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Russia Ukrain 2022

14 May 2022

23 March 2022

1. Zelensky pleads for Mariupol evacuations and requests Putin to allow citizens of Mariupol to migrate.

2. There are only two outcomes, not five outcomes as told by Sky News. One Ukraine defeated or Second world war III to end humanity.

20 March 2022  -  Aaj Tak 

As the Russian attack on Ukrainian cities continues, President Zelenskyy said on Saturday that “meaningful negotiations” are the “only chance for Russia to reduce the damage from its own mistakes”. After days of progress, talks between the two nations have hit a roadblock with Russia accusing Ukraine of dragging on peace talks. According to UN estimates, nearly 6.5 million people have been internally displaced in Ukraine since the war began.

Australia warns China. But China is Australia's biggest trade partner. China acts against Australia if China does not like Australia's internal policy. Listen also 2:50 onwards about Global conflict. It is an absolute tragedy. If there is sanctions, one should try to avoid worldwide conflict.

19 March 2022

Did NATO promise Russia? DW informs that NATO shall move no one inch to the east (2:50) .

Russia ordered to stop the warRussia ordered to stop war: Here's what ruling means (

AAJ Tak informs dated 19 March 2022

17 March 2022

1. Finland, Sweden and Austria after WWII accepted neutrality and are neutral. Same Ukraine can be. Demilitarizing is still pending. News Nation

2. Ukraine on Wednesday rejected Russia's proposals to adopt neutral status like Austria or Sweden as it continued negotiations on a peace deal with Moscow’s delegation. "Ukraine is now in a direct state of war with Russia. As a result, the model can only be 'Ukrainian' and only on legally verified security guarantees," Ukraine’s top negotiator Mikhailo Podolyak said in comments published by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's office. Instead, Ukraine is pressing Russia for a legally binding security agreement, signed by international partners, who would "not stand aside in the event of an attack on Ukraine, as they do today". AAJ Tak 

3. Still so far to go, as per Newshub of New Zealand dated 17 March 2022.  News Hub NZ

4. Talks are continuing but the war is also continuing. On the 22nd day of Russia-Ukraine war, Russian troops have upped the offensive in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. Take a look at this report to know more. Now the talk is continuing every day. It is a positive sign. Russia wants that Ukraine should not join NATO and demilitarize the army. 

Ten options before Russia and Ukraine India Today

16 March 2022

Conflict Zone on Ukraine by DW news

15 March 2022

Latvia's Prime Minister, Krišjanis Karinš, warns that NATO and Europe need to shore up their defenses against Russia. Sky News shows destruction by the war of Ukrainian.

14 March 2022

The battle to protect Ukraine's sovereignty has entered the third week. As Russian troops continue to attack Ukrainian cities, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stepped on his efforts to get the West to intervene. G D Bakshi analyzes Russian strategy.  Republic News   Aaj Tak 

13 March 2022

Invasion through map explained by Sky news on 13 March

11 March 2022

"So what should Nato do? In the past few days politicians in the US and Britain have compared the Russian offensive to Hitler’s annexation of the Sudetenland. The practical implication of the comparison is alarming. It suggests that as military conflict with Russia is inevitable, Nato’s best course of action is to declare war now! The Russian nuclear arsenal is too frightening for such open confrontation...

In the short term, finally, Cold War rules permit military aid in proxy wars. Latest reports suggest about 20 countries, including several Nato members, are already supplying weapons to Ukraine. If Ukrainians are prepared to fight for their country, Nato should supply them."

Russia is trying to destabilise the western world (

10 March 2022

2. DNA: Zelensky made the biggest mistake by trusting NATO? Ukraine's President Zelensky is now slowly getting ready to accept the terms of Russia. The big question is, when he had to accept Putin's conditions, why did he throw Ukraine into the war? DNA: Ukraine Russia War - जेलेंस्की से कहां हुई चूक? यूक्रेन के राष्ट्रपति जेलेंस्की ने अब NATO देशों में शामिल होने की अपनी ज़िद को छोड़ दिया है. अब वो धीरे-धीरे रूस की शर्तों को मानने के लिए तैयार हो रहे हैं. बड़ा सवाल ये है कि जब उन्हें पुतिन की शर्तें माननी ही थीं तो उन्होंने यूक्रेन को युद्ध में क्यों झोंका?  ZEE News

1. Amid the Russia-Ukraine war, there are discussions about finding a middle way for peace, but amidst all the statements and discussions, Russia has activated one of its intelligence plans to bring Ukraine to its knees immediately. The war of occupation of Kyiv has been difficult for Russia so far, but Russia has left no stone unturned to destroy the cities of the Kyiv region. The airstrikes were carried out in cities near Kyiv such as Irpin and Bucha. AAJ TAK

9 March 2022

3.  Zee News explains the economics of war and how good or bad students reacted in Ukraine. Students wanted more from the government. Some students brought with them cats and dogs from Ukraine. It is worth seeing. In December 1999 Atal Bihari Bajpayee was the Prime Minister. Many people supported by the opposition demonstrated and compelled the Indian government to let lose terrorists. Many came to Poland and did not return back to India assuming that they may get European citizenship (33:00). These students were not students but wanted to stay in Europe to earn money. This news is worth eye-opening. 16% of Ukrainian degree holders pass the Indian examination. 
DNA: Operation Ganga - Analysis of the ‘indecent’ character of Indian students Thousands of Indian students were trapped in Ukraine amid the war crisis. The Government of India brought these students back safely under Operation Ganga. But when these students reached.

2. Ethical question discussed.
"The question is this: What does an ethical response look like as we consider both the fate of Ukraine and of the stability of the world order? Russia’s nuclear arsenal throws the latter part of the question into stark relief, with Putin seeming to have threatened nuclear strikes to counter overt Western intervention. Any proposed response must be evaluated through the prism, not of the morality of intentions but the morality of expected results: will the action likely create conditions that produce a better or worse outcome? In other words, the tradeoffs for different degrees of action or inaction must be assessed against the likelihood of successful outcomes and the probabilities of catastrophe—and between “do nothing” and “do everything possible” there is an entire spectrum of options".

1. Russia may attack Kyiv reports guardian and solving logistic problems.

8 March 2022 / 13th day of war

1. Economics of war by India Today

2. Russian journalists and Ukrainian journalists talk about different opinions on the war.

3. Scenes of panic and pain were reflected in Kyiv railway station as thousands continued to flee Ukraine capital amid ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Take a look at this Ground Report: India Today 

4. 13th-day Report of Zee News

रूस यूक्रेन युद्ध का 13वां दिन आज. रूस यूक्रेन पर लगातार हमले कर रहा है. ऐसे में सवाल ये है कि क्या रूस- यूक्रेन युद्ध वर्ल्ड वॉर में बदलेगा?. देखिए पूरी खबर. Media is independent of each country but is pro to that country. West media informs differently than Russian, Ukrainian, Indian and Chinese. Try to analyze and then make an opinion.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is visiting the Baltic nations -- all of them NATO members -- to reassure them, and to warn Putin that NATO is reinforcing its eastern flank. For more on this, Christiane speaks with U.S. Ambassador to NATO Julianne Smith.

                                     Nations abstained from US resolution against Russia.

As Russia presses its attacks in Ukraine, what's the thinking in China, Vladimir Putin's chief ally against the West? And we check the temperature in Taiwan, where people are watching the war with one eye on their own giant neighbor to the north. Add population in favor, against, and for Russia. 9 countries that are with Belarus, Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, Myanmar, North Korea, China, Serbia and Pakistan are 9 countries that came openly to support Russia.   DW News

7. 12th day of war between Ukraine and Russia: People are leaving Ukraine and the Ukrainian president is still not agreeing to a ceasefire. Zee News

8. Russia-Ukraine Conflict: अचानक भारत के दीवाने हुए NATO के देश, दुनिया हैरान | Germany | France | PM Modi Zee News

9. रूस-यूक्रेन के युद्ध का आज 11वां दिन हैं. इसी बीच रूसी राष्ट्रपति व्लादिमीर पुतिन के वॉर कोड की जमकर चर्चा हो रही है. इन कोड को आम इंसान भी देख सकता है लेकिन इन्हें समझमा बेहद मुश्किल है. Zee News

10 . Russia has suffered “heavy losses”, including the deaths of two high ranking commanders, as Ukrainian forces recaptured a key city.

Civilians are dying as Zelensky is keeping citizens as shields to save his ego. (JSD).

Civilians rummage through the rubble of their former houses after they are flattened by the Russian military. Sky News

7. Kharkyiv history

Today is day 13 of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Major cities continue to be pounded and shelled, most of them now resembling ghost towns with just smoke and fire left around. We will not forgive the death of civilians and destruction of our land. Zelensky said.

7 March 2022

1. Urban/guerrilla warfare in Ukraine
Naked destruction of humanity by ego, elites, power, greed, and the grievance of intelligence looked at by innocent लाचार humanity around the world.
People should never accept inexperienced political leaders. CEOs are always selected by MNCs after analyzing past experience, qualifications, and many other factors for the responsible position.
How far the USA can avoid nuclear war on European, Russian, Asian, and American soil? How many people of how many countries may be sucked by this fire, time only will tell. Sufferings of migrants, Ukrainians, Russians, and nearby Europeans are visible. Criminals shall exploit innocent people and sufferings shall be around.
With this, I am closing my reporting of the Ukraine - Russian war on 7 March 2022. May God bless humanity.
Say "No To War". Do not count countries of UNGA but count people for, against, and abstained.

2. Sky's Special Correspondent Alex Crawford speaks to former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who said 'don't trust Putin' over reports of humanitarian corridors. Sky news

6 March 2022 - 11th day of Ukraine and Russia war

India, China, Pakistan Iran, Iraq Armenia, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Sudan, and Zimbabwe abstained from voting in UNGA. 

North Korea, Eritrea, Syria, Belarus and, unsurprisingly, Russia, voted against the resolution.

"The United Nations has voted overwhelmingly to adopt a resolution condemning Russian aggression, with 141 countries voting in favour, 35 abstaining, and only five voting against.

The resolution calls for the immediate withdrawal of its forces in a formal global expression of outrage that highlighted Russia’s increasing isolation, and received a standing ovation in the chamber. 

Thirty-five countries abstained, including Russia’s key ally China, as well as Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan, Armenia and 16 African countries.

Some countries, including China, South Africa and Iran, complained that the resolution was submitted without full consultation and input from all member countries, and it therefore risked inflaming rather than de-escalating the crisis.

India and China both previously abstained on a separate motion at the UN Security Council motion, with India reliant on Russia for military equipment, while China’s Xi Jinping has been reluctant to break off ties to Mr Putin as he seeks to rival Western influence.

Iraq’s ambassador, Bahr Aluloom, said that his country, which was invaded by the US in 2003, had abstained “because of our sufferings resulting from the continuing wars against our people.”

In speeches to the UN General Assembly in the past few days, African diplomats said their citizens were being discriminated against in Ukraine while trying to flee.".

5 March 2022

5.1 Indian news channel Zee news reports that as per information "I am in Ukraine". Zelensky says.

5.2 Thank God: Ukrainian War may be over - opinion to be verified after hearing news. Truth is always the first casualty in the fog of the war.
Ukraine's Zelensky addresses the anti-war march. The style of speech indicates that Zelensky is either arrested or is in deep anguish. May God bless him and peace may prevail soon. Ukraine informs that Zelensky is in Ukraine and Russia is spreading fake news.
Soon violent fear is over. War may be over and now a new president may take over. There may be a mass movement and fight on the roads of Ukraine, but Ukrainian may accept the new reality.
Russia achieved its objective by dethroning Zelensky and demilitarizing the Ukrainian area. Democracy shall continue in Ukrain but clouds of nuclear war may be over.
Russia and Zelensky agreed to this peaceful transition.
"Russia has claimed that Ukrainian President Zelensky has left Ukraine and fled to Poland. According to the claim, after the siege of Kyiv, Zelensky was left with no other option". AAJ TAK, 5 March 2022.
I further add "If Zelensky was arrested by mercenaries or Russian forces, then the chances of world war decreased. But if Zelensky fled to NATO, then chances of world war increased. Or in both cases, war is hovering over Europe / World. It is a very grim situation.
Coming hours are very critical for humanity. Keep your fingers crossed".

4 March 2022

NATO is increasing its strength in east European countries. Many Europeans near and far from war zone must leave to be in a safe place. Experts are discussing nuclear war. Be aware now.
I am an Indian citizen, a New Zealand resident as of today. I am blessed with children and grandchildren who are German, American, Australian, New Zealander, and Irish citizens. I had lived my life with citizens of Russia, America, many states of Arab, Africa, Southeast Asia, different castes of India, and religions. I want peace at any cost.
India always advocated Vasudhaive Kutumbkam (the world as a global family). Territories are assumptions of the past. Humanity should not wage war for territorial gains. Identities should be diluted to minimize the risk of war. How to govern people should not be imposed on others. But violence should be avoided by all means.
But who cares? Life goes like this. Hard power politics remain the curse on humanity for centuries. Many peace-loving people suffered due to the soft political approach. This is the destiny of humanity when money, ego, power, greed, grievance, and prosperity are more important than love, peace, and happiness.

3 March 2022

Russia is ready to offer safe passage to Indians. Europe is heading towards nuclear war. Why should Europeans fight a war and suffer? Is it Bhumi Dosh (In astrological language, there are different curses. One of them is Curse of a land/particular territory)? Who gains and who loses is not important. Important is peace for the future. 

2 March 2022

1 March 2022:  Right to Self Defense - Legal aspect of war / ICC

28 February 2022 First meeting after the war started to negotiate. Russia agrees that 4300 Russian soldiers were killed by Ukrainian forces.

27 February 2022 Russian assault intensifies and Ukrainian. Volodymyr Zelensky vows not to surrender. Russian media and Indian media and western media report the same event differently.

26 February 2022

 25 February 2022

2. Explosions were reported in many cities and military locations in Ukraine around 10pm ET last night between 24 February and 25 February 2022. Putin justifies the attack in a televised address last night, claiming it was needed to protect civilians in the east. Ukraine border guard says troops moved in from Russia and Belarus border. Jens Stoltenberg, NATO's Secretary-General says "attack on one is the attack on all." Explosions heard in the cities of Odesa, Kharkiv, and the capital Kyiv. Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky declares martial law in face of a full-scale invasion. Ottawa tells Canadians in Ukraine to shelter in place. NATOs envoys agree to beef up air, land, and sea on its eastern flank near Ukraine, Russia.  

Ivanna Klympush T-sintsadze, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine from 2016-2019 says that she is worried. World is not reacting as we were hoping.

What Russia was afraid of, the same is now Jens Stoltenberg is saying regarding NATO nations security.

WWIII can only start when the false flag is raised by NATO that Russia has invaded one of the NATO states. Under those conditions, China, Turkey, and India may move forward.

 NATO condemns Russia's 'brutal act of war' in Ukraine - YouTube 25 February 2022

1. Ukraine: ताइवान में घुसे चीन के फाइटर जेट -Taiwan का बड़ा दावा -- क्या चीन भी कुछ बड़ा करने वाला है? - YouTube and my Face Book dated 25 December 2022

दुनिया यूक्रेन और रूस के बीच छिड़े युद्ध के संकट के दौर से गुजर रही है ऐसे में ताइवान ने दावा किया है चीन के फाइटर जेट उसके हवाई क्षेत्र में देखे गए हैं.

Ukraine claims Russia captures its Kyiv airfield.  Facebook

Listen to remarks of Helen Clark - Ex-Prime Minister of New Zealand.

There are two options for this war. 1. Limited war and 2. Full-blown war. In other words World War III.

Russia may try only limited war. Putin demanded that Ukraine should not join NATO, for U.S.S.R disintegration humiliated Russians' ego in 1989/1990. In addition, the Unipolar world saw some blunders are committed by overconfident Unipolar.

For 30 years Putin prepared for this war and his last speeches before the invasion of Ukraine were quite clear that Putin is ready to go to any extreme for Russia's cause. He said, "We may meet in heaven".

Putin met Xi Jinping and Narender Modi before taking any drastic action. Europeans do not want war on their soil. For this reason, Germany, and France did their best to avoid confrontation. German's naval head of the army had to resign for letting his opinion known to Indian counterparts.

Whatever may be the emerging circumstances, humanity must avoid a full-scale war. Let China take Taiwan and Russia, India and China join together to redraw the New World Order for the peace and stability of humanity along with the west under United Nations rules and regulations. It is difficult but it is not impossible.

Ukraine from January 2022 onwards till 24 February.

Ukraine crisis explained from September 2015 onwards on Ukraine blog by Jaipal Datta till war started on 25 February 2022. 26 September 2015 onwards when it was noted that Ukraine is West's mistake,

24 February 2022 Russia declares war.

22 February Russia recognizes Luhansk and Donetsk as independent states and ready to move inside as peace keeping force. Starting of war.

21 February 2022

15 February 2022

6 February 2022

5 February 2022

3 February 2022

28 January 2022

26 January 2022

20 January 2022

9 January 2022

13 December 2022                            Is Just war possible?

7 December 2022                        Putin visits India

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