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Dissertation on conflict minimisation

7 January 2022
Can democracy survive? What is the life cycle of democracy?
Facebook by Jaipal Datta on 7 January 2020. 

22 December 2021
Number of conflicts as per the report tweeted by Chris Wilson
2 December 2021 
Chris Wilson tweets "We know from the study of political violence that movements often become more radical and violent as attention to them wanes and they achieve little through institutionalised channels. Comments on this post calling for violence, obtaining weapons etc perhaps indicate this".

21 October 2021 
The court hearing of terror attack in Christ Church March 15, 2019, in which 51 people died.
The purpose of the Coroners Court is to establish the facts of how someone died and determine whether any recommendations should be made for how similar deaths could be prevented in the future.

17 October 2021 
Imran Pratapgarhi and Hashmi Ferozabadi are preaching peace in different words.

24 August 2021

Historical memory by Shashi Throor

20 August 2021

"Historians, soldiers and politicians will debate for decades the particulars of what went wrong during America’s intervention in Afghanistan. But a simple truth has been apparent for years: We Westerners failed not for lack of effort, but because military and economic power alone cannot change the Islamic world in a lasting way.

The U.S.-led coalition arrived in South Asia 20 years ago seeking justice after 9/11. Soon we turned into apostles of universal civilization, the idea that human beings everywhere would make the same basic decisions we made in building political community. We set out to establish a liberal democratic state, not realizing that politics lies downstream of culture, and culture downstream of religion. It never occurred to us that America was what it was because of Christianity, and Afghanistan was what it was because of Islam.

The political scientist Samuel Huntington was right: Islamic societies belong to a distinctive civilization that resists the imposition of foreign values through power. We may believe that argument or not, but trillions of dollars, tens of thousands of lives, and two decades of warfare have not proved otherwise.

Still, many remain blind to the obvious. Facing seemingly unrelated chaos in places like Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, the Palestinian territories, Yemen, Libya and Nigeria, our diplomats and strategists devise one-off responses that ignore the common ideologies and actors that link them. Finding piles of broken china around the room, they diligently glue the pieces back together, not seeing the elephant nearby whose feet are covered in ceramic dust.

This blindness is driven by a noble desire to see humans as equal, interchangeable beings for whom faith and culture are accidents of birth. But these accidents are non-negotiable truths for hundreds of millions of people who would rather die than concede them. Failure to comprehend this is a symptom of spiritual emptiness: Alienated from America’s Christian origins, millions cannot fathom how faith could play a vital role in binding humans together."

10 February 2021
"Religion, Ideology, and politics divide us
Humanity, dreams, and anguish bring us together". Milind Deora

20 January 2021
Today I just got the idea and am writing. "Conflict can be minimized by following rules of law. These rules inculcate fear of punishment. Hindus added fear in the religion, and it inculcates fear of retaliation in the next birth. Atman takes rebirth. There is a reaction to action taken. If I kill someone, then in next birth, he shall kill me. Fear is created to reduce crime. Muslims used it that if you kill Kafir, then you may get many virgins for sexual pleasure after death. Fear and award are used by religion to inculcate fear to perform well for that society".

30 December 2020
28 December 2020
"Conflict due to identity of north, south, east, west, and religion cannot be eliminated but minimized by opening borders and educating white, black, brown, and yellow children.
Class (rich and poor) generates conflict. We can reduce this conflict through good governance.
Conflict due to the ego (greed and grievance) of political leaders and elites cannot be wished away. It causes war, genocide, rape, and evil in humanity. On the other hand, the religion of nonviolence teaches love and affection" by JPS.

11 December 2020

Government report informs some details for unity

5 December 2020

James Madison " It may be a reflection on human nature, that such devices should be necessary to control government abuse. But what is government itself, but the greatest reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed, and in the next place oblige it to control itself." The Federalist No. 51
31August 2020 
Facebook by JSD Belarus, Berlin, and Washington demonstrations 

29 July 2020

"The aim, indeed, is not to unite against China or anybody else, but to pull in China and others, and convince them that their political stability, economic prosperity, and security too depend on the rules-based order."

"A lot depends on China’s behavior, of course. China is an authoritarian state, and it is a great power. The EU and the US have to speak up for human rights. Therefore, they must criticize China’s violation of the principle of “one country, two systems” in Hongkong and its horrible treatment of the Uighur population in Xinjiang. But because China is a great power, Europe and America speak out in the knowledge that they have little leverage".

"More importantly, even if China were to become a democracy tomorrow, it would still be a great power, pursuing global interests. A democratic China would not likely drop its claims to the South China Sea, abandon the Belt and Road Initiative, or stop its influence operations in Europe and other places. That is what directly affects the European and American interest, and what they should push back against when China violates the rules-based order".  and it is taken from my E-mail dated 29 July 2020 - see the label of Democracy without borders

Read other articles published on my FaceBook as stated above.

29 July 2020 

World Citizens Initiative

22 July 2020
If you want peace, prepare for war

9 July 2020
New welafre world by Jaipal Datta  
1. Syria and Iran are signing a pact to keep the US away from their region. Danger to democracy.

2. "Time is not on our side in #Libya," Secretary-General said in the Security Council today. "The conflict has entered a new phase with foreign interference reaching unprecedented levels." His full remarks:

3.     Amid a compilation of articles praising Xi's concept of a "community with a shared future for humanity," Zhou's article oddly stands out. It was as if to say that the "community" Xi envisions is an economic bloc.

"The demise of the Soviet Union is a topic in which Xi himself has been interested. He sees it as a bad example that China must avoid.

He once said, "Why did the Soviet Union disintegrate? Why did the Soviet Communist Party collapse? An important reason was that their ideals and convictions wavered."

"Finally, all it took was one careless word from Mikhail Gorbachev to dissolve the Soviet Communist Party, and a great party was gone," he said.

Xi made the remarks in Guangdong Province in December 2012, shortly after taking the helm of the Chinese Communist Party as its general secretary.

Xi is firmly determined to protect his communist rule at any cost and prevent any moves that could lead to "color revolutions."

The introduction of the highly controversial national security law in Hong Kong is one piece in this puzzle."

8 June 2020 Hatred 
DW news - Media under attack 
Close to 140 instances of violence against journalists covering US protests have been recorded over the past few days. Many believe that press freedom may be under threat.

Churchill was as corrupt as the zionist-jews controlling him. Churchill was the reason Israel attacked and invaded Egypt when a peaceful resolution had already been achieved. Churchill claimed to be anti-communist yet sided with Stalin, the communist that murdered 50mn+ Christians.

Top Trump officials claim there's no systemic racism in US law enforcement agencies as Americans flood streets in protest

US: Attorney General William Barr said in an interview with CBS that he did not believe racism was a systemic problem in policing and that he did not support reducing the number of immunity officers have when someone dies in their custody

5 June 2020 
Teach your children to love, not hatred, to minimize conflict:
Saint Paul Police Chief Marches With Community Faith Leaders after 
CNN's Poppy Harlow spoke with Saint Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell, who said that any police officer who thought the video of George Floyd's arrest showed an "acceptable" use of force should hand in their badge.
More than 170 businesses damaged or looted since Floyd's killing. National Security advisor "I don't think there is systemic racism" in police forces. But Chief Todd Axtell, Saint Paul, MN Police, accepts truthfully that there is systemic racism in police forces. He is giving remedies how to minimize the conflict. Racism is in everything. Unless we fix Health care, education, Jobs, economics, policing, economical housing, the list goes on and on. If you look at the above figures, we can not minimize conflict till we rectify it. We must act. Regardless of our color and background, we must have this courageous discussion about white privilege. I keep thinking about always how young these conversations need to start? We must know how we view the world ? should we share with our children at an early age? "Human beings are born to be racists. We know we learn behavior." Integrity, Respect for All, Compassion, Empathy, these qualities are nonnegotiable - as law enforcement professionals and human beings (4:35 to 5:21).

Brigadier (Dr.) Kapil Mohan V.S.M and Padam Shree of India taught me, "One should live for others, live and let others live and work is worship."

 Sardar Shaym Singh taught me "Simple living and high thinking - live for others."

Read my Facebook writing with the news clippings about the effect of hate speeches in India.

My dissertation is to minimize conflicts or deadly conflicts. 

I must find answers in Srimad Bhagwat Geeta and Ramayana, Bible, Koran, Guru Granth Sahib, Buddhist ideology, and other literature available.

I am more interested in studying hate crimes, ethnic cleansing, mass killing, genocide, and finding a solution to eliminating violence.

Are poverty, identity, religion, and inequality responsible? One can summarise these as conditions and patterns of human behavior. It is also known as structure. Is structure the main cause? What about the agency? Agency means individual action and interests.

To understand political violence, one must understand primordialism, instrumentalism, constructivism, and institutionalism.

Is religion a cause of violent conflict? Why do so many conflicts occur along religious lines?

Is ethnic violence rational or sub-rational?

Do people fight over ethnicity and identity? It is hard to deny the importance of identity, but is it the main cause of conflict? Kashmir is an example. Is it power elite manipulation? Is it due to international actors?

Is conflict based on the territory? or political desires? Is competition of resources responsible for causing conflict?

Syrian civil war; Aceh 1979 to 2005; Papua and West Papua, Indonesia Northern Ireland, Democratic Republic of Congo, Colombia,

Many academicians have written that "Greed & Grievances cause Conflict."

If I want to minimize conflict, then I must find methods to change human nature.

I believe that Ramayana and Srimad Bhagwat Geeta inform human nature. Hindu religion preaches methods to reduce human aggressiveness by diluting religion, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, destiny, rebirth, and many psychological ways. I can add, one should change the DNA and RNA of bio species to minimize conflict.

Society should be created where we all think about others or live and let others live. No one can take his wealth along with him to the next birth. There is no end to desires and wealth.

The Lallantop informs about the visit of Trump to India. Martin Luther King also visited India. Lallantop informs details of Trump's visit about Arms sales. Radical Islamic terrorism is also spoken by Trump.

Information with Lallantop and sequence of violence. and sequence of violence

Visit of Trump by Zee News - main points are explained.

Hate speech creates violence.

News 18 informs about radical Islamic terrorism to be tackled together.

Police person was killed by Muslim goons. Times now explains.

Date wise and time-wise result of hate into violence. Aajtak informs on 25 February 2020.

Trump's speech is indicating the unity of democracy. It is worth listening to.

BBC informs the result of hate crimes. Poor Muslims were affected. This is the result of Shaheen Bagh and the second place where Muslims were squatting on the road. Height of inconvenience for seventy days resulted in these areas. Muslims in that area stopped traffic. Areas of Muslims blocked many roads. This resulted in violence.

Effect of Hate speech 26 February 2020. Violence can be seen by rioters.

Zee News explains about riots. The police were demoralized, and even acid was thrown on police. Police were criticized by Jamia and AAP leaders.

Times now explain the same. Unverified videos are circulated. It is due to hate speech about Maulana, who appreciated Shaheen Bagh and added fuel to the fire. (7:06) dated 22 February 2020. He is aggressive about CAA and criticizing PM and Supreme Court.

News 24 also informs about riots. Anchor says that it is due to CAA. This is an example of how the police were demoralized and how it has happened. This is a riot, not anything else. Why was it done when Trump visited us? Why was again the other road blocked?

Subhi Khan informs about the reality of riots. Ahmatulla Khan's hate speech is the reason for these riots. This is to be quoted in hate speech. It is essential.

Twitter of Owaisi is now asking that police should protect. "Why do citizens have to go to court just to get cops to behave like cops?" Wahabi terrorists always put women and children in front of the police. This is known as patience. The government has given sufficient time to these terrorists.

Aaj Tak informs on 27 February 2020. Trigger point - when against CAA, protestors blocked the road.

BBC informs about destruction during riots in the Hindu colony. 26 February 2020 report. One of the people informs that Muslims came and destroyed houses and shops. People came from Masjid after prayers. Police did not act in time, as the police were demoralized.

The Lallantop informs that the High court informs about hate speech (6:06 and 7:00) and what precautions to be taken. Sonia did not (8:30) mention that why and how can roads be blocked? There is a fear psychosis. How can the Lallantop blame police? If human rights person talks against the police in Jamia and JNU or in Shaheen Bagh, this results from hate. Look at (14:40).

Anti-CAA riots in Lucknow. These are rioters and not demonstrators, 20 December 2019 in Lucknow. People must learn from this.

News 18 India informs about violence. I shall call spade and spade. For three months, rhetoric was created.

See Aljazzera News and DW news on my Facebook link.

Timeline Delhi Violence by the Lallantop

Tahir - AAP MLA of Delhi - started violence from his house. In trucks, stones were collected here. Tahir created 5 story house in the Hindu area and created violence.

Dr. Subramanyam Swamy (Zee News 3:28) explains about violence. The road was blocked for a long time. It was a mistake of the Government no to take any action. When Hindus and Muslims are living together, then there is violence. Many Muslims do not want to. The death of the IB Inspector is bad. People sitting illegally then the government is to be blamed. Tahir Hussain's house is indicative of this violence. AAP is a different party.

Kanhaiya Kumar is booked against criminal offense.  Listen also many other cases against written by me on Facebook. has been modified again.

ABP news informs on 29 February 2020

AAJ Tak informs, and Aaj Tak informs dateline of violence. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are telling people to come to the streets (00:29).

Rajdeep Sardesai informs that people blame Kezariwal. Muslims are to be blamed. Read my Facebook on which details are mentioned.

Why Muslims do not live with others - report by BBC

Why was a Mosque sealed in Gurgaon? BBC report informs.

In Muslim Madrasa, some illegal weapons were found in Bijnaur, Uttar Pradesh.

On 17 December 2019, BBC reports, Muslims are informing that demonstration turned violent. The person complaining about the police on 17 December 2019. Starting of a riot near Madrasas in Seelampur.  Muslims are against CAA. According to people, they do not believe in the government. Muslims became violent. People blaming the police can be seen.

The result of this insecurity reported earlier by BBC on 17 December can be seen on 29 February 2020. BBC reports.

Erdogan is informing that Muslims are killed by Hindus on 28 February 2020.  Internet blocked in Turkey after Syria killed Turkey Soldiers in IDLIB.

Why is Yogi taking action in UP - 29 February 2020?

The British government has termed CAA as divisive.

Violence Cycle Gulel used for riots

The media used words in such a way to instigate violence.

Zee News informs that Umar Khalid in Amravati spoke and told people to come on roads when Trump comes to India.

AAP Muslim leader blames Congress Muslim leader that Congress leader is trying to start riots. 18 December 2019 blamed approximately 30 days before and signaled that the riot is political.

Hate Speech in India. Aaj Tak analyses hate speech. There is no definition of hate speech in Indian politics. Justice Jaspal Singh explains about hate speech of Manoj Misra of Delhi. The consequences of hate speech/sedition can be explained.  It is a warning, not hate speech. It is a threat. Emotions are created, and it is warning type speech. It can not be UKSAANA WALI SPEECH. Hate like Allah is bad etc., is not correct. Words used can not be explained as hate speech. One should look at the consequences after the speech. Did his speech can create hate and violence.

Listen to the hate speech. Sonia said that one should come out of the house and come on the street. She told AAR and PAR. One justice said that one should come out and take action. The second Justice said that it does not hate speech. The third Justice said that Sonia's speech is about CAA. So if we look at that angle, then it may be considered hate speech. Democracy's essence is tolerance. Anurag Thakur Speech about DESH KE GADDARON KO - GOLI MARO SALON KO. Is it hate speech? It is exciting, and he is guilty. Other Justice also agrees that no one can decide to kill or decide who is Gaddar. This is definitely hate speech. One should not give this type of speech. It is to be hate speech. Till we listen to complete lecture till then, it is not hate speech. What about Assiurdin Owaisi's speech? Can it be considered hate speech? Kill me if you can, Owaisi said. Is it hate speech?
What about the speech of Rahul Gandhi? (27:43). All Justice certified that this is hate speech. Is it right to descent? Beat with sticks? It is Bad Jumani. In public life, one should not use it as a metaphor. Leaders must use proper language. In six months, young people shall beat Modi. It is bad. What about Parvesh (31;46). What can happen? Can it be hate speech? He has given an example. He said that one should vote carefully. It can not be hate speech. It is told to a particular community. Religion is Islam. Musselman is not religion. This speech was during elections. So it violates election rules but can not be classified as hate speech. According to Jaspal Singh, it is hate speech. What about Waris Khan (36:03). Justice Gupta certifies that it is hate speech. We are already free. What more freedom do we want? Is it the freedom to stone people? It is hate speech. We all want to live together. This is true hate speech. Singh said that it's freedom of speech. Harsh Mander (42:26) said that the Supreme court failed. Now future of India shall be on the streets, not in the Supreme court. Singh said that one can criticize decisions but can not criticize institutions. It is creating hatred against Supreme Court.
According to AAJ Tak, "Be informed and take your decision."

Details of riots explained in North East Delhi - border with UP by Amit Shah in Parliament. This riot killed 52 Indians. The area is congested. The detail is told by Amit Shah. Details of / chronology of events explained by the home minister of India (18:30). Money was laundered, and the bank account was opened and closed within five days (32:00). Money shall be collected from all people who burnt houses so that money can be recovered. Is there a connection between riots and PFI in Delhi? Mohmad Danish was arrested and supported by the Shaheen Bagh people. Danish arranged funds. Danish was doing law in Ghaziabad and was living in Trilokpuri in Delhi. 73 bank accounts and 120 crores rupees 25 Million NZD were collected and distributed during riots. ( How can money wage riots? PFI president and secretary arrested. It indicates that no conflict can be created without money. Delhi police arrested PFI and their bank accounts. This proves that riots can be waged by politicians as well as enemies of the nation. These riots were created by Heena Bashir was arrested by the wife and husband of mobile (9:35). Pakistani connection is found in the mobile of Bashir. Amir Sultani's reference was also informed (10:45).

Media and hate speech are connected in today's world, Twitter of Rajdeep Sardesai.

I wrote on FaceBook about Corona Virus. But look how Muslims gather in Jama Masjid and Shaheen Bagh to create unrest due to the deaths due to the virus? What about the gathering of Hindus and Sikhs in Temple, Haridwar, and Gurudwaras or churches? Shaheen Bagh can create conflict again.

Hate speech by Maria Wirth on Hinduism by others.

Gender Terrorism theory by Alexandra Phelan

1 June 2020 Happiness by Dalai Lama
"Material development is important, but it only provides physical comfort. Peace of mind contributes to good health. Families that are moved by kindness, whether rich or poor, are happy; whereas those that are rich, but lacking in kindness and affection are unhappy." Dalai Lama

Reasons of conflict 
Identity creates conflict. The first method to minimize conflict is to remove this identity. This is what are the teachings of Sikhism. Today it is the Guru festival. (Guru Parv). My greetings.

The other sources of conflict are ideology, gender, racial identity, party affiliation, friendship, competence, personal background, and past employment or history. Geography, territory, social culture, economic inequality, jealousy, and different way of life add to conflict fire. Ultimately political power comes out of the barrel of a gun in a simple language after killing and raping humanity. Sad, but looks true. 
The identity of religion is the main source of conflict.

Political System - New Way to Think 
Understanding the Political Scenario of INDIA, CANADA, JAPAN, CHINA, USA, FRANCE, etc., by Yuri B.

Who Created Pution by Vladimir Pozner
How and why did the US annoy Russia? We are racing towards WWIII (37:00 to 38:00). We are being manipulated by the media.

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Progress Model in India


I shall be informing the model of progress in India.

14 July 2021 Population control by Yogi and Modi

1.0 Uttar Pradesh's progress is explained by Yogi Adityanath.  The construction of infrastructure is explained. GDP increased. Education to children informed. Appointment of teachers and qualification of teachers explained. According to the Supreme Court qualification of the teacher is to be considered. Socialism is misutilized by certain people. Communism and socialism failed in India. Some families have used these words for their benefit. Uttar Pradesh is using transparency. Yogi also clarifies that which freedom they want.
People in India / Uttar Pradesh are secure now. If someone is coming to kill by a bullet, then the bullet can be fired from any side.
2.0 Maharashtra government is on the verge of breaking. Congress is trying to get lucrative ministries. These people behaved anti-national. Maharashtra agrees that CAA and NPR shall be implemented. Uddhav Thakre announced after meeting Prime Minister. Sonia Congress objected to it. Shiv Sena chief could not talk to Sonia. Udhav Thakre tweeted after meeting Sonia that there are some problems in CAA and NPR. Chief Minister of Maharashtra changed his dialogue. Shiv Saniks accepted Sonia's verdict. Manish Tiwari advised Udhav Thakre, chief minister of Maharashtra.

3.0 Jafrabaad is causing law and order problems in Delhi. It is a repetition of Shaheen Bagh. Again same demands are put forward to create problems in India. Read my earlier articles that Pakistan is creating all these problems. Where is government administration? What can the Indian government do? What is an agenda? 

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Face Book writings

14 July 2021
Population by Aaj Tak and The Lallantop 

Election in West Bengal 

NRC in Assam by retired Chief Justice of Supreme Court 

11 February 2020 
As an Indian citizen, I am convinced that Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) is not against Indian Citizens. I am also convinced that the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and National Population Register (NPR) should be implemented. I am also aware that no country allows illegal migrants. Congress committed mistakes thirty years after the death of Indira Gandhi. Illegal migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh were allowed by Sonia Congress and corrupt politicians in power in Center and states. Sonia Congress failed and created problems for the survival of India.
I know that no nation can exist without maintaining law and order. I also know that political challenges are to be faced. No political party can accept violence in a democracy. Historians may blame police and intelligence. But all Indians know that corruption was rampant during Sonia congress time. Corruption was in the legislatures, executives, and judiciary. Modi is only trying to change. In a democracy, one can not change the systems and culture of citizens so easily. Many people became corrupt because survival required to be corrupt. Many are still corrupt in India. Old habits die hard. Corrupt politicians are supporting anti-nationals for their survival. Corrupt politicians and Pakistan are using poor, uneducated Indian Muslim men, women, and children.
The fact remains that Indian Muslims are divided on this issue. It is also known that radical Muslims supported by Pakistan are instigating violence to create law and order problems. Anti nationals and criminals may exploit the situation, and riots may erupt in the Indian capital or India.
What is the solution? I trust the leadership of Narender Bhai Modi and his political maturity. I am convinced that Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat for fifteen years. If the police take action against women and children of Shaheen Bagh, human rights NGOs will start shouting against the police and administration. Political criminals have learned lessons from other countries to create unrest and use tactics to create riots and deadly ethnic conflicts in India.
All demonstrations need a reason to act and money from the rich politicians. I correlate this movement with the speech of Imran Khan in the United Nations, in which he called all Muslims to unite and take revenge against India. I know many Muslims are not pro-Pakistani. The same was the case in Kashmir. The same was in Colombia. Only a few radicals can create problems. But many people may suffer. Protest march to parliament is to be condemned by all citizens. A few people can not take parliament to ransom. Other citizens may act against these goons sooner than later.

"We shall not show papers." 
India is on watch.
10 February 2020
Each democracy suffers from migration as migration causes conflict, though migrants help economics. Migration in Texas USA.

7 February 2020 
The connection of money/funding to create/instigate violence in India during Delhi Elections ( Delhi is one of the provinces in India) is well documented by the enforcement directorate. In a democracy, money is used to instigate violence in uncivilized countries. Democracy must learn lessons.
PFI (Popular Front of India - a Muslim party) receives funds illegally, as per the report. Why are Muslims of India against CAA and NPR / NRC? Why are Muslims of India supported by Pakistan and Indonesia? What is the safe percentage of minorities to live peacefully with majorities? How are some non-Muslim countries / democratic countries able to administer peacefully? Is it a failure of Indian intelligence? Is it greed of Aam Admi Party / Arvind Kejariwal? Is it fear of Congress? (Many cases of money laundry of Congress leaders are in the court. Is it fear of being arrested or losing power by Congress? ).
Many voters of Delhi are confusing between the security of the nation and free electricity and water. An example of Kashmir is being discussed during the Delhi elections. Why are only selected media representatives allowed to enter inside Shaheen Bagh area? Why are some not allowed to interview or even take photos inside Shaheen Bagh? Many questions remain unanswered.
But fact indicates something is wrong in Shaheen Bagh. The fact is Muslims are feeling insecure, demonstrators are Muslims, India is ready for violence, conflict is brewing between Hindus and Muslims, opposition after defeating in elections and in parliament want to create violent conflict on the roads of India, the opposition is supporting Muslims to dismember India like Yugoslavia, Pakistan wants to take revenge of 1971 war, Turkey, Pakistan and Indonesia are supporting Muslims of India.
India is accustomed to this violence during elections. This is well documented by Donald L. Horowitz in his book "The Deadly Ethnic Riot" and Paul R. Brass in his book "The Production of Hindu - Muslim violence in contemporary India."
Indians and Indian leaders must learn lessons from these books and try their best to avoid "The Deadly Ethnic Riots." I trust Narender Bhai Modi, Amit Shah, Yogi Adityanath, and their political experience. But Abhimanyu was killed when he was surrounded by evil opponents. History has many examples to prove that India was looted by many invaders. Delhi elections are one of the turning points in the history of India. Delhi voters must think twice before casting their votes.
5 February 2020

Definition of the minority in India 21 February 2020

22 February 2020 about Shaheen Bagh and division of India.