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Does Hinduism or Hindutva incubate hatred ?


10 June 2022

There are 2 billion Muslims in the world. Delhi Police arrested Nupur Sharma and Jindal for using violent words against Mohammad. Wire thinks that Congress did not use this opportunity to defame BJP. The Secretary of the US also criticized India. With this India can not be Vishwa Guru. Wire quotes. Muslims are living in India under the tension of 22 crores Muslims are realizing this for eight years. Congress party should come forward to save this vital issue. Hindutvawadi people and Hijab issue - how do south India look to it? BJP is polarizing the issue including in Karnataka. Hijab issue has been given extra importance. Halal issue is already raised. Why did Congress party not able to utilize these issues? Congress party has decided and a declaration was issued after Chintan discussion in Congress. 

Arfa Khanum Sherwani putting the words in his mouth about genocide. Sherwani is of the opinion that India is moving towards genocide and it is very bad. Bajrang Dal's actions cannot be taken so lightly. 

One of young person who recently (around four yeas before) migrated to New Zealand from Pathankot told me that India is leading toward riots before 2024. Normally I observe that persons from states of India, which are not governed by BJP, do not accept the policies of BJP and criticize Modi.

Who is Hindu? What is Hinduism? How do we differentiate between Hindutva, Hindu nationalism, Hindu far-right movement, and Hindu far-right extremism?

"The "diasporization" of Hindu nationalism has developed parallel to a shift in emphasis from a land-oriented ethnoreligious identity to a deterritorialized, global ideology. But this transformation is more natural than it seems. In fact, it reflects a key dimension of the traditional xenology of India (Halbfass 1990)" Jaffrelot. In simple language, it means Hindus believe in Vasudhaive Kutumbakam (the world is one family and we all are from the same placenta. 

Does Hindutva incubate/evoke hatred against others? Does any word blasphemy exist in Hindu culture? Do Hindus believe in proselytism?

“But when we talk about all of us living together as human beings in this [world], that’s where the real problem, the real question arises. Can we Muslims, Christians, and all really live as just human beings? Now, to live as human beings who are giving the best direction? Which particular system is giving the best direction for all mankind to live as human beings. And that system, whether in the name of Hinduism or whatever, will ultimately have to prevail in order that the whole world lives in the right spirit” (Bhatt 2000, 589).[1]

Mohan J. Dutta informed links to study

[1] Bhatt, “Dharmo rakshati rakshitah: Hindutva movements in the UK,”589. Bhatt, Chetan. “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah: Hindutva Movement in UK.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 23, no.3 (2000):559-593

Jaffrelot, Christoph, "From Holy Sites to web Sites: Hindu nationalism, from Sacred Territory to Diasporic Ethnicity." In Religions, Nations, and Transnationalism in Multiple Modernities, edited by Patrick Michel, Adam Possamai, and Bryan S. Turner, 2017.  

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