He said, "We may meet in heaven".
Putin met Xi Jinping and Narender Modi before taking any drastic action. Europeans do not want war on their soil. For this reason, Germany, and France did their best to avoid confrontation. German's naval head of the army had to resign for letting his opinion known to Indian counterparts.
Whatever may be the emerging circumstances, humanity must avoid a full-scale war. Let China take Taiwan and Russia, India and China join together to redraw the New World Order for the peace and stability of humanity along with the west under United Nations rules and regulations. It is difficult but it is not impossible.

Facebook 25 February 2022.

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark joined #Newshub Late to discuss Russia's invasion of Ukraine. ➡️

For the west, containing Russia's aggression and keeping the western alliances (EU and Nato) united and intact are the obvious key short-term objectives. With a longer-term focus, the restoration of a viable European (and international) security order needs to be achieved – this will involve managing the west's broader security relationship with Russia.

By contrast, Putin – and this is where the challenge for diplomacy arises – will want to see an acceptance of the new status quo that he hopes will emerge. This would allow him the consolidation of his own Eurasian sphere of influence that keeps both the west and China at bay and establishes Russia as a third pole in a new tri-polar world order.

Will diplomacy achieve the miracle of working out an acceptable and sustainable compromise? Any answer to this question can only be speculative at this point. But what we do know – to some extent – is that much will depend on individual leaders. The "big three" – America's Joe Biden, Xi Jinping of China, and Putin himself – will be the key to what comes next in diplomatic terms. But second-tier leaders, such as those at the helm of the EU, Germany, France, and the UK, will be critical to this dialogue as well.

It will also depend on the costs inflicted on Russia in response to its transgressions and whether these in turn create domestic pressures at home for Putin.

And diplomatically, it will depend on the effectiveness of the formats in which diplomacy will be conducted: both specific to the current crisis and more generally in relation to the future international order. 
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23 February 2022
Tensions gripped over Russia's actions in Ukraine. One after the other, many countries are announcing restrictions on Russia. After the US and the European Union, Japan and Australia have announced restrictions. The US warned Russia that if there is an attack, Russia will get a befitting reply. At the same time, Ukraine has said that tensions have increased due to Russian action.

3.3 Russian President Vladimir Putin: There is only one answer: it's not about our political regime, it's not about something else, they just don't need such a big independent country like Russia.

3.2 Russian President Vladimir Putin: Are the Ukrainian people aware that this is how their country is managed? Do they realise that their country has turned not even into a political or economic protectorate but has been reduced to a colony with a puppet regime?

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss says Britain and its allies are expecting a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and if that happens the UK will step up its response. These sanctions will inflict pain on Putin. We are more united. We have the toughest sanctions. It is a very serious package. It targets Oligarchs and Banks.
Ukraine Crisis: Foreign Secretary says sanctions will 'inflict pain' on Putin - YouTube 23 February 2022 Sky News. We are working very closely with allies. We are not divided.

I agree with G.D.Bakshi's strategical position Russia may take. 
In World, War Russia took the pain of billion people. After 1990 Russia is pushed to that level that Russia is compelled to act. Germany and France may not take part in NATO.
Ukraine and Russia conflict explained by AAJ Tak. Analysis by defense analyst, ex-diplomat, and Defense specialist of India on AAJ TAK news. Limited war options and full-scale war are two options now. Sanctions are essential but not beyond. John Mearsheimer also expressed his opinion on this issue. One hundred trucks are moving towards Ukraine. Many Indians are boarding planes and reaching India.
Kharkiv may be the next target. Russia is sending troops to Lugansk Donetsk. Donbas may be the area where the Ukraine army kept busy but Russia may attack from many sides as a blitzkrieg.
Indian News is expressing views in a balanced way.

I must agree that starting of war is easy, but the end of war is miserable.

Georgia and Ukraine are examples, of how Russia may act forward. Russia has taken approval from parliament. There are two chances 1. is limited  2. full-scale war on Ukraine. Gen. Bakshi says that Russia shall forward as per Meersheimer thinking. It does not matter what the west talks about. China shall support Russia and sanctions may not have any effect. NATO shall do only lip service. Till today sanctions do not matter much. Russia has done what is required. If provoked, Russia may march to Kyiv. I am of the opinion that Russia shall take over Ukraine whatever maximum it can achieve. East Ukraine and West Ukraine may be the other choice. 

According to my view, one other alternative is that Ukraine's President requests NATO to save Ukraine from the Russian invasion of Ukraine not of two small nations recognized by Russia. That may lead to World War. It is to be noted that China and India are watching this. West should understand the total environment. Money power is important but to some extent. Putin's strategy is very clear which the US does not agree with. So there are chances of complete war. One should listen to the news of Russia.
Ukraine Crisis: Ukraine Border की तरफ बढ़ी रूसी सेना, जाते देखे गए 100 ट्रक: रॉयटर्स - YouTube

1. Putin discusses a solution to end the conflict of Ukraine. "Demilitarize Ukraine" demands Putin.

22 February 2022

6. The United Nations political affairs chief Rosemary DiCarlo has denounced the ‘order to deploy Russian troops into eastern Ukraine’ during an emergency Security Council meeting on Ukraine. The session was requested by Kyiv, the United States, Mexico and several European countries after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the recognition of the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic on Monday. The rotating Security Council Presidency is currently held by Russia.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine heightened on Monday after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the recognition of the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) and the subsequent entry of peacekeepers into the two separatist regions in Ukraine. In 2014, Russia annexed Crimea and pro-Russian separatists entered a conflict against the Ukrainian government after declaring independence in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. The implementation of the Minsk Agreement in 2015 effectively created a ceasefire which has been consistently violated, with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) reported a “dramatic increase” in violations in recent days with a record high of over 3,000 violations recorded in Donetsk on February 18-20. Around 14,000 people have been killed in the conflict and some 800,000 civilians live in the zone, according to Crisis Group.
Photo via @Reuters What you need to know about Ukraine's eastern conflict zone / Twitter Detail on twitter is available.

Russian forces march to safeguard Russians living in new recognized nations. Putin warns Ukraine to stop attacking Russians otherwise it may cause bloodshed and responsibility shall be on the Ukrainian regime. Putin moves into eastern Ukraine, says country created by Communist Russia - YouTube

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to send what he is describing as "peacekeeping troops" into the separatist regions of Luhansk and Donetsk. The decision comes after Putin recognized both regions as independent states and described Ukraine as ancient Russian territory. The move could mark a significant escalation amid fears Russia could soon launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Russia sends peacekeeping troops to Ukraine's east.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to send what he is describing as "peacekeeping troops" into the separatist regions of Luhansk and Donetsk. The decision comes after Putin recognized both regions as independent states and described Ukraine as ancient Russian territory. The move could mark a significant escalation amid fears Russia could soon launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has recognized the independence of two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine. He made the announcement in a televised speech to the nation on Monday night (21 February 2022 night). The Russian leader signed a decree recognizing Luhansk and Donetsk, as well as friendship and aid agreements with the two separatist territories. The move is expected to escalate fears among Western nations about a Russian invasion of Ukraine. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron have "expressed disappointment" in phone calls with Putin. In his address, Putin said he was confident the Russian people would support his decision. He also described Ukraine as a vital part of Russia's history.

The Russian President held a meeting of the Russian Federation Security Council at the Kremlin on recognise Donetsk and Lugansk As independent republics.


Putin may have to act in case-independent state Donbas calls for help to Russia. Russia may move forward as Putin talks about the genocide committed by Ukraine visible in mass graves. This may allow Putin to send forces to the Donbas area. Many officials of the Russian party agreed to allow this. Listen 18:00 onwards indicating that Putin is ready to march ahead.

Russian-controlled rebel area is declared as an independent nation-state by Russia - Putin.

Russia claims to have destructed 2 Ukrainian armored vehicles and killed 6 Ukrainians that entered its territory. 
The rebel area is recognized by Russia as an independent nation.

1. Russian President Vladimir Putin made the decision to recognize separatist regions of Ukraine on Monday. A panel of ABC News journalists explain what that means for the two countries.

21 February 2022

The world is changing very fast. Ukraine must forgo territorial gains and think beyond. Germany and France must see that there is no war on European soil again. Democracy must use its power to forgo territorial gains but think beyond for humanity. War hysteria does not help future human prosperity. India, China, and Russia should take lead and declare management in diversity for future generations to avoid territorial war. New ideology should condemn cast, national and religious identities. Media and literature specifying/naming religion, casts, and identities should reconsider their motto for the peace and prosperity of humanity around the world. Humanity includes Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Ukraine, Russia, US, China, and people living on this planet. The threat of war or resources should be avoided at any cost. But in case fear of losing power or ego is an important consideration for the leaders then God can only save humanity at this moment.
"In my opinion, 'the American Century'--if by that is meant US global predominance--is not over yet. But it must evolve into 'the Liberal Century'. Geopolitics is changing from contests overpower or territory or wealth into a contest of values." Hoadley (2022).
Hoadley, Stephen. "From the American Century to the Liberal Century: Stephen Hoadley looks back at America's geopolitical failures and successes during his lifetime and hopes for a more liberal future." New Zealand International Review, January-February 2022, 24+. Gale Academic OneFile (accessed February 20, 2022).
"The seesaw between war war and jaw jaw is enough to make you dizzy. Could there be a glimmer of diplomatic hope tonight?: Channel 4 news 21 February 2022.

20 February 2022
Indians living in Ukraine can book their flights in Air India.
Can diplomacy solve Ukraine conflict? Fear of insecurity of Russia exists.
1. What is a false flag? Explained in the Hindi language by Aaj Tak.

2. Russia Vs Ukraine War Update: Russia has announced to conduct a large-scale missile drill amid tensions with Ukraine and Western countries. This exercise will take place on Saturday, which will be witnessed by Russian President Vladimir Putin himself. The exercise will involve Russia's Aerospace Forces, Strategic Missile Command, Northern and Black Sea Fleets and the Southern Military District. Aaj Tak

Boris Johnson says that if Ukraine is invaded the world could witness "the destruction of a democratic state" and "the shock will echo around the world".

19 February 2022

1. President Joe Biden spoke Friday about the ongoing situation between Ukraine and Russia and he said he believes that an invasion will happen in the coming days, citing intelligence reports.

2. In this special edition of World Today, we have brought you updates on the Russia-Ukraine standoff. We have reached ground zero in Ukraine and are reporting from there. Watch more in the video. India today explains ground reports and economical considerations, which can affect economics. Russia insists on the Minsk agreement as supported by Russia, France, Germany, and Ukraine. Ukraine is not agreeing and seeking US support or not understanding the results of war. Donbas area is an area controlled by Ukraine supported by Russia. Lot is at stake not only for Ukraine but for the world community.

3. Ukraine Russia Conflict: क्या बाइडेन की चेतावनी से रूस पर कोई असर पड़ेगा, क्या ये World War 3 का Countdown है.

4. Russian-backed separatists are warning residents of Ukraine’s Donbas region that the Ukrainian military could soon invade. U.S. officials say this is part of Russia’s plan to create a pretext for war.

5. The US says it is a false flag. Rebel evacuates eastern area controlled by pro soviet forces as bomb exploded and warning sirens are operating. Many Russians residing in east Ukraine are taking buses and trains to Russia. Many are Russians living in Ukraine. Rebels evacuate civilians to Russia amid crisis - YouTube

 6. US is sending soldiers to Romanian, Poland, and West Europa. The US is expecting that many people may migrate to east Europe and can destabilize peace in those nations.  American soldiers waiting for word on Ukraine deployment | NewsNation Prime - YouTube

7. "We are closer to major power conflict than at any point since the Cold War," says Ian Bremmer at the Munich Security Conference in an exclusive interview with DW's Chief Political Editor Michaela Küfner. Ian Bremmer is a political scientist and president of the Eurasia Group, leading in political risk research

8. 'They don't want to listen to us, it's useless' – Head of the Russian Delegation in Vienna on Arms Control Konstantin Gavrilov explains Russia's non-participation in the OSCE session.

9. Civilians must flee from the rebel-held Ukrainian regions to Russia, their heads say

10. Russia Vs Ukraine War Update : Russia has announced to conduct a large-scale missile drill amid tensions with Ukraine and Western countries. This exercise will take place on Saturday, which will be witnessed by Russian President Vladimir Putin himself. The exercise will involve Russia's Aerospace Forces, Strategic Missile Command, Northern and Black Sea Fleets and the Southern Military District.

18 February 2022
Is the threat of war in the middle of Europe receding or simply at a lull? Russia says it’s drawing down the troops massed at Ukraine’s border; the West is skeptical.
With the forces and weapons still in place, Russia retains the ability to launch a full-fledged invasion, according to NATO. Yet President Putin says he’s ready to give diplomacy a chance. It fell to Germany’s Chancellor to decipher the mixed messages as he visited the Kremlin this week. Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing a high-stakes game. With Russian troops surrounding Ukraine, will threats get him what he wants? Our guests: Alexander Rahr, Russia expert, Regina Heller, Peace Researcher (IFSH), Roman Goncharenko (DW)

18 February 2022
US President Joe Biden said Thursday that there is a "very high" risk Russia will invade Ukraine in the coming days. "We have reason to believe that they are engaged in a false flag operation as an excuse to go in," the US leader said. Biden's comments come amid reports that Ukrainian forces and pro-Moscow separatists exchanged fire in the east of the country. At NATO headquarters in Brussels, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that Russia was flying in more combat and support aircraft. Amid the heightened tensions, the United Nations Security Council convened Thursday for a meeting on Ukraine. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who changed travel plans at the last minute to speak at the meeting, said that US intelligence shows Russian forces are preparing to attack Ukraine in the "coming days." Blinken said the potential invasion is a "moment of peril" for millions of people. He said Russia's targets in Ukraine include the capital, Kyiv. He also warned that Russia would attempt disinformation campaigns through state media to spread "false alarms" and carry out a "fake or real" attack to claim a pretext for invasion. "Russia may describe this event as ethnic cleansing or a genocide," he said. Russia wants the West must understand that and the situation should be reversed to the Berlin wall fall.

17 February 2022

14 February 2022

'West - or the rest': As China, Russia cosy up, New Zealand may be forced to pick sides in 'a new Cold War' (

Please note my reporting is from English medium news and Indian news reporters. I am not able to listen to Russian and Chinese or other languages reporters.
9 February 2022
1. Implement Minsk agreement (Normandy Format) religiously to maintain stability
French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday said the leaders of both Russia and Ukraine had committed to honoring the Minsk accords. "We have now the possibility of advancing negotiations," Macron told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy during a news conference after the two had held talks in Kyiv.
2. French President Emmanuel #Macron said Tuesday that after talks with the Russian and Ukrainian leaders he saw a path toward easing tensions. Both #Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir #Putin, who Macron saw on Monday, said they remained committed to the 2015 #Minsk peace agreements on the country's separatist conflicts, the French leader said. FRANCE 24's James André reports from Kyiv, Ukraine. Minsk agreements best means to protect Ukraine, says Macron • FRANCE 24 English - YouTube

Putin To French Journo: Do You Want France To Fight Against Russia? Because This Is How It Will Be! - YouTube RT News NATO is moving to our borders. Russia is not moving towards NATO borders. Very clear talk by Putin on this problem. "Do you want to fight France with Russia?"

European leaders on Tuesday pledged unity in their goal of averting war on the continent, as France's President Emmanuel Macron said he saw a path forward on easing tensions with Russia over Ukraine after an urgent round of shuttle diplomacy."Our common objective is to prevent a war in Europa" Olaf Scholz German Chancellor

8 February 2022

Photo Cartoon Guardian - French humour 
Blinken is asked about the Minsk agreements. He says he supports advancing them (even as some in Kyiv say it could destabilize Ukraine). "It is a fair assessment to say that Ukraine has sought to move forward [on its obligations], while Russia has moved forward on virtually none"


Before the high-stakes meeting, ​Moscow had​ also​ sought to temper expectations.​

​“The situation is too complex to expect decisive breakthroughs in the course of one meeting​,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.​ ​“​In recent days there has been nothing new on the topic of security guarantees for Russia, our western interlocutors prefer not to mention this topic.​”  Macron’s meeting with Putin was part of a frenetic day of diplomacy under the shadow of a possible new war in Europe. Germany’s chancellor, Olaf Scholz was meeting Joe Biden at the White House and the country’s foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock, was in Kyiv, assuring the Ukrainian government of support. Meanwhile, the US and the EU held talks in Washington on how to keep energy supplies flowing to Europe if Russian turned off the flow of natural gas. Macron warns don’t expect ‘miracles’ in talks with Putin over Ukraine ( The Guardian. Julian Borger in Washington

5. The French President Emmanuel Macron expressed hope that war could be avoided over Ukraine as he met the Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Moscow. World leaders are stepping up efforts to reduce tensions over Ukraine with fears of a Russian invasion. Around 100,000 Russian troops have been moved close to the country’s border. President Putin is demanding that Ukraine does not join the NATO military alliance which he says is a threat to Russian security. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Steve Rosenberg in Moscow and Sarah Smith in Washington. Presidents Macron and Putin discuss "how to avoid war” in Ukraine - BBC News - YouTube

6. Mr. Putin saved his greatest ire for President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine. Asked whether Russia would invade Ukraine, Mr. Putin did not rule out the possibility. He insisted Mr. Zelensky needed to implement the peace plan negotiated in Minsk, Belarus, in 2015 — one that could give the Kremlin a way to influence Ukraine’s foreign-policy decisions.

Putin Warns the West and Ukraine, but Keeps His Intentions a Mystery (


As the US continues to stoke fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainians are reportedly applying for "Polish cards." The documents would identify them as Poles living outside historical Poland, and may help them avoid military service. Meanwhile, President Orban of Hungary, a NATO member, has been pushing to end NATO antagonism against Russia, including Washington's sanctions regime. It also vetoed recent attempts by the Ukrainian government to draw closer to NATO. RT America's Alex Alex Mihailovich reports.

Hungary blocks Ukraine from joining NATO cyber security center - YouTube


Presidents Putin and Macron of Russia and France respectively met in Moscow for talks on how to diffuse the tense diplomatic situation that remains volatile in turbulent Ukraine. RT’s Don Courter reports. Then “Boom Bust” co-host Rachel Blevins shares her insights on the meeting, after first discussing top-level negotiations between President Biden and Germany’s new Chancellor Olaf Scholz to discuss the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Then Prof. Peter Kuznik weighs in on the possibility of France splitting with NATO to broker a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia. He points out that “NATO is somewhat divided already” and argues that further NATO expansion is irresponsible and multiplies the likelihood of nuclear war. (01:07)

As the US continues to stoke fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainians are reportedly applying for "Polish cards." The documents would identify them as Poles and exempt them from military service. For it's part, Poland has agreed to station US troops freshly deployed to Russia's doorstep ahead of the invasion imagined by Washington. Meanwhile, President Orban of Hungary, also a NATO member, has been pushing for rapprochement with Russia. It also vetoed recent attempts by the Ukrainian government to draw closer to NATO. RT America's Alex Alex Mihailovich reports. (13:54) US State Dept. spokesman Ned Price faced another rabid press pool as a war-hungry Bloomberg accidentally announced “Live: Russia invades Ukraine '' before hastily withdrawing the admitted editorial error on its site. David Swanson, executive director of World Beyond War shares his insights. (17:43)

Europe doesn't want war with Russia over Ukraine (Full show) - YouTube

7 February 2022
1. Putin is not bluffing - Former White House national security aide Fiona Hill told U.S. committee hearing that Russian President Vladimir Putin is ‘not bluffing’ on Ukraine.

Russia may use asymmetric means to challenge Europe and United States (5:03-6:10). Amrica now threatening Russia and China together. Is it politics or dadagiri? It is a grim news.
7 February 2022

3. Full Jake Sullivan: Russian 'Invasion of Ukraine Could Happen At Any Time' - YouTube NBC News   Security Adviser Jake Sullivan talked to Chuck Todd about the Russian military buildup around Ukraine, during an interview with Meet the Press. Russian can annexe Danfas, Cyber war. If Russia attacks Ukraine, then US can stand with Ukraine R2P, if Ukraine requests US, which Ukraine has already done. What is the definition of invasion? US explains Russia. US says Nord Dream Pipe line shall be abondoned.

4. "They (US) also warned of enormous possible human costs if Mr. Putin went ahead with a full invasion, including the potential deaths of 25,000 to 50,000 civilians, 5,000 to 25,000 members of the Ukrainian military and 3,000 to 10,000 members of the Russian military. The invasion, they said, could also result in one million to five million refugees, with many of them pouring into Poland". Helen Cooper and David E. Sanger. 6 February 2022. "U.S. Warns of Grim Toll if Putin Pursues Full  Invasion of Ukraine." New York Times U.S. Warns of Grim Toll if Putin Pursues Full Invasion of Ukraine (

5. After the NATO warning, Russia suddenly lifted strategic bombers into the sky. This morning, strategic aviation assets were lifted into the sky from Russian military bases. This happened against the background of a warning from the Russian side that the refusal of NATO and the United States to provide Russia with security guarantees would lead to extremely serious consequences for the West.According to the Telegram community of the Hunter's Note, strategic aviation activity has been observed in the sky over Russia since the morning, and although no details are given on this matter, this is the first time since the beginning of this year that Russian strategic bombers have been lifted into the sky.Are the flights of the Russian strategic aviation connected with any exercises, - it is not specified, however, that there are also no official comments from the Russian Defense Ministry on this matter. Nevertheless, experts note that Russia can check the readiness of strategic aviation against the background of existing threats from NATO and the United States.
According to a comment by military observers of the Zvezda portal, Russia sent several units of Tu-95 bombers from the Engels airbase - the aviation carried out testing of strikes against enemy forces, and performed a number of other military tasks. It is noteworthy that this flight is not the first - the bombers deliberately took to the air under different meteorological conditions and at different times of the day in order to prepare for the likely repulse of strikes under any conditions. "During the flight tasks, the crews worked out takeoffs and landings, flights along the route and flights in a given area, both during the day and at night, as well as in difficult weather conditions. During one flight shift, up to ten units of aviation equipment and more than 20 units of automotive and special equipment of the airfield support battalion were involved," observers report. It is also indicated that in addition to maneuvers in the air, the training of engineering and technical personnel for aircraft maintenance for repeated departures at established time intervals was worked out.

6. RT News 


 Real Politik being discussed  ‘Facts speak for themselves’: China-Russia relationship an ‘indictment’ on US - YouTube Sky News, Australia 6 February 2022. The proof is in the pudding. China Russia partnership is deviating from the real interests of the US. The same I wrote earlier. According to me: America should concentrate on China and should have taken Russia in confidence, what Trump was doing. Fighting Russia and China together is a medicine for a disaster of humanity. Iran and North Korea are also stretching their muscles.    


Western ex-pats took to the center of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv on Sunday in an effort to urge their own governments to support Ukraine as tensions with Russia continue to grow.
About 150 protesters, including nationals from the U.S., Canada, and western European countries, carried their countries' flags to the Maidan Square, the site of the 2013-14 demonstrations that saw dozens of demonstrators killed in the final moments of former president Viktor Yanukovich's rule. Bjoern Stendal, a grain merchant from Germany, expressed his disappointment over German Chancellor Olaf Scholz ruling out supplying Kyiv with arms after the latter sent a list with specific requests. The list included missile defense systems, tools for electronic warfare, night vision goggles and radar stations. "Ukraine can't use slingshots against tanks. We, Ukraine, won't attack Russia, we want to defend our country," Stendal said.

6 February 2022
Wall Street Journal:
Mounting tensions on the Russia-Ukraine border are driving wheat prices higher on both sides of the Atlantic, leaving traders bracing for more volatility ahead, explains #WSJWhatsNow

Washington Post 


1. "This is not going to be a war of Ukraine and Russia," should diplomatic efforts still underway fail, Mr. Zelenksy said last week. "This is going to be a European war, a full-fledged war." Michael Schwirtz. 4 February, 2022. "Russian Troops in Final Stages of Readiness add Worries to Ukraine." New York Times.


Ukraine war is reported by Sudhir Choudhry and Pali Sharma Upadhyay. Palki is in Ukraine, and she is reporting at -10 degrees centigrade. Sudhir reported about Russia and NATO. Palki is reporting that India is sitting on the fence. Gas prices may increase if something happens in Ukraine. 70% of Sunflower oil is imported from Ukraine. Ukraine is a great bread basket and wheat producer in the world.
10 countries wanted that there should be discussions, two opposed for discussions and three abstained. 9 votes were required to win. So discussions continued.

Moldova, Crimea, Belarus, Russia surround Ukraine. NATO army in Romania, Poland, Germany. Britain, the U.S., Canada oppose the Russian movement. France and Germany are afraid of war in Europe. 
Russia's military buildup continues on Ukraine border - YouTube CBS Evening news. "China publicly backed Russia in the Kremlin's standoff against the West over Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russia is amassing even more troops near the border with Ukraine ahead of a possible invasion. David Martin has the details".

Vladimir Putin has positioned more than 100,000 of Russia's troops and tanks on Ukraine's border. US President Joe Biden and Nato allies say Russia could be about to invade Ukraine - an independent European nation.
Putin says he's protecting his people, and it's the West who are pushing for war. (Subscribe: Neither side is backing down, and weapons from NATO allies are flooding into Ukraine to counter the Russian threat. But this conflict has been decades in the making. So it's not just about the threat of invasion now, it's about history, it's about geopolitics, and it's also about Putin himself. Explained: Why Vladimir Putin's Russia could invade Ukraine - YouTube Channel 4 News on 5 February 2022.


3 February 2022
Ukraine crisis
"Armored personnel carrier (APC) of the 92nd separate mechanized brigade of Ukrainian Armed Forces move to park in their base near Klugino-Bashkirivka village, in the Kharkiv region on 31 January, 2022." CNBC - News
Sergey Bobok | AFP | Getty Images
Ukraine says, "A War only America and Britain seem to want" Consortium News
1. Youtube Aaj Tak by Crime reporter
2. President #Putin: #US and #NATO have so far failed to adequately address the key Russian concerns:
1. Heavy minus sign prevention of @NATO's expansion;
2. Heavy minus sign non-deployment of offensive weapons near Flag of Russia borders;
3. Heavy minus sign return of its European military infrastructure to 1997 levels.
4. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby confirmed on Wednesday that the US will soon move approximately 2,000 troops from Fort Bragg in North Carolina to Poland and Germany this week. Roughly 1,000 Germany-based soldiers will also head to Romania. This comes a day after diplomatic efforts between Ukraine, Russia, and international leaders took place and following Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the US and its allies are "using Ukraine as a tool to contain Russia," AFP reports.
5. In response to Moscow's security demands, the U.S. has offered to provide more transparency about missile deployments in Eastern Europe but rejected an insistence that NATO guarantee it would never expand to countries near Russia, including Ukraine.
6. Al Jazeera explains the tragedy of the Ukraine war "I have been offered to move to Kyiv and to a nursing home twice. But this is my house and I have lived in it my whole life. I will not leave," she said. "I want to die in my own bed."
Lydia is now the only person left on her street, from where military trenches can be seen. Local volunteers bring her food and medication.
"There are no doctors that can come to this house – therefore, I am my own doctor," she said, as she took her daily medication and ate a piece of dry bread.
"When I fall in my garden, no one can pick me up. When I'm scared because of shelling, I hug my kittens. "I was born in a war and will die in the war too."
7. Economics "Natural gas prices in Europe this winter have skyrocketed. On Wednesday, natural gas was at $25 per million BTU in Europe, more than five times the U.S. price. It has risen on a shortfall in supply and concerns that tensions will limit imports of Russian gas. However, earlier this winter, the price was more than double".
"What I do know is if those tanks cross the border, the oil will go above $100 a barrel," Croft said. "We'll certainly feel it on the European gas market. We'll feel it on the wheat market. We'll feel it across a variety of markets. Russia is not a one-trick pony."
Croft said Russia is the world's largest wheat exporter, and together with Ukraine, they account for roughly 29% of the global wheat export market.
"They're not just a gas station. They're a commodity superstore. They're a massive metal producer. Where we think it gets painful is food and energy prices," Croft said, adding that it would cause more inflation in an already inflationary environment.

8. Russia and China voted together in UNSC on the Ukraine issue. Total votes are 15. (10 votes including US, Britain, France) in favor and 2 (China and Russia) vote against. 3 absenting (India, ...) Putin writes, "Russia and China are actively cooperating on the broadest agenda within BRICS, RIC, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, as well as other associations. Within the G20, we are committed to taking national specifics into account when formulating our recommendations, be it the fight against pandemics or the implementation of the climate agenda. Thanks to a large extent to our countries' shared solidarity, following the 2021 G20 Summit in Rome, informed decisions were made on international cooperation to restore economic growth, recognize vaccines and vaccine certificates, optimize energy transitions, and reduce digitalization risks".

2 February 2022
"Putin, Xi will Put Partnership against the U.S. on display at Olympics." Wall Street Journal - Ann M. Simmons and Chao Deng - 
"What's driving them (Xi and Putin) together is their common interest in undercutting the U.S.," said Daniel Russel, a former senior official on Asian issues in the Obama administration. If the Ukraine crisis drives a wedge between the U.S. and its European allies, he said, it benefits Moscow and Beijing since "raising doubts about whether the U.S. can defend democracies helps them both."...
"Still, officials in Mr. Xi's government have said that the Biden administration is also failing to consider China's interests, especially by increasing support for Taiwan and thereby, in Beijing's eyes, raising the island's resistance to political union with China.

Beijing has also bristled at criticisms by the U.S. and its allies over China's crackdown on opposition activists in Hong Kong and the suppression of the Muslim Uyghur minority group in the country's Xinjiang region—reasons behind Washington's diplomatic boycott of the Olympics.

"Right now China also needs Russia as the only supporter for Chinese politics," said Alexey Maslov, director of the Institute of Asia and Africa of Moscow State University. "Russia and China have found themselves partners for the global  future."

30 January 2022
France 24. 30 January 2022. "Did NATO Betray Russia by Expanding to the East?"

"The Kremlin claims the West broke a promise it made in the 1990s not to expand NATO and is now using this claim to justify threats to invade Ukraine".

28 January 2022

1. As tensions rise between Russia and Ukraine, Germany faces fierce criticism for promising to supply Kiev with medical supplies, but not weapons.
Russia-Ukraine conflict: Is Germany letting the West down? | To the point - YouTube DW News 28 January 2022. SPD is partner in the government. Germany understands that Russia has a point (5:44). In 2008, Germany and France vetoed the inclusion of Georgia till they had problems with Russia. I agree with Germans. Is Germany a trustworthy friend of Ukraine in comparison to Russia? Germany is thinking of humanity. Peace is more important. West feels Germans are letting the West down. Michael Thumann of Die Zeit speaks about. Alexander Rahr, a Russian expert, says the Donbas area must be given autonomy to find a diplomatic solution to avoid war. War is in no one's interest. Ukraine is an independent sovereign state. Normandie format does not give permission for geopolitical bullying (16:00). 
2. Trump warned that Germany is dependent on Russia on Gas. Green and weak leadership made Putin strong, and Trump saw it earlier (1:10) Varney: Trump warned Europeans against relying on Russia for their oil, gas supplies - YouTube

3. US REJECTS key Russian security demands, F-16s arrive in Lithuania to bolster NATO - YouTube The Sun 28 December 2022. Russia is cornered by the West, says Lavrov.

4. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday said that the U.S. had shown it was not willing to address Moscow's main security concerns amid their standoff with Ukraine after it had received written responses Wednesday to proposals made in December. Lavrov added the responses from the U.S. gave hope of starting a serious dialogue, but only on secondary questions and not fundamental issues. "The main question is our clear message that we consider further NATO expansion to the East and weapons deployment, which can threaten the Russian Federation, unacceptable," he said. Russia has also demanded that NATO halt any further enlargement in the region, bar Ukraine from ever joining the organization, and pull back forces and weaponry from eastern European countries after the Cold War ended.

A first-hand look at German military base in Lithuania - YouTube 28 January 2022 CBC News. NATO (German forces) are defending Lituania. NATO (Canadian forces) are defending Latvia and Estonia.

6. Moscow is mulling its options after the US responded to Russian demands in the simmering Ukraine crisis. Yesterday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters: "The ball is in Russia's court." Russia is calling on NATO to halt its expansion in eastern Europe and has deployed 100,000 troops on the Russia-Ukraine border. Meanwhile, Russian state TV is pumping out footage of military drills.

Germany has found itself in a difficult position in the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Nord Stream 2 is an oil pipeline that allows Russia to supply Berlin with oil. Russia can also switch off, giving Moscow power over Europe's energy supply. Ukraine has criticized Germany for offering Kyiv 5,000 helmets while other NATO countries supplied high-tech armory.

Hectic parleys, hard negotiations, backroom diplomacy, every possible avenue is being explored in order to quell tensions at the Ukraine-Russia border. Experts believe that a full-scale conflict between the two sides is unlikely. But, with 1,00,000 troops amassed on the Russian side, are Ukraine, the US, and Nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) prepared for conflict should Moscow decide to invade the erstwhile Soviet state? While the US has responded to the Russian proposal which "sets out a serious diplomatic path forward should Russia choose it", it refused to contemplate ruling out the possibility of future Ukrainian membership in Nato, as President Vladimir Putin of Russia has demanded, although President Joe Biden and other US officials have said there is little possibility that Ukraine could join the military alliance anytime soon
Details of NATO are mentioned. NATO is an alliance of 30 nations. NATO will not expand except to three Baltics. (6:40). Gorbachov agreed on this. But later on, NATO is moving eastwards, which Russia did not like. I am of the opinion that India has to decide between Russia and US. Russia was tolerating from the end of the cold war. Hybrid war is under conversion to full-scale convention war.

27 January 2022
Energy prices have surged this year as countries and households confront shortages of oil, gas, and coal. In this episode of Business Beyond we look at some of the major factors behind the energy crunch, from the role of green policies to Russian gas maneuvering to China. Who is to blame? And how will the crisis impact plan to give up fossil fuels?

27 January 2022
1. Russia feels threatened by east European countries joining NATO. Poland and the Baltic countries are supporting terrorists and Russophobic. According to me, this is the reaction of the dissolution/disintegration of the USSR and the psychological defeat Russians suffered due to Gorbachov. Putin is trying his best to reshape Russia's position. Can Russia regain its position without war?

Russia's Sergey Lavrov: When Eastern Europeans, above all Poland and the Baltic countries, were eagerly seeking to join NATO, we warned the West that accepting them as members would be a mistake as this move will in no way enhance the alliance's security but will instead fuel extremist sentiments. They repeatedly assured us that the opposite would happen, and after they are accepted, the holdover phobias dating back to the Soviet times will vanish and these countries will become good and peaceful neighbors. Things turned out exactly the other way round. These countries, primarily the Baltic countries and Poland, are at the helm of the Russophobic minority that runs the show in NATO and the EU, which they force to continue the anti-Russian policy on all matters without exception.

2. Russia has said there is no room for the European Union (EU) in talks over Ukraine. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow does not want discussions to be made longer by including the EU. He has also stressed once again that Russia will take action if it does not receive a constructive answer from the United States and NATO regarding its security guarantees.

3. Despite warnings from other world leaders about his questionable tactics in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin remains unfazed. A prominent Putin critic said he believes the Russian leader wants to distract ordinary Russians from their economic hardship. Holly Williams reports from Kyiv, Ukraine.

4. Representatives from Ukraine and Russia met in person today, together with their German and French counterparts in Paris. The four-way "Normandy format" has been used repeatedly since Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula in 2014. Washington has delivered its written response to Russia's security demands. The exact details of the letter remain unknown, but we do know that the US and its allies haven't budged on some demands, like keeping the door open to NATO membership for Ukraine. The letter is the latest step in the ongoing diplomacy over fears of a Russian invasion. At recent joint meetings, Moscow demanded a guarantee that Ukraine would never join NATO, and that the alliance would cease military activity in former Soviet republics. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Washington has set out a "serious diplomatic path" to resolve the conflict. However, he added that the US made no concessions to the main demand on NATO membership for Kyiv. And speaking a short time ago, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said it was time for both sides to improve dialog and diplomacy by re-establishing their respective offices in Brussels and Moscow.

5. On a 26 January train ride from Kyiv to Kharkiv, in the east of the country, Ukrainians voiced their anxiety over a possible conflict with Russia. They don't know what they will do in the event of an invasion, they said, and are appealing to Europe and the United States for help. Fear, uncertainty grip Ukraine as Russian threat looms - YouTube Washington Post

26 January 2022 Politics of Gas 
1. Gas Supply from Russia to Europe (Germany) / Russia is as dependent on Gas export as Germany imports gas from Russia (1:34 to 3:70) Reason and Solution.
Renewable energy 44%, 27% Coal, 12 Nuclear energy and 14% Gas

Gas Import by Germany 55% from Russia, 31% Norway, 13% Netherlands, 1% from others.

How the EU's need for gas complicates the Russia-Ukraine crisis | DW News - YouTube -----26 January 2022.

Pompeo: Biden needs to demonstrate leadership the way he said he would - YouTube Fox News Feckless response from Germany to Russia. (Feckless = lacking initiative or strength of character, irresponsible). Mike Pompeo: America is not prepared | Brian Kilmeade Show - YouTube
Does cost matter? Diplomacy and sanctions v/s dangerous and unpredictable Russia of 2022 to redraw political map after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 25 December 1991. 

1. "The crisis in Ukraine is hardly going away — a showdown of two world views that could upend Europe. It carries echoes of the Cold War and resurrects an idea leftover from the 1945 Yalta Conference: that the West should respect a Russian sphere of influence in Central and Eastern Europe. Since coming to power in 2000, Russian President Vladimir Putin has worked steadily and systematically to reverse what he views as the humiliating breakup of the Soviet Union 30 years ago. India Today spoke to India's top Russian expert, Nandan Unnikrishnan on the Ukraine crisis. Listen in:"
Russia-Ukraine Crisis, U.S Options Against Vladimir Putin | Nandan Unnikrishnan EXCLUSIVE - YouTube India Today 26 January 2022 Geeta Mohan
Ukrainian people are disappointed with Ukrainian elites. Progress was not achieved by Oligarchs.

BREAKING! Putin: the US Wants To Put Hypersonic Missiles In Ukraine! Russia Has "Nowhere To Retreat"! - YouTube Russia Insight 22 December 2021.
"Armed conflicts, bloodshed is absolutely not our choice. We do not want such a development of events. We want to resolve issues by political and diplomatic means, but at least have clear, understandable, and clearly stated legal guarantees. This is the meaning of our proposals, set out on paper and sent to Brussels and Washington. and we hope to receive a clear, comprehensive answer to them."  
"Russia is ready to take military-technical measures if NATO expands close to its borders, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a Defense Ministry enlarged board meeting. As Putin stressed, Russia has the full right to measures intended to ensure its security and sovereignty!" 22 December 2021.

Russian Gas Pipelines
UK Gas Supply (not Europe Gas supply) - Power of media to confuse
What does Russia want to de-escalate the Ukraine crisis? - YouTube 26 January 2022 Forces sent by Russia mean that US and NATO think seriously on the issue. Since 2008, Sweden and Finland have been thinking to join NATO. Implementation of the Minsk agreement is essential, and that is what Russia wants.
26 January 2022

PENTAGON SPOKESPERSON JOHN KIRBY SAID THAT the US has put around 8,500 troops on "high alert" to be ready to deploy to Eastern Europe. President Biden held a video call with several European leaders on the Russian military buildup and potential responses to an invasion, the White House said. According to The Globe and Mail, Canada followed the US, UK, Germany, and Australia by ordering family members of diplomatic staff stationed in Ukraine to leave the country. Russia has denied it is planning an invasion, despite massing troops along the border and seizing Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

Dmitry Polyanskiy, the Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, says "only western leaders speak about the inevitability of Russian incursion into Ukraine." When asked about the likelihood of invasion, he added: "We have repeatedly denied the chance of Russian invasion. The only source of this hype is at the hands of our Western colleagues." Meanwhile, an estimated 100,000 Russian troops are now within reach of the Ukrainian border, and US President Joe Biden has said there is "total unanimity" among western leaders after a virtual meeting with allies.

Russians are still interested to find a diplomatic solution. American side is making more rhetoric of Germany. Russia wants that no more NATO on eastern borders as accepted by US in 1990.


Ukraine is normal. But the West is creating rhetoric as Putin is unpredictable.

Vladimir Putin's last invasion of Ukraine was reactive: a response to a dramatic pro-European revolution in Kyiv in 2014, which the Kremlin viewed as an American assault on Russia's vital interests.
But since then, nothing much has changed: the annexation of Crimea is a fait accompli, and the conflict in eastern Ukraine is in a grim stalemate - as is the 30-year quarrel between Russia and the West over Nato expansion. So why has Mr. Putin suddenly decided he must risk a major war to up-end the status quo?

As tensions over Ukraine are rising, NATO has recently announced plans to boost its presence in Eastern Europe. RT spoke to Kanwal Sibal, Former Foreign Secretary of India, about the issue.


25 January 2022

1. Journalist and author Andrea Chalupa reviews significant points in the history of Russia-Ukraine relations.
The Long, Violent History Of Conflict Between Russia And Ukraine - YouTube MSNBC
"I do not think an insurgency is necessarily the way. I think it's about a war of attrition dragging the Russians in and bogging them down. (attrition = reducing opposition by area, numbers, etc.)

NATO sends fighter jets and ships to eastern Europe as Russia accuses West of hysteria
The latest as tensions between Russia and NATO soar: - NATO is sending ships fighter jets to Eastern Europe - Kremlin says the West, not Russia, is escalating tensions - the UK withdraws some staff from the Kyiv embassy - U.S. mulls extra troops on NATO's eastern flank, source says

Despite U.S. President Joe Biden's hope to avoid a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, American diplomats and military troops are now on heightened alert, as confidence in de-escalating the crisis wanes.
The Pentagon has already put thousands of troops on alert for potential deployment. If Russia invades Ukraine, American reinforcements would be sent to NATO's eastern flank – Poland, Romania, and the Baltic states. Global's Jackson Proskow has more details on Biden's plan if conflict does break out and why Russian President Vladimir Putin may be relying on the political chaos.


NATO is serious about defending its alliesDraft of Russia is a nonstarter from the starting. The end game may be to intimidate Ukraine. UK and US think that there may be a regime change, which looks to be not possible knowing Ukrainians as per the Ex-President of Estonia.

25 January 2022
5. NATO allies have put forces on standby and sent ships and fighter jets to bolster Europe's eastern defenses. The European Union says it is ready to impose "never-seen-before" economic sanctions if Russia invades. People in Kyiv are worried. They are against war. World wide heated exchange is going on. It is a political war (5:00)

NATO sends ships, planes to Eastern Europe as the Ukraine conflict heats up | DW News - YouTube Main purpose is to defend and deter. Dialogue and diplomacy are the first steps for the collective security of transatlantic partners. The safety and security of the American people are our highest priority. 
 LIVE: State Department briefing as tensions heat up over Ukraine - YouTube Safety and security of the American people in Ukraine is the core issue, but it does not mean that we outlook Ukraine's interests. Our commitment to Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity is unwavering. 



"The EU and U.S. are trying to get on the same page over how to handle the escalating tension around Ukraine, but France and Germany's differing approaches make the situation more complicated. Maria Tadeo and Emily Wilkins report on "Bloomberg Surveillance." It is failure of the policy of appeasement by Merkel (1:50).

10. 30 देश करेंगे रूस पर हमला, दुनिया में हड़कंप, भारत क्या करेगा ! | Russia Ukraine War | NATO | - YouTube इस समय एक ऐसे युद्ध की तैयारी चल रही है जिसने पूरी दुनिया को दो हिस्सों में बांट दिया है.. रूस किसी भी समय यूक्रेन पर बड़ा हमला कर सकता है.. और इसके जवाब में 30 देश अब धीरे धीरे रूस की घेराबंदी कर रहे हैं.. इस वीडियो में आपको बताएंगे कि अगर रूस और यूक्रेन के बीच युद्ध हुआ तो भारत किसका साथ देगा..

24 January 2022

The US reduces staff at the embassy in Ukraine - YouTube CNN "The State Department announced that it will be reducing staff levels at the US Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, beginning with the departure of nonessential staff and family members".

24 January 2022
1. Russian Foreign Ministery:
Disinformation spread by British foreign office is evidence that it is NATO countries escalating tensions around Ukraine. 
Deputy British Prime Minister Dominic Raab: There will be severe economic consequences if Russia installs a puppet regime in Ukraine. Ukrainian says "If Germans do not supply us weapons we can stop Gas to Europe" (4:45). 
Germany and France want the Minsk agreement 
"Vadym Prystaiko, Ukraine's ambassador to the UK, told Trevor Phillips on Sunday that he "does believe" Britain's accusation that Vladimir Putin is plotting to install a pro-Moscow leader as head of the government in Ukraine. "We would like to join NATO, and this is why Russia came eight years ago, but our resolve has not changed." (9:20).
He said: "I do believe that. It's not the first time they're trying to do so, historically, and in recent times." Asked if Ukraine believes Mr. Putin will invade, Mr. Prystaiko pointed out there has been a Russian presence for almost eight years".
Underline point is "Does the west have stomach for the fight"

3. Petro Poroshenko former President of Ukraine, who was pro-Russian, calls treason charges against him by the West-supported coup, is politically motivated (8:17). It proves that Ukraine is not united. My political force is no.1. We must show unity to oppose Putin to save Ukrainians. Do not trust Putin. Do not be afraid of Putin. We can win if we are united. Putin shall be afraid of attacking us if we follow these three points.
 What is Canada's role in Russia-Ukraine tensions? - YouTube CBS News Diplomacy and Blackmail should be differentiated. CBC chief political correspondent Rosemary Barton speaks to Petro Poroshenko, the former President of Ukraine, and Ukraine's former ambassador to Canada, Andriy Shevchenko, as Canada sends economic support to Ukraine. Ukraine wants loans and money from the West. Weapons, ammunition, territorial army training, operation unifier continuity, and sanctions against Russia - three things required by Ukraine. (6:01).

23 January 2022

23 January 2022 
1. Chernihiv is around 30 km from the Belarus border. "Ukraine is bracing for a possible invasion from Russia, which continues to expand its military presence on Ukraine's northern border. While talks between the U.S. and Russia have stalled, the U.S. vowed to respond "swiftly and severely" with sanctions should Russia launch an attack". Holly Williams reports.
2. A Canadian man says his family living in Ukraine is worried about a potential attack from Russia. Maleeha Sheikh speaks to a political expert who says while Canada has provided funding to Ukraine, that simply isn't enough.
German Navy head says that Putin wants respect. It is in our interest (interest of India nad Germany) to support Russia against China. I agree with him. German Navy head to resign and his resignation was accepted. German Navy Chief Resigns Over 'Putin Deserves Respect' Remark | India Today - YouTube

4. Russia condemned this report. But what is the harm, if the elected people of Ukraine change their leadership. Four people are named eg. ex-Prime Minister and two assistants of Ukraine people etc. report also mentions the importance of democracy and Xi Jinping may utilize this opportunity.

22 January 2022
 India rejects and wants to be neutral.
22 January 2022
Minor incursion is just fine and then try to clean it up by ... Fears grow that Biden admin will botch Ukraine as it did Afghanistan. It is already been botched (carried out badly or carelessly). Russia ramps up more troops at Ukraine border - YouTube Fox News 22 January 2022.

Russia says "no plans" to invade Ukraine as more troops are sent to the border- BBC News - YouTube West view is Ukraine is an independent country and can decide to join NATO or not. Russia's view is that Ukraine is under the Russian sphere of influence culturally, linguistically, strategically. Blinken says these talks are nonstarters. These are turbulent times. President Putin is keeping everyone guessing. Putin wants to rewrite the results of the cold war.
Why do some Ukrainians want to be part of Russia? BBC News - YouTube 2014 Interview. The opinion is divided at that time.

Tensions continue to rise between Russia and Ukraine - YouTube CBS News 22 January 2022. Ambassador of Russia to Canada informs that "Russia shall not attack Ukraine. Economic sanctions do not work. It shall not help political solution. It damages business. Sanctions are a double-ended sword. It affects Russia and manufacturers in the West. Russian lives, Ukrainian lives are at stake. No one wants war around Ukraine. Ethnic Russians may suffer. A diplomatic arrangement is necessary. Minsk agreement is the right solution in Europe. Canada is an important player in NATO as a founder member. Former Ukrainian Ambassador to Canada says that he does not believe Russia. They will eat us as much as we allow them to eat. Russia is hypocritical. According to Ukraine, Ambassador Sanctions do work. GDP of Russia reduced from 16000USD/capita in 2013 and now 2022 January it is 10000USD/Capita. This means Russians have become poor.
Russia's Ambassador to Canada Oleg Stepanov and Ukraine's former ambassador to Canada Andriy Shevchenko each share their views on the situation between Russia and Ukraine.

22 January 2022

"The 90-minute meeting in Geneva on Friday came at the end of a whirlwind trip to Europe for Mr. Blinken, who stopped in Kyiv and Berlin this week. Mr. Lavrov described the talks as "a useful, honest discussion," while Mr. Blinken called them "direct, businesslike" and "not polemical."

Russia's demands include a legally binding halt to NATO's eastward expansion and a withdrawal of NATO troops from countries like Poland and Baltic nations that used to be aligned with or part of the Soviet Union. The United States has dismissed those demands as nonstarters, even as American officials offered talks on other matters, such as military exercises and the placement of missiles." 

New York Times U.S. and Russia Signal More Talks Over Ukraine: Live Updates - The New York Times (

BREAKING! Putin: US Wants To Put Hypersonic Missiles In Ukraine! Russia Has "Nowhere To Retreat"! - YouTube (Russia Insight) - Russia is fed up with the West.

 21 January 2022
British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said Russian President Vladimir Putin should 'desist and step back from Ukraine before he makes a massive strategic mistake.' The threat to democracy is global. The UK shall support democracy. The free world should work together and should not be dependent on Russia.

21 January 2022
Annexation of Crimea is different. This may be a game-changer.
21 January 2022

"Biden really screwed up by his many statements" Malinda Haring.

Joe Biden's gaffe may have inadvertently revealed the truth about his Ukraine policy. It was 28 Minutes into Joe Bidens's press conference when the gaffe came - and it was a jaw-dropper. Especially if you were watching in Kyiv or the Kremlin. The US President appeared to say that, if Vladimir Putin were to make only a minor incursion into Ukraine, then Russia would not face devastating sanctions. (4) Joe Biden's gaffe may have inadvertently revealed the truth about his Ukraine policy / Twitter

21 January 2022
Katrina Vanden Heuvel is Washington Post Columnist and is well versed with Russian politics. The proxy war in Ukraine may be a reality after Afghanistan. Europeans may suffer, not others.

President Biden said Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay a "serious and dear price" if he orders his reported 100,000 troops stationed along the Russian-Ukraine border to invade Ukraine, a scenario Biden says is increasingly likely. This comes as U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Ukraine's President on Wednesday, similarly warning Russia could attack Ukraine on "very short notice." We speak with The Nation's Katrina Vanden Heuvel, who says the hawkish U.S. approach to the Russia-Ukraine conflict is a waste of national resources and says the U.S. should pursue diplomacy instead of throwing around threats of expanding NATO into Eastern Europe. "More attention should be paid to how we can exit these conflicts, how we can find a way for an independent Ukraine," says Vanden Heuvel, who calls the Ukraine conflict a civil war turned into a proxy war. "If there is creative diplomacy, I think you could see a resolution of this crisis." U.S.-Russia Tensions Escalate over Ukraine; U.S. May Stumble into War, Warns Katrina vanden Heuvel - YouTube
Ukrainian President reacts angrily to comments by Joe Biden - YouTube
Ukraine's leader says that "there are no minor incursions" after Joe Biden appeared to accept that Russian forces will soon invade.

21 January 2022

"Russia has directed its intelligence services to recruit current and former Ukrainian government officials to prepare to take over the government of Ukraine and to control Ukraine's critical infrastructure with an occupying Russian force," the Treasury statement accompanying the sanctions said.
"The claims suggest US intelligence fears Russia is preparing to a full-scale invasion and not the "minor incursion" that Joe Biden referred to as a possibility in remarks on Wednesday that triggered alarm in Kyiv".
"The US and Nato have offered negotiations on limiting missile deployments and military exercises, but Russian officials have demanded sweeping security guarantees, that Ukraine is never joining Nato, and that the alliance will withdraw forces from member states in eastern Europe who were once part of the communist bloc".
21 January 2022
Alexander Vindman: Russia Is 'Locked In On An Offensive' - YouTube What a U-Turn by the US. But it is good diplomacy. Why? Because NATO members were not united. Germany and France opposed the move. So Russia is ready to reunite Ukraine with Russia.

21 Janaury 2022

Capability is different. It can be measured. It is difficult to measure intentions. Putin knows insurgency. Russians may suffer in case of insurgency in Ukraine supported by the West. Putin is empowered for 21 years. Putin wants to rewrite Europe against mistakes committed in 1989. Putin does not think rationally way (cost and benefit analysis). Putin has ideological redoing the history. He has an obsession with Ukraine. He wants to reunify the nation irrespective of the political, economic, and military cost.(8:34).

Russians and Ukrainians are one people and share one culture and spiritual space (1:12). Ukraine is not a NATO member. Ukraine joined NATO exercises. Ukraine is threatening Putin, who mourns the collapse of the USSR. Significant cost and consequences / Russia will be held accountable - words are used by US and allies. Ukrainian Army holds drills near annexed Crimea - YouTube
Why Ukraine is so important to Russia?
The topic of NATO expansion was not discussed at all and it was not brought up in those years. They cheated us-vehemently, blatantly. NATO is expanding. Putin said, "not an inch further". Ukraine was deeply corrupt as per the West.

21 January 2022
1. Kamala Harris: Russia Will Face' Severe And Serious Costs' If It Invades Ukraine - YouTube Kamla Harris after US U-turn clarifies minor incursion. The US is prepared to take any action depending on Russia's actions. Biden values most direct contacts with partners and allies. White House clarified later but the damage was done and Russia can occupy part of Ukraine. 

If it is a minor incursion or invasion then the force may not be used. What is minor incursion? is not explained. Ukrainian official: Biden's answer gives Putin' green light' to invade - YouTube
4. Chuck Todd: Biden' Spoke The Reality' Of Ukraine-Russia Tensions - YouTube Severe and minor incursion - Biden takes U-Turn - after Blinken visits Europe. NATO was divided. Germany and France did not favor it, though UK and Canada did. US Allies were divided. Germany and France look at their national interests.
20 January 2022
Russia believes that Ukraine is part of Russia. Invasion is imminent. Europe relies on energy from Russia. 1.5% GDP of Russia is only affected by US Sanctions. According to me, Sanctions are not important as seen in Crimea and Syria. These may be only threats as explained by ABC news.
ABC News Australia sums up the war footing between Russia and Ukraine
Ukraine is at war with Russia for seven years. "Ukrainian ambassador to the EU, Vsevolod Chentsov, discusses the rising tensions between the Ukraine and Russia and the EU's diplomatic discussions with Russia".
President Biden says he expects Russia to invade Ukraine despite efforts to persuade Russian President Putin not to send troops across the border. It comes as Secretary of State Antony Blinken is set to meet with Russia's Foreign Minister Friday even after a flurry of negotiations last week produced no breakthrough. Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul joins. Putin says I have learned from you. What you have done in Kosovo, I am doing in Ukraine.

Biden says that Putin does not want a full-blown war. Putin feels bad regarding the fall of the Berlin wall. Putin is wooing voters before the election. Swift, severe and united response by US and allies, though NATO divided on this issue.

Germany and France are not actively supporting Ukraine (7:35). Canada and UK are sending weapons to Ukraine and training Ukrainians. Ukrainian had to fight of its own like Afghanistan. Global News states that Canada shall fight only if the US does it. (7:06 onwards). Australia supports Ukraine. 9 News Australia quotes. (1:27). 

20 January 2022

 In coiner Graham Allison's words:

Thucydides Trap, also referred to as Thucydides's Trap, is a term popularized by American political scientist Graham T. Allison to describe an apparent tendency towards war when an emerging power threatens to displace an existing great power as a regional or international hegemon. It was coined and is primarily used to describe a potential conflict between the United States and the People's Republic of China. Read Kindlebereger Trap by Josepf S. Nye.

Thucydides's Trap refers to the natural, inevitable discombobulation that occurs when a rising power threatens to displace a ruling power...[and] when a rising power threatens to displace a ruling power, the resulting structural stress makes a violent clash the rule, not the exception.[8]

Moscow has also deployed landing craft to the Baltic Sea, where Russia has sent its Army (1;56). Sweden is also involved in the war. "The normally sleepy island of Gotland in Sweden has found itself caught up in the growing diplomatic crisis between Russia and the West, with fears the strategically important island in the Baltic Sea could be a target should a conflict break out. In recent days, Sweden has sent hundreds of troops and tanks to the island, sparking a mixed reaction from locals". France 24 reports.
Got land in Baltic Sea located between Sweden, Latvia, Kaliningrad (Russia), and Lituania.

Harvansh Rai Bachhan wrote in 1970s and I agree with him that this life welcomes now only those who do not follow any religion but believe in humanity. Live and let others live.

धर्म ग्रन्थ सब जला चुकी है जिसके अंतर की ज्वाला
मंदिर, मस्जिद, गिरजे सबको तोड़ चुका जो मतवाला /
पंडित, मोमिन, पादरियों के फंदो को जो काट चुका
कर सकती है आज उसी का स्वागत मेरी मधुशाला//
Thomas L. Friedman "Marry me or I'll kill you" New York Times, 18 January 2022
Thomas L. Friedman (opinion Columnist) opinions in New York Times. He writes "As longtime readers of this column know, I was a vigorous opponent of NATO expansion after the Cold War. It is one of the stupidest things we ever did — focusing on "NATOizing" Poland and Hungary rather than building on an amazing, largely nonviolent, democratic revolution in Russia and locking it into the West. Nurturing that Russian revolution to fruition would not have been simple, but by pressing ahead with NATO expansion, we made it easy for an autocratic nationalist like Putin to lock himself in power by telling the Russian people that only he could keep NATO and the West from destroying Russia — militarily, culturally and religiously."
Columnist further opinions "Putin is a modern-day Peter the Great out to restore the glory of Mother Russia. He's a retired K.G.B. agent who simply refuses to come in from the cold and still sees the C.I.A. under every rock and behind every opponent. He's America's ex-boyfriend-from-hell, who refuses to let us ignore him and date other countries, like China — because he always measures his status in the world with us. And he's a politician trying to make sure he wins (or rigs) Russia's 2024 election — and becomes President for life — because when you've siphoned off as many rubles as Putin has, you can never be sure that your successor won't lock you up and take them all. For him, it's a rule or death". Opinion | Putin to Ukraine: 'Marry Me or I'll Kill You' - The New York Times (
East, West, north, and south should think beyond power politics for the next generation of humanity. Democracy is the best governing system. But imposing democracy or ideology or geopolitics can not lead to peace and prosperity by direct or indirect means. Education, good governance, and teaching children the art of living for happiness by controlling greed, jealousy, grievance, and minimizing desires are the only solution. We must appreciate live and let other's live policy.
People want peace and prosperity and do not want conflict.

The Kremlin said tension around Ukraine was increasing, pointing to weapons deliveries, military maneuvers, and NATO aircraft flights, something it said Russia's international partners should pay attention to Kremlin says weapons deliveries raising tension around Ukraine - YouTube.

Retired Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Helene Cooper join Morning Joe to discuss fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, diplomatic efforts to thwart an invasion, and if a course of action in Ukraine involving the U.S. is inevitable.

Read also Russia and Ukraine by Jaipal Datta New World Order: Russia and Ukraine (
19 January 2022
18 January 2022
"Relations between Moscow and Kyiv have long been strained over Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014t and the conflict in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, in which, according to UN estimates, more than 14,000 people have died. Recently, Russia has amassed troops along its border with Ukraine while calling on NATO to cease its eastward expansion and to rule out accepting Ukraine as a member. Both demands have been rejected by the alliance. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock says she wants a "serious dialogue" on security in Europe during her visits to Ukraine and Russia". DW News
Constanze Stelzenmuller Foreign Policy and Security Analyst explains.

15 January 2022
Guerrilla war preparation is continuing between Russia and USA. "A Western military adviser to the Ukrainians said that details of a specific resistance there remained a closely held secret. But already, particularly in the West, Ukrainians are joining territorial defense forces that train in guerrilla tactics".

10 January 2022
US tells Putin to choose confrontation or dialogue over Ukraine ( Jullian Borgan in Washington, USA The Guardian 10 January 2022

Summary of Events till date 9 January 2022. 
Russia by BBC Ukraine Tension: Vladimir Putin और Recep Tayyip Erdogan के बीच क्या बात हुई? (BBC Hindi) - YouTube 6 January 2022 BBC

Ukraine is badly divided between east and West. John Mearsheimer discussed on 26 September 2015.

Why is Ukraine the West's Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer - YouTube

 9 January 2022

After weeks of tension between Russia and the United States, officials from both countries will meet in Geneva on Monday for security talks. At issue -- Russia's concerns over western expansion and NATO's support for Ukraine is the main issue. Meanwhile, Kyiv is worried about the Kremlin's military buildup along its shared border. CGTN's Nathan King has more in this report.

To discuss:

Anton Fedyashin is a Russian affairs analyst and history professor at American University. Yuval Weber focuses on Russian military and political strategy at Marine Corps University and is a research assistant professor at Texas A&M. Brian Becker is executive director of the ANSWER Coalition. Andrij Dobriansky is the communications and media director at the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America.

The Heat: Ukraine-Russia tensions - YouTube  CGTN America 

World leaders plead for diplomacy in Russia-Ukraine crisis - YouTube CBS News

Russian forces are surrounding Ukraine. Russia wants that NATO should not expand eastwards towards Russia. 

Ukraine-Russia Tensions: Is War Imminent? | WION Wideangle - YouTube

8 January 2022 

7 January 2022

Russian forces now surround Ukraine on three sides, and Western officials fear a military operation could start as soon as this month. Michael Schwirtz and 

6 January 2022
Ukraine Tension: Vladimir Putin और Recep Tayyip Erdogan के बीच क्या बात हुई? (BBC Hindi) - YouTube

3 January 2022
Someone serving the interests of others that run counter to the interests of the Russian.
Russian President Vladimir Putin: Speaking of history, as a reminder, our opponents have been saying throughout the centuries that Russia cannot be defeated, but can only be dismantled from within, which they successfully accomplished during WWI, or rather, after it ended, and then in the 1990s, when the Soviet Union was being dismantled from within. Putin: Russia Cannot Be Defeated By An External Opponent, But Can Only Be Defeated From Within! - YouTube

24 December 2021

They cheated. They just blatantly deceived us.
Russian President Vladimir Putin to Sky News' Diana Magnay: The United States is standing with missiles on our doorstep. Is it an excessive requirement not to install attack systems at our home? How would the Americans react if missiles were placed at the border with Canada or Mexico?

23 December 2021 
Russian President Putin has dropped the first hint at a potential war in Ukraine. Putin has warned the US and NATO of taking 'military measures' amid rising tensions over Ukraine. The Russian President also said that Russia had 'nowhere to retreat' in a standoff with the US. Experts say this is a clear sign that Moscow is gearing up for war.
Meanwhile, Dmitry Kiselyov, head of a Russian state media, sent a chilling threat to the West. Kiselyov warned US-NATO of a nuclear war where 'everyone will be turned into radioactive ash'. Another Russian state media also reportedly said that 'maybe we really are on the verge of war with NATO'.

22 December 2021
Where are the Minsk agreements? Russian President Vladimir Putin: The United States and its allies need to understand that Russia simply "has nowhere to retreat" if American missiles appear in Ukraine.

BREAKING! Putin: the US Wants To Put Hypersonic Missiles In Ukraine! Russia Has "Nowhere To Retreat"! - YouTube Russia Insight 22 December 2021. 
"Armed conflicts, bloodshed is absolutely not our choice, we do not want such a development of events. We want to resolve issues by political and diplomatic means, but at least have clear, understandable, and clearly stated legal guarantees. This is the meaning of our proposals, set out on paper and sent to Brussels and Washington. and we hope to receive a clear, comprehensive answer to them."  
"Russia is ready to take military-technical measures if NATO expands close to its borders, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a Defense Ministry enlarged board meeting. As Putin stressed, Russia has the full right to measures intended to ensure its security and sovereignty!" 22 December 2021.

19 December 2021

"But being in power for 20 years, you do not think that you bear even a fraction of the responsibility for the deplorable state of these relations." BBC correspondent asked Putin. Putin said, "I feel responsible for what is happening with Russia and its people." In Kosovo, the parliament made a decision, and you swallowed it all and said that this is both right and good, this is democracy. In Crimea, people came to the referendum, voted, but for some reason, you do not like it. I want to remind you that democracy is the rule of the people, and one must either recognize it or then abandon this term altogether in every case... Why do you think that we cannot analyze and understand such elementary things?" (6:29).
Russian President Vladimir Putin was asked by BBC correspondent Steve Rosenberg whether Russia was "squeaky clean," or responsible for the current bad state of Russia - West relations.
15 December 2022 (Game Changer Interview of Putin - explaining his motives)
We have heard your assurances that NATO will not expand eastward. But you have not kept your promises. 
Putin explains reasons to occupy Ukraine. We are white and fluffy (angels) (4:39) but we are not idiots. We have heard your assurances that NATO will not expand eastwards. But you have not kept your promises.
USA, China, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, France, and Japan - everything is ahead of us in spending on war weapons. Sanctions against Crimeans and reasons given by Putin. (4:12). Why do you think that we can not analyze and understand such elementary things? (6:27).
Russian President Vladimir Putin was asked by BBC correspondent Steve Rosenberg whether Russia was "squeaky clean," or responsible for the current bad state of Russia - West relations.
5 December 2021
The conflict has killed more than 13,000 people, including thousands of civilians. Now residents feel they are being asked to prepare for a full-out battle with Russia. Could Ukraine lose the Donbas region to Russia, and if not, how much further loss of life could become necessary to ward off the threat? International allies like the US and others have voiced support, but will that be enough to protect Ukraine? Or is Russia just flexing its muscles on its borders again, looking to keep everyone guessing, and retaliation at bay?

26 September 2015

UnCommon Core: The Causes and Consequences of the Ukraine Crisis John J. Mearsheimer, the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor in Political Science and Co-director of the Program on International Security Policy at the University of Chicago, assesses the causes of the present Ukraine crisis, the best way to end it, and its consequences for all of the main actors. A key assumption is that in order to come up with the optimum plan for ending the crisis, it is essential to know what caused the crisis. Regarding the all-important question of causes, the key issue is whether Russia or the West bears primary responsibility.