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New Zealand

 'Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony' (Mahatma Gandhi)

"Does Hindutva cause Islamophobia?"
1. Who are Hindus?
2. What is Hinduism?
3. What is Hindutva?
4. What are Nationalism? and ethnic nationalism? 
5. How do national politics affect the international diaspora?
6. Will there be a conflict between Hindus and other communities from the Indian diaspora in New Zealand? How does the literature inform regarding this in Europe and US?
7. How much it is widespread?
8. What groups exist in India? and in New Zealand associated with it?
9. What do they hope to achieve?

A. Minutes talk 
A-1. What is the problem? 
A-2. Why is the problem important?
A-3. What is the expected/aspired contribution of this research?

B. Literature review 
Theoretical framework sections

27 April 2022

"A leader should unite the people for constructive jobs in the interests of the people and nation. Foreign rulers should divide the subjects to rule and keep subjects involved in their selfish interests. This is the main theory of politics" JSD. Modi is following my theory. People who are against humanity infuse ideas of division. This may be in form of religion, castes, gender, race, or territory. We are living in a different time of history. Media and the internet changed the ground to communicate to unite and divide. 
अगर हम नारायण गुरुजी के आह्वान को समझें, तो पाएंगे कि उनके संदेशों से आत्मनिर्भर भारत का भी मार्ग बनता है। हम सभी की एक ही जाति है- भारतीयता। हम सभी का एक ही धर्म है- सेवाधर्म, अपने कर्तव्यों का पालन। हम सभी का एक ही ईश्वर है- भारत मां की 130 करोड़ से अधिक संतानें: पीएम

23 April 2022
Politics in India: Hindu Muslim riots are incubated, which may show its results soon. 
On Rath Yatra of Hanuman Muslims stone pelting in Delhi in Jahangir puri on 
Delhi Municipality bulldozed illegal construction allowed earlier due to corrupt practices in existence in India including shops near Masjid and road side encroachments by mainly Muslims in Jahangirpuri where stone pelting on Police officials were also recorded.\ on next day with the help of Polce. Police is under centre BJP govt and Delhi is under AAP.
In Congress ruled Rajasthan Police bulldozed illegal construction of 250-300 year old temple in Alwar Rajasthan. "A case of demolition of three Hindu temples has come to light in Alwar, Rajasthan. Hindu organizations have expressed their anger over this incident. It is alleged that in Alwar, the municipality has run a bulldozer on the 300-year-old temple."
2 April 2022 Karauli 

10 April 2022 Khargon

16 April 2022 Jahangirpuri - Congress blamed that it is particular to minority community Muslim. Congress and Owaisi both talked about the vindictive use of government machinery. The bulldozer was first used by the Uttar Pradesh government against illegal construction.

17 April 2022 Alwar - three temples around 300 years old Shiv, Ganesh temples were broken under a master plan the road was to be widened. 85 shops and houses were broken by Alwar municipality. Citizens are saying that municipal people did not see any papers produced to them. Board of Munciplaity is of BJP and MLA is also of BJP. Rajasthan is working against Hindu temples. How can the government take action, who is supposed to protect people and property? Congress is blaming BJP.

22 April 2022 
What is a just war? Can war be just at all? What happens if a leader orders all his subjects to take weapons and fight the invader? Can invading army take revenge against the civilians with arms and without arms? Civilians are combatants once they obey the order of their senior to bear arms and are fighting justly, for they are following the demands of their leader. This is true in the case of all genders, for women may also fight invaders with weapons, as shown in the news regarding Ukraine.
Are suppliers of war equipment, after the start of the war, war criminals?
Does a unipolar world cause more destruction of property and humanity? Is a bipolar world better than a unipolar world? Does polarity not change without the loss of human lives?
What should the future look like for the next generation? Many questions are coming to mind.
But I am busy researching Hindutva and, more interestingly white paper published by Dutta of Messey University, New Zealand. I agree with Dr. Dutta and Dr. Samant that the cultural elements of Hindutva in Aotearoa be closely examined and interrogated.
Wilson published in the New Zealand Journal of Psychology vol 48, no.1 April 2019 his research that Muslims are seen as threatening both hierarchical and traditional social relations. One reason associated with increasing anti-Muslim prejudice is the role played by media (p. 138).
Other authors write: "The era of the ethnically homogeneous nation is over" (Liu et al. 2005:11). "The last two decades of immigration have transformed our country, and such diversity raises new questions at every level" (Morris 2005: 246).
I do not agree with those researches. I believe that all human beings behave in the same way. Each bio machine is designed by specific genetic codes of bioinformatics. Scholars should work to find out the methods of changing these genes, which can bring peace and prosperity to humanity. Does religion help to find out means to minimize/curtail identity? Poverty, identity, religion, inequality, greed, jealousy, grievance, fear of the unknown, and ego are the leading causes of conflict.
But the main question before me remains to prove, with the help of literature and statistics, that Hinduism preaches nonviolence and minimizes religious identity with 3.3 million Gods and Goddesses. For example, Hindus take a stone from the roadside and assume that stone is Shiva (Mahadeva). Reasons for conflict are further minimized by changing food habits - Satvik, Rajasik, and Tamsik.
To counter Dutta, Berti, Jaoul, Kanungo; Sharma; Thobani; Kumbamu; Baber; Falcone; Banaji; Bhatt and Mukta; Bidwai, and Jaffrelot is a big challenge. Indian journalists like Barkha Dutt and others gained popularity by criticizing India and Hindus for what others wanted to listen.
I must prove that
1. Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) is not a terrorist organization.
2. The narratives taught by Swami Chinmayananda's mission do not assert the supremacy of Hindu nationalism and do not cause pride which may result in hatred. Instead, descriptions help reduce conflicts.
3. CAA and NCR do not take citizenship but give citizenship.
4. Abolition of article 370 was necessary to bring peace to the Indian subcontinent, for corruption was rampant in Jammu and Kashmir. Women had no rights in J&K. Pak-sponsored terrorists compelled Hindu Kashmiris to migrate from Kashmir.
5. Hindutva does not allow saffron terror in India and the Indian diaspora.

17 April 2022
जहांगीरपुरी हिंसा में कई अहम खुलासे हो रहे है. फिलहाल आरोपी अंसार से पुलिस की पूछताछ जारी है. जहांगीरपुरी हिंसा से जुड़ी देखिए 50 बड़ी खबरें. There was violence in many places in India. Muslims throw stones during the Hanuman Jayanti festival celebration not only in Delhi but also in many other places. Four Muslims have been arrested in Delhi Jahangiri stone-throwing. Police persons were affected.

Reframing the India-New Zealand relationship: Suzannah Jessep suggests that it is time to think big to bring the two countries closer together.

"Hoadley, Stephen. "From the American Century to the Liberal Century: Stephen Hoadley looks back at America's geopolitical failures and successes during his lifetime and hopes for a more liberal future." New Zealand International Review, January-February 2022, 24+. Gale Academic OneFile (accessed February 20, 2022).". Another article by Stephen Hoadley 

In late 2020, the Indian High Commission welcomed new research conducted by the Waitakere Indian Association which declared that New Zealand's Indian diaspora contributed $10 billion to the New Zealand economy in 2019. (19)

Every month, India produces one million new tertiary graduates, two million newborn babies, and three new billionaires. Today, one-tenth of the world's population is made up of Indians under the age of 30. It has approximately 780 spoken languages and over 2000 ethnic groups

In a 2020 speech given by Ram Madhav, the general secretary of India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), he noted: 'From now on, Asia will rule the world, and that changes everything because in Asia, we have civilizations rather than nations.' (25) As was the case with China, it is common to hear Indian scholars bemoan the fact that Western nations assume that as India grows it will automatically integrate into the Western liberal world order, further liberalize and increasingly adopt Western (particularly American) values. (26)

The fact that so little is known or understood about India in the New Zealand population is, in itself, an area that requires further work.

Singapore and India exchanged more than 40 ministerial visits to and from India, including three at the prime minister level. By contrast, the last time an Indian prime minister visited New Zealand was in 1986--34 years ago, despite Prime Minister Modi visiting both Fiji and Australia in 2014.

Today, the New Zealand High Commission on Sir Edmund Hillary Marg is a sanctuary in the heart of New Delhi and the site of many great gatherings between Kiwis and Indian friends. It is time to think big again--but this time, not to move apart but rather to bring India and New Zealand closer together.

13 April 2022
Kerala Governor, Arif Mohammad Khan spoke candidly to Zee News on the Hijab controversy. In the interview, Arif Mohammad Khan talks about these issues - Whose 'interest' are hidden in the Hijab controversy? Who are the people who cover the 'smile' with the hijab? What is Arif Mohammad Khan's thinking about the uproar in the entire country on Hijab, see in this interview.

28 January 2019
Shah Bao case explained by Arif Mohamad Khan to NDTV anchor that Prime Minister of India at that time P.V.Narsimha Rao told that if Muslims wants to remain in the gutter (gutter), then why Arif Khan is opposing. We are in politics. We are not social workers (Samaj Sudharak). At that time Congress and parliament reverted the Supreme court verdict specifying that Shah Bano must get money from her husband, as her husband disowned her by saying verbally three-time "talaaq, talaaq, talaaq". Not only Narshimah Rao but Arun Singh, Arun Nehru, Fotedar, PV Narsimha Rao (experienced old stalwart of Congress) requested that when shah bano has withdrawn her case, then why are you resisting. He cited the example of Birbal and Baingan. tried their best that Kahan withdraws his resignation. It was a Muslim appeasement policy by Congress. Modi passed this bill immediately after his winning majority in 2019 elections. Muslim minister resigned for Muslim appeasement.

Rigidity, fundamentalism, and conservatism is eating Muslims as white ants (18:00). If you speak lie at home, your child shall also tell a lie. Quran does not tell you that do not blame others for your problem.
Muslim opposed english teaching / Deoband said that do not learn modern technology. 4% Muslim control Masjid. For Deobandi Barailvies are kafir, For Barelvi Deobandi is kafir, For both hadies are Kafirand for them Shia 's are Kafir , all four posted Ahmadiyas. So there is no tolerance in Muslim community. As a journalist, you can not put words in to my mouth. This intolerance cane from what, what will be the result of it. I am Quran follower. I cannot fight for that. I should be usedfuil for the society.

Sai Baba was a son of Muslim, who worked for the society and Indina Hindus worship him as God. Indian Hindus who serves society call him God. Muslims should improve its working. It was interview of Arfa Khanam Sherwani - NDTV anchoe opposing Modi and Hindutva. 28 June 2019 Wire

Sunday, 10 April 2022

Pakistan Politics

 10 April 2022

Army has been launched on the streets of Islamabad, 6 tanks of the Pakistan Army have been launched on the streets of Islamabad

9 April 2022

Imran Khan speaks about the mistakes of Pakistan to support the US and failure to take acre of FATA. 

Calling on the people of the country to protect the country's sovereignty, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan pointed to India and said that no superpower can dictate terms to India. "None of them has the guts to speak to India like that," he said, making sensational claims that foreign powers are trying to topple his government as they want a pliable man at the top. He also accused the opposition of being hand in glove with them in order to get out of legal cases. NDTV reports 9 April 2022. 35 lacs people suffered. Pak took dollars and entered into war with Afghanistan. If you take the money and then do war, then there is no respect. 50 lacs refugees were inside Pakistan. Earlier we were fighting against invasion by Russia and later we were fighting to destabilize Afghanistan.